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No.8 by Brent Leonesio – Untitled

No.8 by Brent Leonesio by Untitled, Luckyscent’s own exclusive range, is a wonderfully soft musk oil.

Before I tried Muscs Koublai Khan by Serge Lutens, I was warned – as was everyone – about the infamous fecal note in the opening… I was so dissapointed. I have no idea why I wanted to smell this, but I just couldn’t pick it up, instead it was a plush, sweet, cosy musk, probably the best I’ve ever smelt. However after trying No.8 by Brent Leonesio, I could detect the “poopy” musk in MKK, as it is here in No.8 in all its’ glory.

No.8 by Brent Leonesio opens with a soft… “poo” note.

The official notes list: Narcisscus, fur, civet, tobacco, feral musk, oud, black leather.

Now THAT is a very impressive list of notes. With even Luckyscent warning sniffers of the “feral” quality of this fragrance saying “not for the faint hearted!” and the like, I expected a smack in the face of leather, oud and raunchy animalics.
Yes, No.8 opens with pure poop, but it is not a smack in the face. In a way, this makes it slightly more uncomfortable at first. It is a gentle, fecal smell, I can’t tell whether it’s fresh… or stale… not that it should make any difference whatsoever :’)
After about 30 seconds, the musk starts to come through. This is where it becomes reminicent of MKK. However, if MKK was stripped of it’s florals, sweetness and the more cleaner aspects of the musk in the opening, this is what would remain.
It is musky, and undeniably fecal. However it is not aggressive or intense. It is comfortable on the skin, and smells completely natural… worrying yet again. When I first sniffed this, I was quite dissapointed: Where is the oud? Leather? Tobacco? I’m not going to lie… it’s just not there sorry Brent.

The faeces does calm down, over an hour or so. This isn’t the faeces of a wild jungle creature though, it is more that of a bunny… something cute and fluffy. It still doesn’t smell particular nice, but it’s gentle and when you really sniff it, it’s completely harmless. What remains during the dry down is a gentle but dirty musk, cosy and comfortable, it is sweet, but from nothing other than the natural smelling musk. The furry texture makes this a complete skin scent and begins to smell like clean sweat after hours of wear.

 I can’t help but feel slightly disappointed in this, after reading the notes and then trying the final scent, it somehow felt unfinished or unfulfilled in it’s attempt. I can imagine it would be excellent for layering, I am just not into that myself. I will one day own a bottle of this as I believe that Brent has created a perfume that was missing in the industry: a true animalic – and for some bizarre reason it would appear there is something quite sexy about smelling of an animal’s anus…. :|

Untitled No.8 by Brent Leonesio 8ml – $60 available from Luckyscent only: Limited to 100

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