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Hello :)

Ok so I had a really short stay in Rome and it’s almost over now (I leave early tomorrow morning). Perfume wise, there’s only one place I’m gonna be talking about really and that’s CampoMarzio70.
CampoMarzio70 helped me out a lot on my blog I think, sending samples of the O’Driu line and the Vero Profumo line to me when I was just a few months into my blog – it introduced me to a whole new world of perfumery and their help, support, and friendly contact was hugely appreciated.
Vero gave me some names to get in touch with when I got to Rome so my experience at CampoMarzio70 on Via Vittoria was awesome :D
(P.s I don’t know why there’s a black blob on all my photos, something on my lens :( Ow)


So the Via Vittoria store is spacious, every brand has its own column and you can work around and try everything you want without an ounce of pressure for a sale. It’s a perfect environment to sniff – with brands such as Mona Di Orio, April Aromatics, O’Driu, Kilian, Grossmith, Caron, Agonist, YOSH, Vero Profumo, Xerjoff… the list is endless. They have 3 stores (the Via Vittoria was my favourite). The Via Vittoria store specialises in more obscure, higher end niche and hard to find fragrances (or shall we say most expensive!), the other two stores Campo Marzio and the Pantheon store are a little smaller and more traditional with many more brands encompassing Byredo, L’Artisan etc. etc. Tons too many to mention.

The staff at Via Vittoria where I spent most of my time were extremely helpful (unfortunately I can’t remember everyone’s names but they all had their knowledge to impart!) but Serena Bonfatti showed me around the shop, introduced me to all the lines and arranged that the owner’s son Valentino Di Liello and us all had a little chat about the store and the concept etc. There doesn’t seem to be any other stores in Italy specialising in such a display and collection of such outstanding fragrances – the concept of course being a collection of artworks that are there to be sniffed and experienced, and not for quick sale (there are tons of perfumeries in Italy – being like the general pharmacy stores in Britain).


Upstairs is some more exclusive fragrances that I got to go and have a look at, a selection of O’Driu’s, numerous classical extraits I hadn’t really heard of, the Grossmith and Xerjoff collections… it was beautiful. The shop is similar to Roja Dove’s Haute Parfumerie in Harrods, only a little less clostraphobic and just as interested in modern, avant-garde perfumery as it is classic.

The staff are highly knowledgeable about each line and I learnt the concepts behind YOSH (I quite liked the heavy geranium/white floral combo of Omniscient), the back story of individual brands I knew nothing about, the April Aromatics line was also interesting (you know I love a bit of natural perfumery here and there). So it was awesome to be able to walk around and discover some new things – and of course make a little purchase at the end of it all :P

I didn’t really introduce myself at the other two Campomarzio70 stores so I just kind of had a little stroll around and a quick sniff here and there but kept getting drawn back to the lavish escape of Via Vittoria. In the other stores, whilst the stock is hugely impressive, of course the brands are widely available over Europe (some of them anyway… L’Artisan, Byredo, Penhaligons, MFK) but in Italy, these stores are some of the only ones stocking them so each one is a big deal if Rome is your fragrance shopping destination.

So yep – I know there’s not that much for me to talk about in Rome other than the one shop, but it encompasses pretty much everything that a perfume lover needs in one place so – hugely recommended, and a big thank you to them for being so welcoming and generous :)


One other shop I passed on the way back to my hotel one night (and for the life of me I don’t remember the name of it) had a big selection of ladies clothes, and randomly, a little perfume counter. They had all the Histoires De Parfums line along with their two other lines The Scent of Departure and Alice & Peter. They also had some Ineke’s and other random bits. I got to give quick sniffs to the three new HdP fragrances from their new Edition Rare trio: Veni, Vidi and Vici – but unfortunately none of them were to my taste! :( Also I loved the cute cupcake bottles of Alice & Peter but the scents (I only tried the two I was interested in) were much lighter, more translucent, and much more simplistic than I thought they would be – another disappointment. Ah well! I got some lovely goodies in Italy so, stick to the good stuff ;)

So tomorrow I leave, and my holiday is all over :( Owwww. Quite looking forward to getting back home though – regular company, good food, and conversations!! It’s been extremely overwhelming all this travelling and I’m exhausted – but a crazy experience! :D Thanks to all you readers for your support it’s been fun :)

Oh and this is Post No.200!!! YAY :D I’ll do a lovely little giveaway when I get back so keep your eyes peeled!

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