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Videos are pretty new to this blog but hopefully people are enjoying them and this list will get longer and longer.
Thanks to everyone for your support :)

From newest to oldest…

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19 thoughts on “YouTube Videos

  1. William says:

    Great youtubel videos. Enjoyed all of them.

  2. Genevieve says:

    Hi freddie, Ambre narguile opens sparkling and citrusy. I detect mature, stewing citrus skins and sticky dates (dates etc, well picked up!). also with sweet and sour spirit/schnapps flashing through. Ambre narguile unfolds very conventionally I agree. It really is very safe. After all the bells and whistles in the beginning, the dry down is unremarkable.
    Actually, I don’t enjoy any of the Hermes fragrances.

    • Hi Genevieve, thanks so much for watching :D
      I’m really glad you get the same as me! A pretty decent opening with a crap drydown – really boring on my skin and irritating with it’s synthetic, persistant sweetness. I don’t think I’ll have much luck with the line either so I’m steering cleer for now :P There’s too much great stuff out there to settle for something “good”.

      • Genevieve Powell says:

        Freddie, yes! Please continue making videos, you’ve a keen, inquisitive nose! You’re fun to watch as you spontaneously describe perfumes off the beaten track. Performance art!!

        Sent from my iPod

      • Aw you’re too kind Genevieve :D Thank you for watching I really appreciate it! <3

      • Genevieve Powell says:

        It is a pleasure. Stay strong Freddie, creative people, people with courage and truth in their hearts to recognise their likes and their dislikes, rather than behaving like a white wooly sheep and adhering to conventional codes etc., are like gold!

        Sent from my iPod

  3. Gen says:

    Hi freddie, great vlog! Nice to see you back on the scene. I was wondering, have you smelled Byredo’s new release called Inflorescence? I smell a lemony yellow puff-ball on my wrist now, six hours after applying a sample this morning. Initially I was surprised by the wet-pollen, light-honey and yellow calm floral accords. I recall slight sour tones also. I’d love to view/read your deconstruction of Byredo’s Inflorescence if I may request please?

    • Thanks so much Gen. I haven’t smelt Inflorescence. I’d love to try more of the Byredo’s. I have to admit the one thing that didn’t appeal to me was hearing other noses describe this as a mashup of other light florals in the line, like La Tulipe etc. I think there’s only so many light, delicate florals I can take, or need. I’ll be sure to let you know when I get my nose on it :D Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Gen says:

    Thank you Freddie))
    Also, would you like Vero Profumo samples? For free, of course. I know I’ll just never wear them again after trying them the first couple of times. And I’m keen to pass them on to someone who understands all the thought involved in their construction.
    From Gen

    • Gen, that would be too generous! I used up my Vero samples a longggggg time ago. If you are sure you are done with them, I promise they’d be treasured in my hands haha <3 I'm a ridiculously huge fan of her work.

  5. Gen says:

    Hi Freddie, I would be happy to:)
    Where shall I send them? They’ll be travelling from Melbourne, Australia.
    From gen

    • Oooooh that’s so far Gen! Are you sure you have no family or anyone that you could pass them on to? I always give my samples to my mum when I’m done with them :P She’s fell in love with Tauer, Vero, Aftelier, fine taste haha!

  6. Gen says:

    Hey Freddie, consider it a carrot (or five) for your efforts producing Smelly Thoughts. I really enjoy Smelly Thoughts!
    I realise your address is private. Perhaps I could send them to you c/ say a local post office?
    Up to you))
    From Gen

  7. Pamela McVay says:

    Love your blog and your videos! I’ve just started exploring the world of perfume and I’m learning a lot from you. If you get a chance in London to sniff things by Phoenicia, I have been enjoying their Far NW. I also have been wearing samples from Coquillete, Sumatera, Herat, and Tan Tan. You might especially like Sumatera, a gourmand I really like. The Coquillete are a little too assertive for me–they wear me instead of the other way around!–but I love sniffing them. Happy New Year and thanks for all your work!

    • Hi Pamela that’s so kind thank you :)
      I’ve been in touch with the perfumer of Phoenicia on facebook a lot, I’m still desperate to try his work I’m sure I’ll love it! And I haven’t heard a single one of those other brands!! :O Off to research! Thanks for the heads up :) Hope to hear from you again soon sounds like you have awesome taste

  8. Gen says:

    Freddie’s first impressions are lots of fun! Clever nose, peeling the outer shells of a variety of fragrances. There’s aldehyde bombs, herbal green houses, a wet-dog-rose, a bleached out peach, tea-bags, banana skin. And with delight, accords of dry, earthy vetiver, lemon, myrrh, red rose, plum and basil. Thank you Freddie!

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