Hey guys :)

Just to let y’all know I’ve updated the YouTube videos page… I’ve deleted a fair few of the older videos and loaded links to a new 10 or so :) All fun stuff.

I’ve also updated the About Me section, it’s not much bigger but I’ve shared a few recent tattoo pieces which you may like to look at. It’s funny because I started this blog before I even started tattooing… and seeing how far I have come is crazy. I recently got shared on Instagram’s “UKTTA – UK’s Top Tattoo Artists page” which was stupidly exciting. I’ve got some guest spots coming up in Essex and Worcester (where you tattoo as a guest in another studio for a week)… all amazing :D

AND!!! I have been working on a secret little collaboration thing with a fantastic fragrance brand y’all know I love (no it’s not a fragrance… but all will be revealed soon!) – so stoked for that to be announced (hopefully early next week).

ANYWAY, hope everyone is keeping well and smelling amazing <3

4 thoughts on “UPDATED PAGES

  1. Lyubov says:

    Oh, I know, I know (just guessing, of course) – a tattoo of a precious May flower? Cannot wait…Congrats on the UKTTA – you deserve it!

  2. cookie queen says:

    Hmmmmm. I wonder what it could be??

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