Video: Where to begin with “Vintage Fragrances”

Hey guys – sorry I’ve been off the scene for a while and haven’t updated the blog in ages. I have this awesome secret project thingie going on with a popular fragrance brand (a collaboration – but not on a perfume) that I will hopefully be able to talk about and reveal all details of soon…
So anyway, for now… here’s a video of me rambling and chatting shit for 10 minutes on how to get in to “Vintage”… hope it helps

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6 thoughts on “Video: Where to begin with “Vintage Fragrances”

  1. I loved this and I loved all your helpful tips for searching. Going on ebay now!

    • Thanks for watching! :D Good luck! Lots of gems scattered around… it’s like shopping at TK Maxx… if you look for something specific you won’t find it… have a browse and there’ll be something there ;) (recently got a pair of shiny silver dolce and gabanna brogues at TK Maxx when shopping for tshirts hahaha)

  2. Wahoo I’m so glad that you’ve fallen down the vintage rabbit hole! Like you, I do believe that 80% (perhaps even more so for me) of niche fragrances are slapdash drivel given absolutely ridiculous prices. Well now, I do see that I’m up against a veritable foe on eBay ;) If you’re patient enough, the cheap vintage Guerlains and Chanels will start popping up, and then you’ll find yourself in deep, deep trouble. Really enjoyed the video! :)

  3. Oh, also and just to chime in on what I know, perfumes that you know to be aldehydic tend to be off at the top, because aldehydes are very, very unstable. A case in point would be vintage Chanel No. 5, that tends to smell ‘off’ the first 10 minutes or so. Also, one would have to be careful with citrus-dominated fragrances because they can smell really bad with age.

    • Aye I’ve noticed that too – although my recent Shocking de Schiaparelli parfum came with all aldehydes intact, as did Enchante by Evette from the 40’s!! It’s amazinggggggggg. I had a bad Magie de Lancome which I sold, and Diorissimo which was a bit gross up top.

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