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Mukhallat Dahn Al Oudh Moattaq – Ajmal

Wow, so… this looks like a random one hey! So, how did I come to acquire a full 60ml bottle of this Arabian fragrance?

Well, after a rant on Basenotes about my terrible failures in choosing samples and spending too much money hunting for things I hoped to love, I was thrown recommendation after recommendation.
I said in my post that my new hunt was for:
1. An oud.
2. A complex, earthy scent.
3. Anything exciting/challenging/unique blah blah blah

Anyway, my main hunt was for an oud – I ending up ordering samples of numerous Montales including the recently reviewed Red Aoud catastrophe and was convinced that the only oud that I found wearable, was L’Artisan’s – and I was ready to click the “buy” button until a generous Basenoter sent me a private message:

“Hello chum,
This stuff will really challenge you if that is what you truly want. I received it as a swap and it is just too much for me. It is a beautiful bottle but the animalic juice inside it is just too much for me. It is 60ml of Mukhallat Dahn Al Oudh Moattaq. I’m a newcomer to this hobby so you might have more of an idea what that is than I do! Anyway, I’m happy to send it to you at no charge. If you want to send me a few samples in return then fine.
All the best, Gavin. “

Wow! Could not refuse that offer. Now, I’m a newbie to the hobby too (although I don’t like to think so), and I had no idea what Mukhalalabaoudamotta was, nor did I know what brand it was by, or anything about it basically.
So after a quick reply politely screaming “YES YES YES”, this showed up on my doorstep a few days later!
In the mean time I had briefly looked into this and discovered it was by a brand named Ajmal… I had never heard of it and the website was bizarre to use. I had not explored Arabian ouds as I felt that they were expensive and I wouldn’t be able to appreciate them… or pick one, so having one pretty much chose for me was wonderful – and this is what it’s all about…

Mukhallat Dahn Al Oudh Moattaq, or, MDAOM which I will no refer to it as, opens with a pungent bang! It is sweet, super medicinal, super rosy, and super lovely! I have no idea what real oud smells like but I’m guessing this is it. Similar to what Le Labo’s Oud 27 does, the oud shows every possible face – it darts from sour, to glue-y, to intensely woody so rapidly you can’t keep up.

The rose is very classical, it is fully bloomed and very pretty. I don’t normally like classical rose, but this rose has depth much more than the flatness of the Montale offerings. The oud is full volume in this, and whilst I do really enjoy it, it is really hard to wear (and maybe even stomach if sprayed quite liberally). For a while, the rose and oud sit and scream at your nose. The two of them pretty much burn out every hair in your nose. The feel is so different to that of the Montale rose/ouds I’ve tried though – yes they scream at you also, but they appear as two flat accords that are easily distinguishable and almost predictable. There is so much going on in this with its bizarre sour/animalic aspects that you almost want to turn your nose away.

The amber in the centre of the fragrance is also lovely, deep and resinous and very traditional to this style of perfumery (so I’ve heard!). MDAOM also has a huge musky dollop in the centre of it, it’s animalic, slightly powdery, but overwhelmed still by the Turkish rose and oud.
This combo persists for hours and hours and hours. Surprisingly, my partner (who dislikes the opening immensely) smelt it on me at the end of the day, not realising what it was, and said it was a really sexy smell – the only other fragrance he has said this about was Cuir Ottoman which is his favourite on me. He’s right, it is musky, powdery, oudy and ambery with that faint rosy haze in the foreground.

The sourness of the oud settles down pretty quick and becomes much more wearable after about an hour, but it is a hard hour to sit through if you’ve sprayed it on your neck ready for the day ahead.
I do really like this fragrance, it is the best rose/oud combo I’ve tried, and with there being practically no in-depth reviews of it online, I almost feel as though I need some re-assurance that this is a good fragrance! I’m so used to reading positive and negative reviews and I can really see how they influence my reviews as I often rely on them just for a kick of confidence that my nose is correct.

Anyway. As I said, I’m really happy to have this, it’s a stunning bottle, a fantastic and complicated fragrance – on par with Le Labo in the challenging oud genre, yet there’s that authenticity about it which to me makes it a little bit more special (to me at least) and a drydown that makes it completely wearable :)

If you can find it, I recommend it!

Ajmal Mukhallat Dahn Al Oudh Moattaq 60ml EDP – ???

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