Snowcake – LUSH Perfume

LUSH have released a few limited edition scents, taken from their line of body and hair products. I ordered two of these, pretty much blind, because they were an awesome price, and sounded wonderful. Lush/Gorilla Perfume constantly turn out fragrances with great creativity and strength, some often pushing the boundaries of wearability for one reason or another. I still find the original line up of fragrances far superior than the new ones (in the horrible dab bottles compared to the solid black ones), so was thrilled to find here some of their older scents being re-released for a limited time.
Snowcake was one of my choices :)

Snowcake Lush

Snowcake starts with a blast of banana. Very realistic to me, not candied like those foam bananas, and thankfully not overripe or skunky. It doesn’t come from cedar, as I’ve smelt in fragrances such as Totem Eclipse Of The Heart by Smell Bent and Dev #1 by Olympic Orchids… it’s just banana :) Which was totally unexpected. The banana sweetens just slightly, as a powdery almond comes in with just a hint of violet? There’s a eugenol, or maybe even cinnamon? – like heat in the background, thankfully it’s extremely quiet, sweetened by the almond and now present vanilla, smelling like a fireball candy way in the background.

The spiced banana/almond smells a little like a good bread and butter pudding (all very British things I’m mentioning here for some reason!), but not so literal it comes across as food. There is a huge load of white musk in the base that ensures Snowcake doesn’t go all out gourmand, and remains perfume-y, if not even slightly dated in time. A heavy white musk base isn’t my favourite way for a fragrance to finish, but the opening and heart of Snowcake are absolutely fascinating. It’s a total comfort fragrance, yet strange enough to not be too cosy and ditzy. Still, all this complicated stuff goes on when sniffed up close, from a far, the delicate throw is that of marzipan and play-doh, with musk. It’s a fail-safe fragrance, impossible for others not to love when you wear it!

As it settles, the marzipan accord dominates paired with the subtlest hint of rose and spice, the banana disappears entirely, and the vanilla/musk gradually takes over. Snowcake, as with most Lush fragrances, last for hours with great projection. It’s a little closer to the skin than other fragrances I’ve worn from them, but all the better for it. It draws people in.
For fans of almond fragrances, it is undoubtedly a must-sniff. A rare fragrance where almond isn’t partnered with cherry, overdoses of vanilla, labelled “loukoum”, or partnered with pastry notes. It’s a little waxy, a little powdery, not too sweet, and just what I needed in my collection! Well done Lush :)

Snowcake 30ml EDP Lush – £23

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5 thoughts on “Snowcake – LUSH Perfume

  1. I reckon I need this. I am an almond/cherry freak.

  2. fbarreto says:

    I bougth this one for my wife and she loved the limited editon

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