Videos: Smellythoughts on Vero Profumo & Magnetic Scent Perfumes

Ok ok! So I said I wouldn’t post videos on here again. WELL, I’ve decided against it. I work hard on these videos, and I’ll post them because of that :D Ignore them if you’re not liking them. Amazingly, my channel is going very well on YouTube despite having only 10 videos so far, I’m getting a bit of support! And it’s a little more content on here…
Finally getting to grips with video making now, all audio, cut scenes and blah blah, is now perfect.
Anyway. Here are the last two:

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5 thoughts on “Videos: Smellythoughts on Vero Profumo & Magnetic Scent Perfumes

  1. Melis says:

    Awesome job on the videos Freddie! That’s so unfair of you to be waving your vial of yet to be released Vero juice around, lol!! Just teasing :) Each time I watch a video of yours I find myself in agreement with your dislikes. This time around green and aquatics. Not the biggest fan of citrus either. I have never tried the edp’s in Vero’s line, only the parfum. Magnetic Scent, I haven’t sampled at all and I probably should.

    • Thanks Melis – you MUST try the EDP’s by Vero, very different fragrances.
      Definitely get your nose on the Magnetic Scents if you get the chance, fascinating little things, I love ’em :D

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