Video: Smellythoughts on Secretions Magnifiques by Etat Libre D’Orange


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7 thoughts on “Video: Smellythoughts on Secretions Magnifiques by Etat Libre D’Orange

  1. You are very brave, my friend. I actually have never smelled SM. I almost did once, but a friend took the blotter away and told me not to for my own good. For this reason, I really appreciated your balanced review. I like how you talked about what was good, even great, and what made it too challenging. Thanks, Freddie!

    • I think there’s fragrances that are just as bad out there – this one at least as an artistic concept though so it’s easily forgiven :’)
      I don’t find it all that bad, maybe because I have tried it so often, I still wouldn’t wear it for hell though. You must give it a sniff though with an open mind :) It’s a very clever little thing!
      Thanks for watching bacon!

  2. Lyubov says:

    Hallo, Freddie,
    I’ve been reading and watching you for a while, but couldn’ help sitting still when I saw you had a review of Secretions Magnifique. I haven’t tried it yet, but I wish to! And I was pretty impressed by your attitude – an artpiece not to be worn! Well said! The giant ado about it on the net didn’t turned me off – on the contrary, it amplified my will to try it!
    Speaking of ‘dirty’ perfumes, did you tried Absolue pour le Soir by Maison Francis Kurkdjian or +MA by Blood? The first feels like Muscs Koublai Khan and the second triggered almost the same feelings that you share about SM (the promising beginning, the unbarable ending…)

    • Hi Lyubov thanks for getting in touch :D
      Look forward to hearing your thoughts on SM when you finally get to sniff it!
      Absolue pour le soir I struggle with – which is so wierd becuase I LOVE cumin, I LOVE animalic honey, I like musks, but this was just too “sour” for me, but I’ll be sure to sniff it again soon. I find it a cross between Alexander McQueen’s Kingdom and Miel De Bois, but for me, not quite as good as either. All the buzz surrounding it though… yep, need to sniff again.
      As for +MA, yep I nearly bought it in Berlin! Hahaha. But you’re right, it is almost unbearably cloying. A kind of, sweet milk and cucumber thing, it reminds me a little of Dangereuse by Sentifique (although I prefer +MA a million miles more), but they both share that same horrifically cloying sweet, synthetic cream overload. I don’t think I could wear it to be honest but it’s fun to sniff :D
      Stay in touch dude! x

      • Lyubov says:

        Oops, sorry for some bad grammar…!
        Oh, yes, APOS is warmer and sweeter than MKK, but that dirty human touch…OMG, cannot stand it and I dig it badly all the same!!! Should try a combo of Kingdom and Miel de Bois. I have Kingdom but unfortunately it is an innocent citrus-woody Dune doppleganger on me…How come..?
        +MA began strickingly green and coldly metal on my wrist but as soon as 15 minutes it turned to a nauseating resistant mixture, stuck on my wrist, my sleeves, my nostrils, my everything with that sour and sweet human scent…Grrrr! And just to add – I am Ms.:) – the ususal confussion with Slavonic names.

      • I think I could grow to like APOS – we’ll see :P
        Kingdom is innocent on me too, but having seems to rant and rave about the cumin… I wore it solely when I was about 17 :) Loved it so much, would love a bottle now but too darn expensive.
        You describe +MA perfectly! It is horrific :P I haven’t tried RED+MA yet though, I can’t imagine it being much nicer, although Antoine Lie is the nose so that’s appealing!
        Sorry I call everyone dude :P Or man :’) I should be more polite! x

      • Lyubov says:

        Don’t worry about the addressing! Just go on sniffing! You are fun to read and watch! Thanks!

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