Vraie Blonde – Etat Libre D’Orange

Hey guys! Well, it’s my birthday today :D And over the last few days I’ve treated myself to some new bottles – a few which I’ve reviewed already, and something in particular I am stupidly excited about and will have to write about soon.
I got recommended Vraie Blonde by a nose I really admire in the YouTube fragrance community, Freddie at Fumerie Hillaire. I found a great deal for this on Amazon so snatched up a bottle blind… thankfully, I realllllllllly like it.

Vraie Blonde

Vraie Blonde starts with a great aldehyde chain up top, not soapy, but very sparkly. A lot of reviewers comment that this opening smells of champagne, I kind of get that – but there’s too much underneath for it to be so accurate. Instead, it is a slightly peachy, softly fruity, sparkling opening with a subtle hint of resins underneath… mainly a quiet bitterness of myrrh… if anything, it reminds me of a less aggressive, more fruity La Myrrhe by Serge Lutens at this point… mixed with maybe, Noontide Petals? There are some soft white florals in the background, adding a creaminess to it. It smells very luxurious.

The sparkly opening, the hint of peach, the bitter and lactonic accords underneath (including a light sweetness of cocoa), at times smells slightly like vomit. Ok so I totally just made your face drop compared to the opening… but I don’t always get this, and when I do, it’s not quite the sour, sharp, acidic vomit, but I’m not the only one who gets this association. In fact, Vraie Blonde is quite infamous for this slightly vomit-like note. Don’t be put off, seriously, it’s a long shot to even begin to blend the gorgeous opening into an idea of vomit, but it can happen. Still… the opening begins to settle quickly, and totally diverts from this (if you get it of course), and the result is pretty gorgeous!

There’s a hint of pepper, the peach still going strong, clean rose running throughout and a cream-like lactone making Vraie Blonde drape over your skin in a plush, suede-like layer. It’s not loud, but it lasts, sitting relatively close to the skin but I constantly catch little throws of it all day when wearing it. I get hints of cherry and smoke? Tobacco? Little nuances to the various bits and pieces going on in the base.
Under the peachy rose, a sweet resinous base mingles with some patchouli and the tiniest bit of cocoa… it’s cosy, comfortable and familiar, nothing jarring, sharp… just really, really easy to wear. If it sounds like your thing, I can’t recommend it enough, I’m thoroughly loving wearing Vraie Blonde!

Vraie Blonde 50ml EDP Etat Libre D’Orange £59.50 Escentual.co.uk

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28 thoughts on “Vraie Blonde – Etat Libre D’Orange

  1. Annina says:

    I love Vraie Blond, my first ELdO. I agree completely with your description! I’ll have to run up to my perfume cabinet and pull it out – I’ve never gotten eau de vomit!

  2. Doc Blue says:

    This sounds terrifying, yet utterly tempting.

    • Don’t be put off! Haha, in all honesty, as a whole piece, it’s extremely easy to wear, a laidback Chanel-esque aldehydic fruity floral, but with great maturity to it. It’s girly and bubbly :D But for a few fleeting seconds up top, most people kind of go “urhg! what’s that?!… oh wait… oooh yeh i like it now” >:D

  3. poodle says:

    Happy Birthday! Hope your day is wonderful.
    I haven’t worn this one in a while. I don’t recall thinking vomit, but I guess I could imagine it could be perceived that way. There’s that little hint of sour which could be vomity i guess.

  4. Happy Birthday, Freddie! Like Poodle, I don’t recall smelling vomit either, but then again, I just smelled it on paper and not on skin. Hmmmm, now both scared and intrigued . . . :-)

  5. Yey a fellow Sagittarian! Happy birthday. Mine was last Monday.

  6. Dearest Smelly
    Happy (belated) birthday!
    I hope your day was finely scented and suitable fragrant in all imaginable ways.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  7. Happy, Happy Birthday Freddie! I’m so glad that you could purchase a blind buy that is to your liking. I have never heard anyone say that a fragrance smells like “vomit.” Even though it doesn’t to you, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Like real vomit, I wonder if that smell makes others want to vomit??!! :)

  8. Michael says:

    Give it a try in the heat if you get a chance. I love this as a summer scent. The sourness/vomity notes are almost non-existent and the sparkly aldehydes are more prominent.
    It’s an unexpected gem :)

  9. Keith says:

    Darn! Missed wishing you a Happy Birthday until now! Hope it was a great one. :)

    I’ll have to check this out – my nose got overwhelmed last time I was at Henri Bendel, so I didn’t make it to this one (the Union rep who was there wasn’t exactly keen on letting me sniff the EdLO wall in peace either).

  10. Erica says:

    Happy belated birthday! I was given a sample of this when I asked about the line’s discontinued Josephine Baker. (I was told they have vats of the stuff but cannot sell it because of the Baker estate ='( )They are both sparkling and I was so grateful for the suggestion.

  11. jtd says:

    Happy B-day & many smelly returns of the day! I didn’t know what to expect from this perfume, which is a great place to start with VB. I don’t know of any other perfume that smells anything like it. I love it for the way that it unsettles me. It’s like that Santa Ana winds that blow in from the desert in autumn in Los Angeles where I live. The winds and VB leave things charged, heightened. Wonderful perfume experience. Great find for your b-day!

    As for Josephine Baker, I’d love to try it. Maybe ELDO could pull another sleight of hand and call it Malaise of the 20s. Who can say?

  12. Natalie says:

    Happy belated birthday! We almost share one – mine was two days later. :)

  13. Johanob says:

    I thought I was crazy…as I tested this in-store and then bought 2 backup bottles at 50% off…but you are SPOT ON with the vomit-note!!Lol!So glad its not just me that gets that,hahaha!But the rest of this fragrance is SOOOO wonderfully fizzy,and blooming…Love it!
    Perfumistas Unite!☺️

    • You have wonderful taste! And glad you get that slightly uncomfortable vomit top note too :P Recently I’ve been finding it more and more incense-y, and is totally an abstract myrrhe fragrance than anything else… it’s a real shapeshifter of a fragrance. Thanks for reading Johanob :D

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