Linfedele Haiku – O’Driu

Linfedele Haiku

Linfedele Haiku starts with a pungent O’Driu herbal signature, but something immediately is toning it down to a much more wearable level. Gone is the intense olive note that often penetrates the opening so aggressively, and instead it is replaced with a herbal lavender-like aroma, medicinal, cool and absolutely beautiful. Although entirely natural, there is an unusual chlorinated note in the opening, or maybe I’m mistaking a citrus accord for this hyper-clean smell contrasting with the more bitter herbal and animal notes underneath.

The herbal heart is a large dose of geranium, heated with a clove-y/carnation and sweetened with vanilla and pine. The vanilla is the O’Driu vanilla I fell in love with in Leva – an almost de-sweetened, dense vanilla unlike any other. A coffee note also comes in, reminding me slightly of the spicy/floral/coffee of Tango (Aftelier) – although these are very different. The geranium, a predictable inclusion for O’Driu, slots into this bizarre combination surprisingly well – in writing, it shouldn’t work at all. But the semi-sweet vanilla/coffee/clove paired with an intensely herbal geranium – is brilliant.

A bitter tea like smell that turns out to be mate (green tea) – I mistook it for champaca – also joins in the heart and leads Linfedele Haiku to the drydown. A big dose of castoreum (i’m assuming all natural?) shows up too, adding a furry, soiled, animalic presence to the fragrance – leaving behind it’s “nutty” character which I often associate with it (maybe more common in synthetic castoreum).
My appreciation for these ingenious inclusions and combinations has improved tenfold since I first began sampling these last year. My love for herbal notes and greenery has also increased dramatically though so I’m finding these much more enjoyable. Linfedele Haiku proves to be much easier on the nose compared to earlier releases by the house though. The complicated accords here are cleverly rounded out into something quieter and more supple on the skin – maybe the heavy use of vanilla (in O’Driu terms)?

Linfedele Haiku subtly floats around on the skin: a dreamy geranium – warmed up with the mate, a touch of great patchouli, carnation and sweetened with pine and vanilla – the herbal signature just staining the rest of the notes and the coffee only just about perceptible. It’s gorgeous, and without a doubt one of my favourite O’Driu fragrances. Definitely recommended for those interested in the line but not sure where to begin.

Linfedele Haiku 50ml O’Driu – 180 Euros

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7 thoughts on “Linfedele Haiku – O’Driu

  1. lucasai says:

    Not sure if this is a scent for me but the packaging is gorgeous!
    ps. did you read my Vidi review?

    • No I’ll do it now – I sniffed all the new edition rares in December, didn’t like any of them :( Will sniff them properly soon though.
      The packaging is beautiful isn’t it! <3

      • lucasai says:

        I remember you said they didn’t interest you. But they interested me, we maintained a balance in nature ;)
        I love the brand, can’t believe I’m such a lucky guy to have their support.
        Yes, those golden bottles, mhmmm….

  2. poodle says:

    This sounds different in a good way. I gave Leva a quick try and I think I like it. I need to give it some proper skin time. My allergies have been acting up, either that or I’m getting a cold, but either way I don’t waste samples when my sniffer isn’t working right. Anyway the notes in this look like they wouldn’t work but you make it really sound wonderful.

    • Leva is very straightforward in comparison to a lot of the very complicated O’Driu’s. But it’s ingredients are just beautiful to me and I like it’s simplicity.
      Yes definitely let your nose recover before trying me! Have loved reading your thoughts on everything so far :)

  3. I have to get past a green tea note. Whenever I smell it in a fragrance it reminds me of Lipton Green Tea Ice Tea and that’s not a good thing. I don’t know if I have ever really smelled geranium as a dominant note. I can imagine that it could be a bit overwhelming? Interesting, but not sure if it would be to my liking. But how many times have I said that then ended up loving the fragrance!

    • True Houndy – I think you’d appreciate these, they’re very interesting for sure! But sniffing through the line in quick succession is exhausting and boring – it’s when you spread them out the appreciation comes back. The herbal signature can be a bit too much.
      You smelled Geranium Pour Monsieur though? That’s pretty much straightforward geranium/mint. I don’t know why, I suddenly really like geranium :) it’s just always put to boring or expected use – citrus/herbal. That’s why compositions like this are so awesome to me :D
      Thanks for reading Steveeeee.

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