Video: M/Mink by Byredo

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9 thoughts on “Video: M/Mink by Byredo

  1. laniersmith says:

    Okay I will be brave and when I see it I will test it…but I am afraid! Buck up Lanier! You can do it. Great review Freddy you made me want to try it.

    • Haha, Seven Veils to me was a much more stomach churning offering in the lineup :’) The horror!
      Thanks Lanier!
      This morning (16 hours after spraying it on my hand for this video last night) – I can smell a subtle rose and a touch of indole…. never knew they were in here! :O

  2. josh says:

    I loved this one, too. In my experience it wasn’t overly complex, but delightfully dirty and clean which I would love to see more of on the market.

  3. Dear Thoughts
    Must say I find this quite wearable.
    I’ve often thought that either I have a selective anosmia to whatever it is that’s causing others so much trouble or that the fact that the scent which reminds me of a print workshop – somewhere I’m very happy – is comforting someho, perhaps because it wards off others..
    Either way this one is good trampling across the Moors fragrance as far as I’m concerned.
    I can see how a gentleman might wear it to a boum de nuit though.

    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    • You are one of a select few! Haha.
      I have heard someone else say it reminds them of a printer/photography studio.
      I really need to crack it out more, I keep scaring myself thinking it’s not wearable but it really is… I think?

  4. I’m trying to learn to like Mink. My nose/brain can’t stop focusing on the Adoxal and it’s fishy marine properties.

    • That’s what I struggle with David but, I still enjoy that part now – it’s fun, and gross (the best kind of fun). The drydown I love though – it’s still sour and marine and waxy, but all the other stuff in it gives it this crazy soft texture that’s unlike any fragrance I’ve tried. Get someone else to sniff it on you a few hours in… you’ll be surprised. I’ve had 3 people say “clean laundry”…. not that that’s a good thing to me when I’m wearing something like M/Mink but it’s interesting!
      I love it! Hope you feel the love soon too :P

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