Peety – O’Driu

Peety is the new fragrance by the fantastic house of O’Driu. The perfumer states that the bottle comes 49ml full, with the intention that you’re to add 1ml of your own pee to it. I’ve heard mixed things about the results of the pee, some seeing a subtle improvement, enhancing certain notes, whilst smoothing out the composition in general… others saying it “flattened” it somewhat. I haven’t tried Peety with my pee yet, asĀ  my sample is definitely not big enough, I’d have to cut a droplet of pee in half which… which I’m not doing. So… here is Peety un-contaminated… which is a perfume wonderful enough to be judged on it’s own, whether you think the pee is a ridiculous novelty or not, don’t dismiss it.

Peety O'Driu

Peety opens with a mouthwatering herbal concoction of sweetened lemongrass, cinnamon, a lush rose note and a hint of smoke. This spicy beast instantly resembles (to me at least), L’Air Du Desert Marocain by Tauer… only without the sharp, tar-like note in the opening. It’s softer undoubtedly, a little sweeter and more herbal than dry.

A clove/carnation note comes in and from here on it begins to differ from LDDM, not that they were identical in the first place, but still. The clove brings in the tobacco note, which is where the initial smokiness comes from, adding a dried, fruity tobacco throughout Peety. It’s gorgeous, now reminding me a little of Mecca Balsam by La Via Del Profumo (all fragrances I love mentioned so far!).

As Peety begins to dry down, the spiced rose and tobacco sit close to the skin, softened with vanilla and tonka. There at times, on my skin, seems to be a slightly astringent, ammonia-like hair-dye smell through Peety’s heart, which whilst typing, isn’t showing up. I did a video review of this the other day and the ammonia smell came out strong. It’s not a bad note, or unsettling in the last, I’m not too sure where it comes from though. What sits in the base however next to the vanilla is a hint of castoreum – a little animalic smoke, pretty much a signature in O’Driu.

The whole fragrance is a very easy wear, and a great introduction to O’Driu’s work. It seems smarter, a little more “thought out”, well-balanced, and beautiful to wear – a departure from the hard-hitting challenging compositions of the original O’Driu line up which although fantastic, smelt more like experiments. It seems Peety is a final piece of everything learnt in the first fragrances, reminding me of numerous compositions in the line, including my beloved Leva which I own (lemongrass/olive/vanilla). A great perfume.

Peety 49ml EDP O’Driu – 150 Euros

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6 thoughts on “Peety – O’Driu

  1. I must admit I am slightly shocked, and that shocks me.

  2. It does sound quite nice based on what you’ve written! When I first heard about it some time back I imagined it would smell like the inside of a very dirty men’s toilet (because men are terrible at aiming). I don’t think I’d add my urine to it though, it seems somewhat of a gimmick to me ALTHOUGH I must admit that this has been one of the most creative concepts in perfumery in a long time and is far more fascinating than the ridiculous ad copy employed by most fragrance houses. Perhaps O’Driu’s next fragrance will be called Poopy? ;) I daresay we’d have to make a tincture of our excrement and mix it with the rest of the juice, can’t imagine many people rushing to buy it! And O’Driu could launch a whole Eau de Toilet range! … My imagination is running wild :D

  3. Ugggh. I understand the novelty behind it, but our pee varies greatly depending on what we eat and drink. Given that, who’s not to say that the little addition will not ruin and spoil the other notes in the fragrance (acid, vitamins, etc.). And for the price…no thanks. But I am kind of digging the bottle! :)

    • This is very true, I have read one or two people saying from their larger sized samples, the little pee bit flattened it and had a negative effect, definitely would test it in a vial before hand. Still – I agree the addition would be more of a novelty, I also hate the way that it apparently turns the fluid cloudy! Blergh.
      Still, I’d love to wear this a lot as it is now.
      The bottle is awesome right?! I love it. Little fact too, the lid is also the pee funnel :’)

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