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XXY – Xerjoff

Xerjoff is a line I’ve never really explored – terribly, that’s mainly do to affordability. I used to have the mentality that if I can’t afford it – I won’t try it. It’s fair enough really, what if I love it? I’m doing the same thing with the JAR fragrances, and to a certain extent, the Amouages. Anyway, someone sent me a random sample of this so, it’s my first proper look into a Xerjoff fragrance.

A gleaming citrus opening of delicious madarines, bergamot and a crack of black pepper open XXY. It’s mouth-wateringly rich with indolic wafts of jasmine billowing up from underneath.
The pepper gets a little sharper as the citrus settles, and whilst the almost generic citrus/pepper combo isn’t really to my taste, it’s very nicely balanced.

XXY goes from being a loud citrus to relatively tame very quickly – within five minutes on the skin, all sharp edges have been rounded by a subtle jasmine and iris, with a quiet peach note acting almost as a soft musk. The citrus disappears, leaving a peppery uninteresting floral and a pretty unappetizing fruit note.

Some patchouli makes a fleeting appearance, popping up here and there, adding nothing but a bit of depth to XXY. The heart remains relatively linear, very gradually allowing a delicate sandalwood to come forward whilst anything that was of interest in the core of the fragrance, flattens into a dull whisper.

Amber rounds out what didn’t need to be rounded any more – slightly resinous, de-sweetened and thin. The predictable woody/amber drydown following the predictable (but pleasant) citrus/pepper opening, results in XXY having little personality. Ylang ylang is listed, but it is clearly dealt with a very light hand, I find it virtually undetectable in the five-minute long floral heart – nothing rich, tropical or appetizing (and I’m a big fan of the flower).
I’m trying to bulk out this review so, I’ll stop straining. All in all, nothing of interest – and for the money, it is quite unbelievable that something so simple can be spurted out for a fortune with such little imagination and poor in-depth execution. Ahh well! :)

XXY 100ml Xerjoff – $705 Luckyscent

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