Hi guys

Well, the other day myself and fellow fragrance lover, blogger and fountain-of-knowledge Vanessa, from Bonkers about Perfume, decided to hook up for a drink and a quick sniff of various things. I’d love to write an in-depth diary entry about this, but Vanessa has beat me to it (or I’m just lazy) and has written a charming little account of our drinks and sniffs, in words much more elegant than I could have put together.
We had a great chat about pretty much everything, shared some perfume loves and had a right good slag-off about everything perfume and blog related. Perfect company! <3


A Bacchanalian Sniff-In with Freddie of Smellythoughts


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10 thoughts on “SMELLYTHOUGHTS and BONKERS ABOUT PERFUME’s blind date…

  1. lucasai says:

    So great that you could meet up and talk! I wish I could meet some people behind the blogs I read. In the past I talked with Vanessa and we decided we’ll meet when she’ll be in Poland (She said she sometimes goes there for business)

  2. Melis says:

    Freddie, it was lovely to read about your meeting with Vanessa. The bar you went to looks fabulous. I can’t recall ever having tried cider. Am I missing out?? Lol!

    • Cider is gross :P
      But pear cider! Oh man, so good.
      Thanks for reading Melis, it was lovely to chat with such a like minded person about all the crap that goes on in our heads :’)
      I discovered some great little things which I’ll write about soon. x

  3. Vanessa says:

    Hey there, thanks for the link, and for bigging me up as a ‘fountain-of-knowledge’! I came away from our sniffing date thinking you were the clued up fumie out of the two of us. : – ) Thanks for introducing me to some off the radar brands and for the serious scented swag! It was great shooting the breeze with you…and hmm, I must give that pear cider a spin myself sometime.

    • You’re knowledge extends far beyond perfumerie into realms i didn’t know existed.
      And thank YOU for introducing ME to some off the radar brands, thoroughly enjoyed our little sniffathon.

  4. poodle says:

    It would be great to meet some perfume people. Someday. It was nice to read up about you meeting. Thanks for sharing.

  5. rictor07 says:

    That bar is badass looking. Sounds like a second date might be in the future for you two.

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