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Alambar – Laboratorio Olfattivo

Alambar has a wonderful opening that is very difficult to describe. A hit of citrus, a blast of heated spice and a classical amber all strike at once before quickly re-arranging themself into something more understandable. Up top I feel like I get a big hit of jasmine although it’s not listed, but this impression disappears quickly, giving way to the leading note of rich amber. The beautiful, dry amber is layered with a hit-the-back-of-your-throat powder, soon followed by a blast of cinnamon, and the sweet dust of cocoa.

After the re-arrangement, the amber dominates, enhanced by a cocoa sweetness and almost candied cinnamon – together, this trio almost has a pimento heat – a spice with substance and almost mouth-watering texture. The spices are a wonderful partnership to the amber, the cinnamon enhancing the warm, dry aura, whilst the cocoa plays with the more classical powdery sweetness. It’s comforting and somehow familiar – not quite falling into a full blown kitchen spice drawer, but instead almost toys with a subtle but delicious gourmand theme.

Before this gourmand theme gets stronger – hints of warm, medicinal clove play in the background, along with an added glow of ginger. Just when it all begins to sound far too intense and sharp, a vanilla comes in and rounds out what could have been some sharp edges. The vanilla drenched spices paired with the dry amber, create an almost gourmand amber mashup that brings to mind a cross between Musc Ravageur and L’Air Du Desert Marocain.

The drydown is long and luxurious. A delicate trail of frankincense pulls Alambar slightly away from its gourmand heart, drying it out further and smoking the vanilla. Amber’s breathy texture blossoms in the base and is completely welcome – that soft almost animal like texture that binds it so well with skin. The sweet cinnamon retains Alambar’s heat, the clove remaining in the distance. The spices are tame and harmonious and the incense adds a slight peppery twang, the amber always the dominant note.

Alambar is quite simplistic, but the notes are cleverly chosen and composed with really lovely execution. It is without a doubt one of the best amber soliflores I have tried, and I cannot wait to try the rest of this (very affordable) and exciting line :D I think this may be something my bloggin buddy The Scented Hound may enjoy!

Alambar 100ml EDP Laboratorio Olfattivo – 92Euros

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