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Sel De Vetiver – The Different Company & Sombre Negra – YOSH

Vetiver! Wow, a few months ago I’d have never thought I’d be ordering vetiver samples…

To be honest, so far (having briefly tried the vetiver samples in one go) I realise I should have stuck to my guns… vetiver is not for me. But, I will keep trying! I must be missing something.

I will start with The Different Company’s Sel De Vetiver which came highly recommended to me from a nose I respect on the Basenotes forum. This isn’t my favourite vetiver – I’ll call it a vetiver solifore – solifore  that I’ve sampled, but it’s not boring either. It is also the first time I’ve tried a fragrance from The Different Company.

Sel De Vetiver opens fresh, cool and green. There is a fennel/green anise type of note that I can’t quite put my finger on. That seems to be the dominant scent at first. I guess the rest of unidentifiable smell must be the vetiver…

If you’ve read many of my previous posts, you’ll know that I don’t know much about green notes and vetiver as a dominant note, with these recent vetiver explorations I’m trying to actually discover what this stuff smells like!

So this fragrance… from first spray it remains very linear, a green, fennel like accord with some green vetiver underneath. It’s slightly salty and very fresh. It reminds me slightly of Skarb by Humiecki and Graef which I have previously reviewed, although Skarb is more melon and water, I guess I mean it has a similar feel, and a similar aquatic accord. A slightly herbal note creeps in also, similar to that I pick up in Comme Des Garcons’ Skai.

Although I find the fennel note interesting, it’s nothing I would want to wear, and I also don’t enjoy the vetiver in this. I guess if you don’t enjoy the vetiver in a vetiver soliflore, there’s not much point carrying on…

I’m very confused by this. Sombre Negra came highly recommended to me by a few forum members after I asked about fragrances with dominant “mushroom” accords.
A list of notes claimed “patchouli, davana, teak, tobacco, mushroom…” amongst other things, sounded fantastic so I ordered a sample from LuckyScent.

After first sniff, none of this came out! Then I saw the list of notes given on LuckyScent: “vetiver, black pepper, clove, cumin, nutmeg…” amongst others. Well, apart from cumin I like none of them notes… DAMN! Should have looked first.

I’m not too sure what the story behind this is. It’s in a different bottle now? With a whole new list of notes? What a bummer! So it says on LuckyScent that the guy who made this decided to reinvent it as the first was dark and edgy (why that’s a bad thing I don’t know) and make it brighter etc.
I didn’t read this before I ordered my sample, and I know the people who recommended this to me didn’t mean this version.

So this review is on the current “M:001 Sombre Negra”:

Sombre Negra – smoke, cloves and vetiver. Crap!

The Different Company Sel de Vetiver 50ml EDT – $135 Luckyscent
YOSH Sombre Negra 50ml – $130 Luckyscent

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