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Blackberry & Bay – Jo Malone

Jo Malone is a range I haven’t really clicked with – even the most loved ones like Pomegrante Noir. The simplistic nature of them is something that doesn’t really appeal to me, but I was very intrigued by this one. The thought of something blackberry prominant was mouth watering, with the bitter greenery in the background… mmmmm. So someone generously sent me a sample of this to try :)

Well, on the opening blast of Blackberry & Bay there is definitely that rich, bitter leafy greenery that I’d hoped for – the scent of crushed wet leaves with some fresh-cut grapefruit enhancing the juicy, mouth-watering quality. A delicate snap of twigs from a smidge of wood underneath.
The fruitiness of the blackberry comes in quickly, it is recognizable and familiar, but only just. The sweet aroma is there, and the fresh, slightly sour quality of the berry thanks to the citrus opening, but it unfortunately just borders on to perfume-y”, verging on scented candle.

The “childhood memories of blackberry picking” isn’t quite as accurate as I’d expected. The green side is much more prominent, with galbanum rising to the surface as the dew covered leaves rapidly retreat. The subtlety of the fruit is then more obvious, the composition taking on a transparent quality that is only lightly fragrant, not clinging onto that sticky aroma for long enough.

The bay… well, I have grown to really enjoy the bay leaf note in a fragrance (if that is what this is referring to of course) – I don’t get it here, but I do get the feel for it, yet again, just that slight edge of fragrant bitter greenery.
The juice is drained from the blackberry accord, as is the dewy freshness and the sparkling quality of the beginning. A flat but “nice enough” drydown closes Blackberry & Bay – a very delicate floral, the subtle stain of berries, and a smidge of super clean vetiver and woods. This happens after about 20 minutes where from then on the fragrance slowly begins to vanish.

The opening was promising-ish, but that turned out to be the best part. Not what I had hoped for, but a pleasant, refreshing aroma that makes a nice start to the day before it has gone by the time you get to work.

Blackberry & Bay 30ml Jo Malone – £38

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