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Video: Where to begin with “Vintage Fragrances”

Hey guys – sorry I’ve been off the scene for a while and haven’t updated the blog in ages. I have this awesome secret project thingie going on with a popular fragrance brand (a collaboration – but not on a perfume) that I will hopefully be able to talk about and reveal all details of soon…
So anyway, for now… here’s a video of me rambling and chatting shit for 10 minutes on how to get in to “Vintage”… hope it helps

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Video: Unboxing and First Impressions of Vintage JMFarina Eau de Cologne

SORRY GUYS! I know I know, two videos in a row to bulk up my blog – SO lazy…
But no worries if you choose not to watch :) The reviews will be back soon… managing two blogs is hard work :|
And my work life at the minute is hugely stressful! Great, but stressful.
Recording videos is like a little “getaway” for me just to natter after work about random shit without the greater, I guess, formality, of a written review.
So here’s another one for you :) Enjoy xxx

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Video: Fragrance Purchases January – February 2014

Hi guys

Thought I’d load a quick video up on here for you, just some recent purchases, no biggy… OK, seven purchases :| which is a lot for me! But anyway – enjoy!

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Video: New Purchases November 2013


Oh and every now and again I like to post some tattoo updates. Been working on some cool pieces recently :D All my own artwork I really wanted to do!

cherryblossominnerbicep geisha shrunkenhead tattooshaman beardedlady

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VIDEO: Favourite Jasmine Fragrances 2013

Enjoy the video, and as always, the stupidly unflattering screenshot it decides to use as a title frame – thanks YouTube! :) x

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Video: Summer Scents 2013

Hey guys! The YouTube blog is going from strength to strength which is nice – the community there has accepted me :P
There’s so many written bloggers now I keep worrying that my opinion may not be so valid… so sorry for the lack of posts, I’ll be sure to start keeping them regular again soon.
Anyway, here’s a little video I loaded today if it’s of interest to you loyal little followers <3

Hope everyone is keeping well and loving the weather!
Freddie xxx

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The First Response to Smellythoughts’ Blind Sniff 2013!

Well! Fumerie Hilaire (Freddie) was the first to tackle my blind sniff challenge (Oh and apologies for the lack of posting I’ve been so into this YouTube blind sniff that I had abandoned my blog for a few days!).
Here’s his video – a little long, but very fun to watch :D

I’d like to say also that Freddie, just today, figured out what “Power” was – and is so close to figuring out “Stone” I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for him to say it!
He’s also figured out “Spirit” much better than I could of but I’m worried that the uber-niche-ness of it may make it difficult to guess – he’s got all the accords right though!

But yeh, I can’t name what “Power” is on here yet just incase Raj has a snoop around and finds out ;)

But enjoy guys! New reviews to come soon – I’m up to my neck in things to write about!

Freddie xxx

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