La Fin Du Monde – Etat Libre D’Orange

So La Fin Du Monde is the much anticipated release from house Etat Libre D’Orange. I was super excited about this release, until I read the notes list, describing LFdM as “a popcorn opening softening down to pale woods”. It sounded dull as shit, but the popcorn opening did intrigue me. I was hoping for a new Jeux De Peau gourmand deliciousness, whether it fitted “The End Of The World” name or not.
SO. I was lucky enough to win a full bottle of this fragrance and it couldn’t have come at a better time. How does it smell…

La Fin Du Monde

La Fin Du Monde starts with a semi sweet, translucent note of caramel, undercut with a subtle, sweet vegetal accord (that all together reminds me of the pumpkin/immortelle of Etat Libre D’Orange’s Like This). I get a hint of immortelle in fact, that quickly gives in to a rooty iris. The opening to me, is absolutely nothing like popcorn. There’s no sickly sweet caramel, no wheat, corn, or cereal smells whatsoever… nothing buttery or edible, just a slight sweetness.

The iris reminds me a little of that used in Honore Des Pres Love Les Carottes… paired here with “carrot seed” – it definitely gives off that slightly carroty smell, with a hint of metallics, just a touch of powder… not full on rooty, not full on floral… a soft iris that’s ridiculously easy to wear.

The overall feel at this point is a slightly golden hue of translucent and sweet iris. I can’t say I get any cumin, or pepper for that matter… the listed “gunpowder”? A non existent novelty note. Is it nice? It is nice, but nothing more. I got others to try this today, and everyone said “yeh it’s nice”… it’s totally harmless. This kind of minimalistic, translucent fragrance worked a little better in Tilda’s Like This (which I found pretty boring too), because of the slightly more interesting texture and that sweet/spiciness of the immortelle… although the overall effect is near identical… which is bizarre considering they are from different perfumers. It feels very “ELdO”, if you know what I mean? And it fits into the line nicely, although unnecessary IMO. I totally think they should have gone all out with this one and released a massive powerhouse like Rien. They needed it. What they didn’t need was another excuse for people to say “A nice fragrance that doesn’t fit the name” but that’s unfortunately what they’ve done.

Ok so it sounds like I hate this. I don’t, I’m sure I’ll wear it a lot because it is so easy to. Whilst it’s super soft, translucent and almost “not there”, it has a half decent throw for a fair few hours, radiating in a soft, synthetic caramel sweetness atop iris and pale woods. But it is definitely not an earth shattering release, and not a standout, instead it is “nice”…

This video was posted on CaFleureBon recently. I have to admit, despite the ridiculous attempt to push a narrative behind the fragrance and talk about how “popcorn is the olfactory note of escapism, the cumin and pepper is the ignition…” etc… it got me SLIGHTLY more excited to try it. However watching it back it just makes me laugh… La Fin Du Monde is a sweetened iris and little else. Still, I’ll wear it regularly and I DO appreciate my bottle, having dealt with a big family loss recently the generosity couldn’t have come at a better time… but hey, you guys read this because I’m honest right?! I recommend it, if you’re not on the hunt for something revolutionary… it could quite easily become a comfort scent, I’m just not sure whether that was the aim or not.

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8 thoughts on “La Fin Du Monde – Etat Libre D’Orange

  1. poodle says:

    My poodle’s paws smell like popcorn so if this had a true popcorn note I’d be all over it. Sweetened iris doesn’t do it for me usually. I got to sniff this at Sniffa but by that point in the day my nose was in no condition to detect notes. I don’t really remember what this smelled like but I know it wasn’t popcorn because I would have bought it.

  2. Congratulations on the win. I’m glad that you’re enjoying this. From your description though, to me this sounds like a full on Tilda Swinton! :|

  3. Lyubov says:

    Hay, Freddie, congrats on the win! Look at it this way – there were just a few things left after The End of The World…and the irises survived!!! Well, it may sound like a post-apocalyptic languor but it may be just it! End of story ;)
    P.S. I haven’t tried La Fin du Monde, but I have experienced some ELDOs and this one doesn’t exactly fit in their eclectic picture…

    • It doesn’t does it?! They needed a huge bold release, but it seems like they’ve totally changed their ways with that direction after endless recent releases that are much more “refined” than before. A good thing I guess, but a bit less fun, and less ELdO.

  4. Hylda says:

    Sorry for your loss. Easy to wear scents can be good for times like these. Can’t wait to try this one. I’ve been hunting for a popcorn scent, but never found one

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