VIDEO: Nombre Noir by Shiseido/Serge Lutens

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18 thoughts on “VIDEO: Nombre Noir by Shiseido/Serge Lutens

  1. lucasai says:

    Nice talk Freddie. I’ve never heard of Nombre Noir. I guess it’s because it became discontinued before I really became interested in perfume

    • Same here. When I finally looked into it a little further I had no idea what a huge icon of perfumery it is. It is gorgeous :)

      • lucasai says:

        I’m happy you like it. I bet you have some regrets you won’t be able to get a bottle for your own.

        Ps. By the way, did my email reach you?

      • I know! The guy who gave me the sample has 3 x 60ml bottles!! And they go on eBay for £600+ – crazy! Ahh well :(
        Yes it did, I’ll respond soon! I’m just skint at the minute :P Will arrange something soon.

      • lucasai says:

        Woooow, that’s a fortune. A perfume budget for like 2 years almost.

        No problems we’ve got plenty of time for that.

  2. Melis says:

    I had never heard of it either. Which isn’t saying much, lol. My perfume knowledge is not all that well rounded, I know very little about vintage perfume. Sounds beautiful from your description. One would have to have pretty deep pockets to begin collecting vintage fragrances.

    • Exactly! It’s a very very interesting side to the hobby, and I do have some vintage samples lying around of various Poison’s, Miss Dior’s, Opium etc. I need to start writing about them. This one is something else though!

      • Melis says:

        Would like to hear your thoughts on the vintage Opium. I have some vintage mini’s and after reading listening to your video, I decided to splash on a bit of vintage Opium.

      • I’ll be sure to write about it soon – I have a huge softspot for Opium with both my mum and dad being huge fans of it when I was younger :)
        I’m envious! I want a bottle of the Secret de Parfum!

  3. You’re right, getting into vintages can be horribly expensive. But you should watch eBay, you never know if you can find it for cheap!

  4. Anthony says:

    I’ve always wanted to try Nombre Noir and now after watching this I think I’m going to have to finally get a sample. I’m so curious if it smells like anything I thought of when you described it: Black Aoud, C&S #88, Voleur de Roses, or Malle Une Rose, but I know being a Lutens it must be in a world of its own. By the way, if you haven’t tried Hermessence Osmanthe Yunnan for a beautiful mouthwatering osmanthus note, you might give it a shot. To me, it’s like running through a field of tall grass on a warm sunny summer afternoon. The yunnan tea note is paired so well with that dried apricot-type accord, which right at the very very beginning sort of smells like the inside of a pumpkin to me. Very simple, but very beautiful.

    • You must try and find a little sample :P
      Oooooh – if I’m honest, it’s not like any of them. It is far more multifaceted than the straightforward and overtly intense rose of Black Aoud. It is closer to the rose of Voleur than any of the others. The Malle is much more “dressed up” if that makes sense – and drier.
      The think to not forget about Nombre Noir is that it is an 80’s floral, and it smells like one. All four you have mentioned are much more modern roses, this has a more classic Opium-era feel, or vintage Dior’s. It isn’t a recognizable Lutens either. I think I may have been disappointed if I’d have read a lot before hand as I’d have made up my own perceptions of what it could smell like. But trying it with no expectations has really captivated me :) Would love to hear your thoughts if you manage to find some!

  5. Beverly says:

    Was fortunate enough to acquire a 4 ml sample size of Nombre Noir Eau(no way to afford the pure perfume) from eBay (France). I just had to find out what all the hype is about regarding it. Am wearing it right now and it is very subtle and soft, a lovely and mysterious fragrance. Having said that, I would not fork over $1,000 for the perfume, despite liking the EDP very much – for those of you who really want to try it, just do the search on eBay and it will come up. I paid $25 for the sample mini and I like it enough to buy another one. There are also two sites (Perfumed Court is one) that sell decants of the pure perfume for about $10 for 2 ml, if you really really really want to try it! I’m thinking of purchasing one just to see how the pure perfume compares to the EDP, but unless I win the lottery (and even then) I don’t think I’d ever pay $1,000 just for perfume, no matter how much I loved it!

    I am happy that I got it though!

    Vancouver, BC

    • Fantastic Beverly! The first time I tried it, it didn’t knock my socks off, but a second chance and I was in love.
      It does get quite softly spoken you’re right, but it has undoubtably the best osmanthus notes and one of the best rose notes in a perfume – I just adore it :D I need some more soon!
      But you’re right, I would very much struggle to splash out for the EDP :(
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and enjoy your beautiful perfume, you smell amazing.

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