Video: Vintage Purchases 2014

Enjoy! :D x

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15 thoughts on “Video: Vintage Purchases 2014

  1. Cymbaline says:

    Well, I wouldn’t say I’m vintage, but I am old(er ;)) and I had bottles of both Houbigant (the “g” is a hard g, not soft) Gardenia and Anne Klein. Anne was an American designer who died quite young and her company went through many hands afterwards Anne Klein II products were very popular here in the ’80’s.
    You’re finding some great stuff at excellent prices – loved the vid, as always!

    • Thanks the pronounciation tip! I had a feeling I was saying Houbigant wrong :| Piguet has a hard G I should’ve known :’)
      No way as if you owned them both!!! I felt like I was the only person in the world who owned that gardenia :’) it’s so weird… was it a limited release or something? Any idea of age? I guessed late 70’s – 80’s?
      Same with the Anne Klein, amazed you know about that too. I read on Fragrantica about the AKII… can’t remember it now though… loving this one <3
      Bargains bargains.
      Thanks for watching Cymbaline :D

      • Cymbaline says:

        It makes me feel a bit sick when I think about how cavalier I was with perfume most of my life – so many bottles were just tossed into the trash! I had no idea so many amazing fragrances were going to be discontinued, or reformulated. Anyway, someone gave me their bottle of H. Gardenia, must have been in the late ’70’s. There’s a good Houbigant perfume site at, and I’ve seen Gardenia listed there. I bought the Anne Klein myself when it came out in the early(?) 80’s.

      • I’ve threw things away before :( Such a shame.
        I saw the Gardenia Concentree listed but didn’t think it was the same one?
        Thanks for all the info x

  2. Annina says:

    Oooh, I’d love to try the Ann Klein! I do love Gardenia.

  3. Cymbaline says:

    Looked, again, at the Houbigant perfume site and found Gardenia Concentre in the blog archives in June 2013. Description, photos, etc.

  4. cookie queen says:

    Freddie I could listen to you talk all day long. Love it. <3

  5. Cymbaline says:

    As an alternative to ebay, auntjudysattic dot com is a good site to check for vintage perfumes. I’ve bought several perfumes and am 100% happy with the results. You have to check the site frequently, though, as the ‘good’ stuff gets sold very quickly, as you might imagine. :)

  6. Illdone says:

    Havin the day off I stumbled on your video.
    You’re adorable and charming. Your love for all things scented shines through.
    If you ever come to Belgium, do visit!! (I’ve got 2 rooms full of perfume with many many vintages. I suposse it ‘ll be impossible to get you out but I don’t think I’d mind when I here you talk LOL
    By the way I’m a fifty year old woman, in case this sounds like a strange proposal.;)


    • HA! Thank you so much :D I was in Belgium two years ago :P I’d always wanted to visit as my Nan is from Belgium and I’d never been – loved it! I’m sure I’m due another visit ;) Your rooms full of vintages has me swooning! Amazing <3
      Thanks for getting in touch and taking the time to watch me chat shit :P

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