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Rose D’Homme – Les Parfums De Rosine

Rose D’Homme opens with what feels like an aldehydic, citrus buzz of bergamot, and sweet orange. This bright juicy opening is quickly followed by a slightly camphorous herbal note of lavender with a soapy, traditional undertone. The texture is that of a powder – a dated smelling classic masculine opening.

The soapy note stays pretty persistent throughout. The rose, when it finally comes in is a dried, almost pot pourri style fragrant rose – clean by dusty, texturized by the powder.
A leathery undertone comes in pretty quickly – a squeaky clean almost vinyl scented leather – warm and plastic-y but nice enough. Dragging the slightly camphorous notes of lavender from the top through to the base is a similarly sharp patchouli. The patchouli has the sour edge that CB I Hate Perfume’s Patchouli Empire enhances to the max.

The whole fragrance is relatively quiet, drying down to a powdery rose with a sour patchouli/leather base with a slightly soapy note keeping the fragrance bright, clean, and safe.
Unfortunately I find it really uncomfortable to wear and find its bright “white” powder cloying and hugely synthetic smelling. Yes yes I know how contradicting considering my love for synthetic bombs, but this has an almost hairspray like stickiness that clings to my nose.
A safe fragrance but with a sharp, sour, headache-inducing shard of something that jolts through the composition with a rose that isn’t quite fresh, or floral, or necessary. The talcom powder finale is greatly welcomed so I can blow it off my skin :)

Rose D’Homme 50ml Les Parfums De Rosine – £65 Les Senteurs

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