Update From Freddie :)

Hey guys

I’ve taken a bit of time off I guess just to chill in the New Year, the blog will be back up and running soon, sorry it’s been so long… but heck there’s so many blogs out there to read now I’m sure y’all didn’t miss me :’)
Anyway, still going strong with YouTube, admittedly more so than here I think! Just updated the YouTube page which was very out of date, and new reviews to come soon… You’ll also see I’ve added a new page up top for other fragrance related posts through the blog :) But for now, here’s just a quick video on some things I bought last month :)

Byeeeeee! <3

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12 thoughts on “Update From Freddie :)

  1. Happy New Year my Freddie…and Happy Anniversary too!

  2. Erica says:

    Hi Freddie and Happy New Year! You have no idea how jealous I am that your TK Maxx has so many goodies! The US versions are filled with celebrity fragrances =/. I do not have any desire to smell like a Kardashian! Very interested to know your opinion on two lines I haven’t seen you discuss:
    Hilde Soliani
    Parfums de Nicolai
    My guess is that you will find these too boring but they were my intro to niche. Enjoy your trip=)

    • Hi Erica unfortunately I haven’t sniffed either – some of Soliani’s stuff interests me a lot! And then I always read things like “very light, simplistic, but nice”… “nice” is something I try not to go for too much with a high price tag! But would be interested to sniff some yep :D Nicolai I also need to explore more! I hear nothing but good things, but then again, hardly anyone talks about that line too! When I was in Paris I passed the store almost every day in the Marais but never went in. Can you believe it?! Haha. I just thought the line is so big it’d be a bit overwhelming. I don’t exactly look the part of someone so into their fragrance so I’d at least like a bit of knowledge on the line before walking into the shop :P Hahaha. Our TK Maxx isn’t always that great, but always worth checking out – only around Christmas do we get good stuff, the occasional L’Artisan, Penhaligon’s, recently Goutal… previously it’s just celeb scents and budget stuff as you said. The occasional Guerlain is a nice surprise :P Happy new year to you too Erica thanks for watching!

      • Erica says:

        I know the feeling of missed opportunities as my only trip to Paris was spent in L’occitane! We didn’t have them in the states and I wasn’t into perfume at the time. Tragic. Live and learn. I do hope you get back to the Nicolai shop and if you find any more tiny houses please share. Flor Azteca is my #1 favorite (for now) and I would have never known about it without your videos =)

      • Aww I’m so glad you discovered and love Flor Azteca so much! Have you tried anything else in The Exotic Island Perfumer line yet? Flor Azteca layered with Tubereuse Criminelle is a dream come true for me <3

      • Erica says:

        Yes I got the sample pack and love all five but flor azteca is my favorite. I paired it three different ways: with tubereuse 3 animale to blast everyone out of the way with sweet. Nicolai’s Juste un RĂªve plays up its coconut and layered with the cocoa powder in Guerlain L’Instant Pour Homme is odd but I enjoy it.

  3. How lucky to land such great deals at TK Maxx! Most of the offerings at out TJ Maxx are either celebrity fragrances, or gobs of Curve. Not good. Every once in a while, you find something interesting.

    In any case, looking forward to more reviews in the new year! Happy New Years, Freddie!

  4. Natalie says:

    Happy new year! DYING re: the Nuit Etoilee. Such a steal!

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