“You’re too young to like it”…

Hey guys – I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on this debate I had with a fellow fragrance “lover” on Facebook the other night.
It came about from me briefly sharing my thoughts on Puredistance M – to which this guy said I was basically too young to like it… I got pissed :P

A perfume debate

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42 thoughts on ““You’re too young to like it”…

  1. Duke it out my boy. Ahhh, it looks like you both had your horns up and are just going to have to agree to disagree. I believe that our tastes change over the years and I am not quite the fan of sweeter fragrances like I used to be. But I have no idea if that is due to age or other factors. So many factors go into our tastes. Age may be one of them, but there are so many others that can affect it as well. Is your blood still boiling?!

    • Totally agree and I tried to say that but he weren’t having any of it – I can see both points I suppose but his was a bit too blunt for me to attempt to agree with :P
      Nah I’m chilled now haha – I just couldn’t get my head around the logic! Thought it would make for an interesting post though.

  2. One thing that I cut out was some other people’s replies as to not influence any on here. But my last comment regarding “You had to be there” was basically someone saying that this fragrance represents the 80’s powerhouse fragrances and that becuase I wasn’t around in the 80’s – I don’t get it.

  3. You know I agrre with you, this one is a huge hype. M is just a bad copy of vintage Bel Ami and its too expensive for what you get. Too dry and way too much cedar.

  4. poodle says:

    I think tastes may change with age but I don’t think that you need to be a certain age to “get it”. It sounds like he really loves this and can’t bear to hear that you find it just blah.

    • I think you’re bang on poodle. I could totally understand if I couldn’t figure a fragrance out and thought “I’ll set this aside for a while to see if I like it later”. But M was more “This is a bit blase compared to everything else I’ve tried in a similar vein” – so yeh I think you’re right, hence why I said to him “I wouldn’t be upset if someone hated a love of mine” :P Still, I don’t think he’d have it.
      Thanks for reading poodle!

  5. The whole idea that there is such a thing as an age-appropriate fragrance really irks me. Taste is really individual and your opinion is just as valid at any age. It is true tastes might change, but in my opinion that is more likely due to more exposure over time than taste becoming more sophisticated as you age.

  6. Freddie,

    The guy wouldn’t have agreed with you, whatever it was. He wasn’t making any logical sense. I like M, and I’m 23. Does that make me old? What if I were a baby rabbit (for want of a younger thing), and really liked M? Does that make me an old man?

  7. HA HA HA HA!! That was AWESOME! Great work. I love the way both of you write so passionately, really heartfelt. I’m glad you shared this Freddie.
    I don’t have an opinion except that I think you have an extraordinary grasp of perfume from all walks of life and that if you say it was meh, then on your skin and for your nose it was definitely and irrefutably meh.
    Excellent post.
    Portia xx

  8. rictor07 says:

    Wow, everyone is hating on you, but way to persevere. Your age has nothing to do with having the ability to form an informed opinion, and i believe you are qualified to have a genuine and knowledgeable opinion about fragrance, regardless of being a young buck. i am not sure why these people feel they are obligated to defend Puredistance M. I have never tried it myself. I have shied away from this line because i think the cost is quite outrageous, so i dont really know what i am missing. anyway, let these guys enjoy there M, and the money you save will let you enjoy 2 or 3 fragrances, instead of just one.

    • I always get hate! Hahaha. I guess if you’ve splashed out that amount of money on something you defend it without a doubt – shame it’s on something so subjective, but few things aren’t ey!
      Definitely! Thanks for reading rictor :)

  9. Kafkaesque says:

    I adore Puredistance M (and vintage Bel Ami which it reminds me of, on occasion), and cherish my little bottle. I wanted to get that out of the way from the start. *BUT* I don’t think you have to be of a certain age to “get” anything. Yes, one’s perfume tastes change but, as Mr. Hound noted above, there are a lot of different factors that could contribute to that. If you didn’t like “M” and think it’s over-hyped, then that is what it is for you. You could be 22 or 52.

    Is it more likely that you’d have loved it if you had been an adult in the ’80s. Possibly, because that may have influenced some of your tastes. But, also, quite possibly not – because the 80s may have traumatize your tastes. LOL. It’s your skin, your nose, your tastes and your opinion. As someone who adores “M,” I’m perfectly okay with you not loving it. And your age has nothing to do with it.

    As a side note, you have an incredibly sophisticated nose, and a very wide range of perfumes you like. Most people of any age don’t have that wonderful combination, but definitely very few 22 year olds that I have known. You are not average in any way and, I’d argue, your nose+experience are much more akin to someone who’s been around perfume for decades. I would LOVE to see what you’re like at 50 and how much more of an expert you’ll be by then. So, Rock On, Freddie, and hate “M” all you like. :) xoxox

    • I have to try this Bel Ami keep hearing about it when this fragrance comes up!
      Definitely, it’s like he’s saying “all mature men like it becuase they were there in the 80’s…” :’) WHAT!?
      Of course, the amount of stuff I’ve sent to people and been like “you’ll love this” and it’s been given away straight away out of hate, it’s like, it’s perfume, it’s not to everyone’s taste – I’m not offended by that!
      Thanks you for the support as always Kafka <3

      • Jen says:

        Many 80’s scents or 80’s-inspired or 80’s-style scents make my teeth sit on edge. And I was there. I’m the same age as the other person in this discussion. I apologize, too, if you felt hung out to dry there. I have no idea how I missed that entire thread, and I feel terribly guilty…

      • Nahhh don’t feel guilty Jen silly! I think he was a little embarassed, private messaging me a few days later saying “Hope you’re not angry with me, I was just winding you up” – obviously not a wind up but a fun clash of opinion. I think we both just stuck to our ground and had at it :P

  10. Ines says:

    I stopped reading around half, I admit (and the bad grammar was getting on my nerves). :)

    I don’t think age has anything to do with how much you like or dislike perfume. It’s a matter of taste and that can change with time, but still, that doesn’t mean it’s linked to age.

    I also believe that some perfumes can grow on you with time (case in point – my relationship with Shalimar) but I’ve been smelling my mother’s Givenchy III all my life and it never grew on me. That’s just not something I would enjoy wearing.
    And just yesterday, after spending so much time in niche and strange perfumes, I smelled a fruity-floral in a mainstream perfumery and enjoyed it a lot. Does this mean my taste is going back to my pre-perfumista days?

    And as for M, it’s the only perfume from Puredistance line which I wouldn’t label as formal and not for every day – I could personally wear it every day which is not something I can say for I and Antonia.

    P.S. I just don’t understand why the other guy couldn’t agree to disagree?! And then he calls you unbending. ;)

    • Haha! Sorry – when typing in a quick key-touch fury grammar is the last thing on my mind. My punctuation is usually all over the place with a straight mind.
      I totally agree with you Ines – and glad to hear you mention M as a casual use fragrance, it totally is – it’s a friggin spicy amber/leather – that’s not formal only :P The price makes it formal only.
      I know exactly ahaha – at least I tried to settle the ground :P

  11. Dear Freddy
    Your knowledge and breadth of taste are quite remarkable for someone of any age. I don’t think there can be any doubting that.
    Also there is no guarantee that you would like ‘M’ anymore had you lived through the 80s or were nonagenarian right now.
    But… well might I use an example from my own experience, not directly related but similar.
    I was a voracious reader from before even attending school and was well versed with most classics by the time I reached secondary level.By the time I was ready to go to university, my depth of reading was extremely broad and when I my reading list arrived for my degree I was a little surprised to see that there was little or nothing on it I wasn’t already familiar with and hadn’t formed an opinion on.
    So far, so much blowing my own trumpet.
    There were, however, a number of novelists and poets whose work I particularly disliked or was distinctly ambivalent to. I was able to articulate precise critiques of their failings or their ordinariness and in many cases it was these essays that would earn me the highest marks.
    Very often it was their familiarity or ‘alikedness’ to other writers or across their own canons that I found irksome.
    Now… too many years more than I care to think of after my degree, I find that my response to those books and those writers has, in many though not all cases, changed.
    It’s not that the flaws I highlighted were incorrect or that the works had altered at all, but things have shifted within me that in turn shifted my perspective.
    I’m not sure what these changes in taste might be attributed to – age, life experience, familiarity or even the act of years of reading which reveals that lesser classics are still often an awful lot better than the contemporary.
    Certainly when I detect echoes of other works or genres in literature I tend to appreciate this much more than I did once, and notice subtle variation in texture and down more vividly than before. Equally, I am less predisposed to value something solely on the grounds of newness or innovation.
    All I’m saying is that, in my personal experience, views and perceptions can and do change with time, and that is is neither a reflection that the young are wrong nor that the old are in the possession of all the answers.
    It is simply a function of living.
    The dynamic in that debate is one of the stimuli to intellectual curiosity and motors of criticism in all the arts, including perfumery.
    Long may it be so.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    • Awesome post Dandy – and you’re right – but then again we can’t hold off every review and such until we hit the moment of appreciation otherwise there’d be no variation ey! I can’t see my self loving this, but I’ve put across my subtle appreciation for it in my review surely. I gave it a try, it’s not working for me now, I write about it and move on, maybe return to it in 20 years or whatever if I see a point to :)
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Dandy!

      • Absolutely Mr Thoughts
        You mustn’t keep your views to yourself – whilst I don’t always agree with the ‘me’ of X number of years ago, I think I make good points.
        Please keep them coming, your posts are always illuminating, interesting and intelligent.
        Yours ever
        The Perfumed Dandy

      • <3 You're too kind Dandy :D I appreciate your support so much

  12. Lyubov says:

    Hey, Freddie,
    why did you even bother? You shouldn’t! Keep your nerves and emotions for positive experiences! You are perfectly aware how subjective is the perception of fragrances. But this guy is not. So why bother anyway…?
    I have never tried any Puredistance aroma but all this fuss about M makes me pretty suspicious and you are the first I read didn’t quite like it. It’s good to read some frank opinion, you know…

    • Because I was right ;) Bahhaha. And it got fun. He ended the conversation with:
      “Fuck it! I’ll just go put on some M right now”
      I said
      “But ******* It’s not your time of the month!”
      Definitely, I’m not gonna pretty it up becuase a respected name composed it or the price is extortionate… whatever :P It’s nice enough to me and that’s all – I didn’t slate it!
      Thanks for reading Lyubov

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  14. Vanessa says:

    I agree with the others about your fragrance knowledge and experience being exceptional for your age.

    And the 80s were best missed to be honest – though I have a slinky blouse with shoulder pads and pussycat bow (bought in Rackhams!) that I cannot bring myself to chuck and which I am hoping will come back into fashion some day…

  15. Natalie says:

    I had to stop reading because my eyes were bleeding! The lack of apostrophes was just too much for me (I’m an editor), so even though I know it’s social media etc. etc. … :)

    That being said, I read enough to know that dude was wack, and I’m glad you stuck up for fragrances being interpreted and understood without regard to one’s age. You clearly have the knowledge and background to make a fair assessment. It’s not as though you’ve never smelled anything but Brittany Spears’ Circus and you’re making assertions about this fragrance.

    • Haha – I think i was in too much of a fury to notice.
      Definitely! Although I think I’d have more fun sniffing Britney :P Least I could have a cheap laugh about it without an army of defenders.

  16. Julz says:

    Objectively, I can actually see where both of u are coming from. And I’d say there’s truth in both arguments. I just think he went about making his point the wrong way. I think what he meant is that we ‘read’, appreciate & need different things from a scent (one wants to project/wear) depending on what stage we are in out lives, i.e. so ‘tastes’ change with age. And I’d say there is some truth to that. – There have been many a scent that I thought lacking at first (& would never want to wear) which time later I’m surprised I’ve done a complete 180º on. -> (I’d say ‘Perfume Dandy’s analogy is spot-on !)
    However, all your points were also true ! – I just think u were arguing at cross-purposes basically. … AND of course ‘different perception’ is always THE damned ‘bug-bear’ with scent appreciation/criticism. (Not to mention the fact that u’ve sniffed many a fume that u can compare M to, which he probably might not, I suspect.)
    Personally, I do actually like M, as I think it’s beautifully constructed, fulfils what it set out to do perfectly (i.e. it does smell like ‘luxury car leather interior’) & is perfectly suited to it’s target audience. An elegant scent with a very specific presence. (My only criticism is it’s unmerited ridiculously over-bloated price tag !) … I suppose comparisons to vint. Bel Ami were inevitable, tho’ personally I find M the superior. (Or at least I prefer it. But I’ll admit I’m quite partial to chypres with softening oriental pretensions, especially leather ones.) ;)

    However, from your review I’ve noticed our perception of M were to an extent rather different, which might offer a clue. For example, it seems overall M was far more ‘amber-scentric over subtle suede’ to u, where for me it was far more ‘leather-scentric over petroleum amber-light’ – if u see what I mean ?? Tho’ we agree on it’s general ‘theme’ & separate components/ingredients, it still ‘reads’ rather differently overall, which tho similar on the surface could prove rather a vaster difference when/if comparing it to others of it’s ilk. – I mean, for example, I also luv/own Ambra Nera (one of my fave all-amber all-the-time thru-out AMBER ambers), BUT it could never ‘fill the spot’ I get from M, as to my nose I don’t consider M merely “a spicy, smoky, slightly leathery, animalic amber” – it ‘reads’ far more leather-forward on my skin/nose. (Albeit a leather that purrs not growls !) As an ‘animalic-amber’ fume it just wouldn’t satisfy me either. If that were all I got from it then it’d probably have disappointed me too. – BUT if I were looking to smell reminiscent of the interior of a brand new Aston Martin, well that’s a whole different story, then I’d need look no further …..

    But it’s also perfectly OK for u not to appreciate it :) – Perhaps a far too high expectation might be the reason for your disappointment (!?)

    • Totally Julz I understood his point I guess but it was put about completely wrong. That’s the thing with fragrance as we all interpret each one completely differently even though we’re smelling the same thing. Dunno why he got so touchy :P
      Very glad to read more love for Ambra Nera though! So under the radar but it’s incredible :D I also thing it is THE best amber without a doubt.
      To be honest, I didn’t have much of an expectation for it, sure it had the hype but I’d never been really keen to smell it or expected that much ah well, maybe it’s just not for me :D

      • Julz says:

        Yeah, I’m a bit of an ‘animalic-amber’ addict so have way more than is reasonable or would EVER need. :/ And I agree Ambra Nera is pretty much a perfect amber in every way. – However when I’m in need of an amber with a little less ‘powder’, my other amber faves are HdP’s Ambre 114 (luv it’s geranium kick), & Profvmvm’s glorious (closer ambergris-like) Ambra Aurea. … And I could go on …. :)

        As for ‘M’, I think I should also add, as much as I do like it I unfortunately have far less £’s than sense, so … -> aint gonna be burnin it :) ….. (Nor do I believe in ‘status sybol spritzing’ !) ;) :P

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  18. brie says:

    Perfume tastes should never be relegated to either age or gender! I am annoyed that someone was told that they were too young to wear a certain fragrance! In the late 1970s I was a young girl wafting in my mother’s chypres….Chanels I wore in my teen years….and there are many a man’s fragrance that enveloped my tiny body (grey flannel included). Appreciation of perfume has nothing to do with age…everyone has different tastes and we should respect this.

    OK time for me to get off my soap box :D !!!

    • I totally agree Brie!
      When I was 15 or so I’d hunted out Guerlain’s Samsara myself, wore that, along with Mitsouko, even friggin’ Cacharel’s Loulou was never off my dressing table hahah. Very eccentric taste.
      Age has nothing to do with it. But I understand how it can mature for someone who has been used to nothing but generic mass-market cologne maybe? I dunno :/
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! x

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