Video: Fragrance Purchases January – February 2014

Hi guys

Thought I’d load a quick video up on here for you, just some recent purchases, no biggy… OK, seven purchases :| which is a lot for me! But anyway – enjoy!

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9 thoughts on “Video: Fragrance Purchases January – February 2014

  1. Hurray for the Diorissimo! Vintage Diorissimo is beautiful! :D

  2. the blood concept! hilarious!

    i DESPISED the one i smelled as well.

  3. Your video reviews are very compelling by the way: it’s impossible to not watch them all the way through. The Blask sounds HIGHLY intriguing.

  4. Pamela McVay says:

    You make AB sound pretty awful! As always you give me enough information to tell whether I might be interested. I didn’t get much myself the last couple of months–just a couple of soliflores to layer with other things. I’ve succumbed to the lure of perfume workshops and now have seven small quantities of things. I like one of them a lot: the others I just made today so they’ll have to sit a whole. But it’s a lot of fun because I’ve met other people who are excited about fragrance and gotten the chance to sniff a lot of ingredients.

    • Haha! I know :( I didn’t intend to make it sound quite so bad, as I do admire it – but blergh! On me I can’t handle it.
      That sounds amazing Pamela! I’ve only ever been to one workshop but I’d love to do more.

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