Vetiver Dance – Tauer

Vetiver Dance

Mmmmmm. Vetiver Dance starts with grapefruit, black pepper, linden blossom and a vanillic clary sage. It smells green and honeyed, with a stewed tea-like aroma underneath reminding me of champaca. The composition smells a touch like Unter Den Linden by April Aromatics, with a little more spice and earthiness. It smells like an old-school masculine cologne with a touch of modern summer floral above it. The sweetness is counterbalanced with a hint of smoke and salty earth.

There’s a gorgeous lily of the valley, a toned down version of the muguet in Carillon Pour Un Ange, paired with rose and jasmine (and still the linden/champaca feel) – but it’s not overtly floral… it’s green and summery with a slightly lactonic edge – also “dusty”, like pollen.
The pepper settles quickly and the vetiver underneath smells salty, relatively clean, and very green – a little smoky and restrained.
The herbaceous clary sage morphs into rosemary now, with bay leaf and fennel adding a culinary quality to Vetiver Dance.

The vanillic sweetness of tonka, joins with a traditional Tauer-ade base, although the amber lighter handled, lacking incense, and instead pushes full force with the ambergris enhancing the salty vetiver. It’s musky, slightly marine, dry with a great translucent woody backdrop. Cedar dries out the woods whilst sandalwood enhances the more milky aspect of the florals and manages any sweetness. The vetiver, whilst it doesn’t dominate in a usual way, still smells pretty raw and rugged (how I like it!).

Vetiver Dance is an awesome vetiver fragrance, heavily floral yet masculine – something I hadn’t yet found until this scent. It has a great complexity to it and yet it smells controlled and classical –  a perfect green, summer fragrance.

Vetiver Dance 50ml EDT Tauer – £87.50 Les Senteurs

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10 thoughts on “Vetiver Dance – Tauer

  1. For me it is fascinating, but utterly unwearable. WAY too much going on for my tastes.

    • Really? It’s complicated to me undoubtably but balanced and soft enough for it to be one of the easiest wearing Tauer fragrances! Interesting :D Thanks for reading dude

  2. poodle says:

    I love a bunch of Tauer scents but I think most of his perfumes are not for the faint of heart. Has anyone ever used the words skin scent and Tauer in the same sentence? I love vetiver but I think this would lean a little too masculine maybe for me and my hubby might be overwhelmed by it. Although, he is a really light sprayer so maybe…

    • It’s surprisingly soft poodle trust me! It settles into something almost translucent. I really like it – totally unisex due to all the florals in there. Worth sniffing for sure – shame it’s not talked about much, it’s a great green floral :) Thank you for reading

  3. laniersmith says:

    I have to get my nose on this one Freddy!

  4. Yes, me too. I’m lemming like crazy.
    Thanks Freddie.
    Portia xx

  5. rictor07 says:

    Sorry, this is my least favorite type of vetiver scent. It smells like wood polish to me. I am surprised you havent come across this type of scent in other stuff. I have smelled several others that are just like this one.

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