NOONTIDE Petals – Tauer

Noontide Petals is the new release from Tauer Perfumes. I actually tried this back in December 2012 when visiting Andy Tauer’s, but I was off my tits on cherry schnapps so had practically no recollection of it. Very keen to get my nose on it again… here’s my sample! YAY.

Noontide Petals

First spray… Miriam is that you? The same blinding aldehyde bomb up top opens Noontide Petals, that tinge of bergamot (maybe a bit of lemon in here?), a gigantic Chanel-like soapiness with the heart thoroughly hidden below the thick, white layer. The citrus may be a little heavier, but when I sampled Noontide Petals again, I literally struggled to differentiate them – totally confused as to where to start reviewing this one. So I decided to spray Miriam on my other hand to compare…

Holy shit you guys are completely different what the hell?! No joke… I have loved Miriam since I first laid my nose on it, and wear it extremely regularly. I feel like I know that perfume back to front, but this little comparison has opened my eyes to new nuances of Miriam… which I will discuss later :D

BACK TO NOONTIDE… This soapy, lemon-y, aldehyde bomb gets gradually more floral – a rose being the lead, followed by a honeyed ylang ylang, bringing to mind the honeyed, white floral aldehyde bomb of Chanel No.22 (mmmm!). Obviously I friggin’ love it!  I get little hints of orchid? – which at times seems to dominate the florals. The rose isn’t at all a big, red, exotic-thing like in Incense Rose or Un Rose Chypree… it’s a fresh, yellow smelling blossom that you need sunglasses to see (aldehydes still sticking like glitter over this!). Gorgeous, summery and classy, with an underlying Tauer-touch ready to come out later.

The leading floral bouquet (like Miriam), smells alien, blended to an almost unidentifiable, lactonic consistency that smells  futurisitc (the genious being how perfect it is with a swarm of “old-fashioned” soapy aldehydes on top of it). The citrus manages to penetrate it, this lemon lasting much longer than expected… mixed with the lactonic notes of the white florals (a slightly oily tuberose accord? a-la Loretta?), it smells almost like a magnolia. Ok so I’m listing florals galore… I go back to my point about the alien aroma of it… these modern, Tauer aldehydic-florals are truly unlike any other – not at all as straightforward as what you’ve smelt before.
I get just a touch of the jasmine, squeaky-clean and traditional – bringing to mind the honeyed-aldehydic-jasmine of First by Van Cleef and Arpels… but still, this “orchid” vibe is what I can’t get out my head – tainted with the rose. I think Tauer has invented some hybrid floral…

Noontide Petals
Accompanying artwork for Noontide Petals by Andy Tauer.

The drydown gets sweeter as a slightly powdery vanilla leads into a subtle smoke of frankincense, and woods (very dry sandalwood and what smells like a similar rosewood note to Pentachord White). The frankincense turns just a touch metallic and keeps the glistening quality from the opening through to the very end of Noontide Petals. I also get a subtle medicinal note, it smells like a combination of geranium (although it’s a bit late for that?) and a kind of hyper-clean laundry musk, tainted with something resinous… yeh I really can’t get my head around dissecting this :P
So, how does it differ from Miriam? Well… spraying these side by side, I suddenly got a huge, almond-biscotti vibe from Miriam… can’t say I’ve ever smelt that in here before… Miriam suddenly has become even more alien to me: the citrus more muted than I thought, the greenery more herbal but spoiled (in a good way!) by this abstract gourmand accord. I get heliotrope and lilac… two things I have never smelt in Miriam before… and a much more resinous, heavy and dense drydown finishes Miriam – slathered with powder and a greater violet/iris dominating floral accord. Suddenly Miriam smells like I’ve never smelt it before, yet when I tried Noontide (before comparing), I would’ve sworn they were the same thing. I now love my Miriam even more <3 Tauer you cheeky minx! Getting me all confused.

SO: Noontide? Awesome. I gotta say, Miriam is the love of my life, but this is almost like Miriam in Spring (perfect timing for the release) – a much lighter (not a bad thing), easier to wear (not a bad thing) – aldehyde-heavy floral that smells fresh, modern, yet timeless. I’m thrilled Andy has put a fragrance like this in his line up (it must suck a little bit making something as glorious as Miriam and having it under a name not your own!). But yes… get your nose on this one <3 Another absolute beauty.

NOONTIDE Petals 50ml EDT Tauer – (not yet released)

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14 thoughts on “NOONTIDE Petals – Tauer

  1. poodle says:

    I tried Miriam the other day and I think I like it. I wasn’t feeling too good so I need to try it on a better day I think to be sure. Noontide Petals definitely sounds worth a sniff. I like a lot of Andy’s perfumes so I wouldn’t be surprised if this one ended up on my wish list. It sounds like it would be great for spring. Unfortunately it’s snowing AGAIN! and I don’t think spring is ever going to come. Ever.

    • Think? :O Haha – it grows on your more and more trust me. I wear it so much now – comfort, clubbing, dates, work, whatever – it just fits every occassion for me.
      Ditto! The weather is slowly getting sunny here but still so so so cold D:
      I need a bottle of Carillon for spring though!

  2. lucasai says:

    I’m gonna do a loooooong review of Noontide Petals next week. It’s my second Tauer that I absolutely fell in love with and I think I like it more than Reverie au Jardin.
    Andy was very kind sending me a sample.

  3. Max says:

    Can’t wait to smell it.

  4. Kafkaesque says:

    I’ve heard so much about Miriam and the growing start of talk for this new one, too. But the constant and repeated use of the word “aldehydes” in your review made me wince and cringe more deeply with every repetition. Aldehydes and I don’t get along. Nuh-UH! “Gigantic…. soapiness” = *Gigantic shiver*

    Yes, yes, I know, I’m in danger of having my perfumista card yanked away and being banished to Siberia. LOL. I feel it every time I hesitantly confess that I don’t like Chanel No. 5 or how VC&A’s First traumatized me at age 7. :D :D

    Well, thankfully, that leaves tons and tons more of some very beloved fragrances for everyone else. :)

    • Oh I love aldehyde bombs so it’s all gravy for me :D Be sure to sniff it though if you get the chance! You never know – it only takes one fragrance to turn a note from hate to like I think… Stephen Jones (another aldehyde bomb) changed my mind on cloves.
      I have a bottle of VCA’s First – I kind of hate it and kind of love it, it’s actually my SoTD :’) Gonna write about it soon.
      Wellllllllll yes yes, more to love for us, but as I said – you never know :P Do try Miriam – it’s incredible.

  5. “off my tits on cherry schnapps.”

    Best line in a perfume review EVER! Thanks for the laugh and the great review!

  6. hobey123 says:

    Oh, Freddie. I need this. I’m so irritated with Chanel’s price increases, I want to shop elsewhere for awhile.

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