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Amorvero EDT – Amorvero Profumo

This sample was a surprise little gift from the lovely ladies at Campomarzio70 (who provide the best customer service I’ve ever experienced – I can’t wait to visit their store one day). I have no knowledge of the brand, but the fragrance was something quite classical and not what I normally familiarise myself with… So here it is :)

Amorvero EDT opens with a rich jasmine overlaid with a citrus melody of tart lemon rind, and orange zest. It is juicy and mouth-watering – and instantly reminiscent of a fragrance I wore when I was about 16 – Guerlain’s Samsara. I haven’t smelt Samsara in at least 4 years, but if someone sprayed this on my hand without showing me the bottle I’d say it was Samsara…

Anyway – it’s not, it is Amorvero… So, Amovero has a wonderfully sweet jasmine and soapy rose combo. Yes, soapy rose – that’s where this and the Guerlain drastically differ. Introduced to the classical, indolic jasmine is the rich suds of soap, still clinging the slight acidity of the lemon – scrubbing up the heart of this fragrance into a squeaky clean but gorgeously rich floral bouquet. It is powerful, and screams “PERFUMMEEEE!” when you wear it.

Tuberose is listed, but I perceive it more as an orange blossom – although it isn’t as prominent as the dominating rose/jasmine duo. The soap perseveres with a potency, and unfortunately begins to flatten the florals into something not quite as explosive as the beginning. A rich sandalwood note pairs with the jasmine to further push forward the Samsara similarities – oh, and vanilla for a little bit more likeness… :’)
Some super powdery amber floats in and sprinkles a little powdered coating on everything, and a predictable drydown ensues.

Yes, it’s pleasant enough, no it’s nothing new, yes it’s well made, no I would never want to wear it. I don’t really think this fragrance has a place in the market – it isn’t providing anything new or even anything better. Instead, it is another “nice” composition that slips amongst other small exclusive niche lines that very few will buy.
Amorvero EDT smells like opening it’s packaging: The box (the opening) – overtly opulent on entry >> The bottle (the heart)- about as interesting as a slipper.

Amorvero EDT Amorvero Profumo 100ml – 140 Euros

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