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Buenos Aires – La Bella Figura

Buenos Aires has a gorgeous, bitter herbal opening. Rich, sparkling bergamot and a cool, almost medicinal vibe that I pick up as lavender and orange rind – sit above a heart of green-tinged, powdery Turkish rose. The clean rose is slightly soapy, a gleaming pink colour and fresh like pushing your nose right into the middle of the flower. The cool aspect turns warmer, as a subtle tobacco note and a resinous orange blossom (I don’t know why I always refer to orange blossom as resinous but my nose so often interprets it that way) undercut the citrus in a rich, warm support.

A truly gorgeous rosewood comes in with full force after a few minutes – and this note is one I am growing to love more and more as I smell it. It occasionally presents the dryness of cedar, and almost has a “nuttiness” to it, smoothed out with floral notes and a damp, dewy, fresh-cut-timber scent. An unusual green-tea aroma adds a herbal bitterness that is listed as “mate” – I’ve never smelt this note alone, but it brings to mind the use of green tea in the similarly translucent and transcending Lumiere by Aftelier. It adds a greenery to the fragrance without smelling of leaves or earth – it has the texture of smoke, you can almost taste it. The “smoke” is enhanced by a tobacco note – although the tobacco adds little more than a touch of dust and smoke – giving the fragrance a quiet suede-like texture underneath. It’s not at all like pipe tobacco, there’s no fruit or honeyed notes – it is a completely clear trail throughout Buenos Aires that acts more like an incense – very interesting!

The rose dominates, but the orange blossom bulks up the floral accords with a slightly narcotic bitterness – the herbal notes from the opening reinforced by violet leaf and what smells like a touch of patchouli. The woodiness continues well into the base, made sweeter as it dries down. But all in all, Buenos Aires remains a little linear once it gets into the heart – a subtle but beautiful, fresh floral duo, some mystery bitter herbal notes, and a glorious woody/earthy base – it sounds traditional but it’s balanced exceptionally with a combination of notes that makes it smell both modern and comfortable. Another fragrance in the La Bella Figura house that smells uncomplicated, clear in its aim, and gorgeously meditative to wear – a very personal fragrance.

Buenos Aires .25oz oil La Bella Figura – $90

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Barcelona – La Bella Figura

La Bella Figura is a new natural fragrance brand that so far have made a collection of three perfume oils. After I have written about them all, I’ll be hosting a giveaway of a sample set so keep those eyes and noses peeled!

Barcelona opens with a prickly pink pepper and a lemon/orange juice-laden combo. Citric and spicy with that mouthwatering appeal that Azemour Les Oranges also has in it’s great opening. The citrus has a resinous quality to it, and I’m guessing there may be a hint of orange blossom underneath – creating a floral/resin density under the fruit. The lemon is sweet and rich – not at all reminiscent of disinfectant – it’s undercut with a hint of bitter greenery and smells like the entire fruit, rind and all.

The subtle floral aromas in the background seem to be a combination of the natural citrus’ themselves (wild orange is listed which can often have a slight floral aroma), but also the suspected orange blossom and maybe even a hint of osmanthus and jasmine? The rich resinous quality underneath, along with the scent of fresh green leaves keeps the citrus’ grounded and full of life. This combination of citrus and light florals lasts far longer than expected, the sun-bathed opening continuing all through the heart – bright, summery and with a gorgeous light texture on the skin.

Barcelona’s resinous notes smooth out a little more as a beeswax comes in, and turns the texture, well…waxy. The waxy citrus fruits and florals stay true to their freshness – and a smidge of bitter greenery (oakmoss?) and smooth woods sit in the base. Although the development is relatively linear, I enjoy Barcelona start to finish and is one of the most lovely citrus fragrances I’ve tried in a long time. It’s simplistic, clean, benefitting greatly from its oil presentation – and just really good to wear. It’s nothing complicated or challenging – but not everything needs to be, and this is a lovely example of how simplicity can be executed with charm :)

Barcelona .25oz Oil La Bella Figura – $90

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