VIDEO: Favourite Jasmine Fragrances 2013

Enjoy the video, and as always, the stupidly unflattering screenshot it decides to use as a title frame – thanks YouTube! :) x

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10 thoughts on “VIDEO: Favourite Jasmine Fragrances 2013

  1. Cymbaline says:

    Ok, in spite of your ‘technical difficulties’, the content was riveting :)
    I was glad that you talked about Mandy Aftel’s Fig, as I’ve been wearing it a lot this week. For some weird reason I got the idea that I would get some good lavender notes from Fig, so I ordered samples of the edp and the parfum. Well, not much in the way of lavender, but I really liked whatever was going on and appreciated your take on the notes. The edp was my favorite – it was sharper/brighter which really appeals.
    Also the info about Vero Kern’s extrait being offered in the voile/spray form is something I need to explore.
    Great video, as always. Funny, a glass of red wine sounds really good right now! :)

    • Thanks Cymbaline! Glad you enjoyed it and took the time to watch :D
      Aw awesome!! Great choice. I’m head over heels for Fig, it’s absolutely beautiful.
      I will have to explore the Voile’s too – the Onda has my hopes high!
      Let me know if you get your nose on them before me >:D x

  2. Melis says:

    Mmmmm, red wine! Enjoyed hearing your take on your favourite Jasmines. I adore Rubj. I didn’t know about the Voile’s, so thanks for sharing that bit of info.

  3. Vanessa says:

    Loved it – and the technical glitches simply enhanced my viewing pleasure! I agree that Sepia smells brown, and that is all I am saying on that one. ;-) Also interested that you are drawn to wearing perfumes that are not quite your thing. Must try that. And yes, red wine – bring it on. Oh, you were rocking Le Parfum de Therese yesterday! It was very fresh on you.

    • Thanks Vanessa! I actually realised I missed out Calypso by Ajne… I do really really like that one! It’s just very quiet very quickly.
      Thanks :P Hahah, I always find it quite subtle but for some reason it was booming on me then! Had a lovely catchup I look forward to the next one!

  4. Tora says:

    This is so entertaining. I don’t actually like jasmine, but I loved watching you and listening to your descriptions. I think I will have to try Aftel’s Fig. It just sounds so curious. Have you tried Laurie Erickson of Sonoma Scent Studio’s Fig Tree? It is a powerhouse fig, that is beyond amazing. I would not wear it, not really my style, but it is a real portrait in gorgeous greens and juicy ripe milky fig. I look forward to more videos. I only just found your blog. Well done, and adorably informative.

    • I haven’t tried Fig Tree but I’ll be sure to :)
      I really need to explore more of SSS, there’s just too many houses out there.
      Thanks Tora glad you enjoyed it :D Look forward to hearing from you more round here x

  5. aftelier says:

    Thank you so much Freddie – I am truly honored to have two perfumes among your favorite jasmines! You seem drawn, like me, to the dirty indole part of these gorgeous fragrances. I love your earnest, honest, smart commentary on perfumes – it’s a real service to your readers & viewers.
    xo Mandy

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