Etat Libre D’Orange – Don’t Get Me Wrong Baby (I Don’t Swallow) & Encens et Bubblegum

Don't Get Me Wrong Baby I Don't Swallow

Don’t Get Me Wrong Baby I Don’t Swallow opens with a high-pitched, vinyl-like layer of screechy aldehydes, enhanced with a bizarre soapy/starchy smell that gradually unfolds into a lily of the valley. I like lily of the valley, I can’t say it’s too delicious here though, a little bit plastic-y and flat – it throws off a pretty pungent hair-spray vibe.

The lily of the valley is paired with a lilac, jasmine and orange blossom – and whilst that sounds like a rich bouquet, it’s all flattened into a waxy texture that glues to your skin like a bad suntan lotion. A hint of a metallic note (expected with ELdO) joins in the heart leading to the drydown.
At the bottom of the fragrance sits a smidge of patchouli, maybe an amber/vanilla?, and that waxy, synthetic floral accord. A marshmallow note (also found in Divin Enfant and more successfully in Love By Kilian) joins in, that’s neither appetizing, or accurate – instead it adds a slightly fluffy texture to the already light (yet sticky) fragrance.

Sounds pretty bad ‘ey? Actually, it’s ok. It’s a very generic, cheap laugh of a fragrance that I’d happily wear from time to time. Not a standout in the line, nor do I recommend it – yet it manages to be a better clean floral than most others out there.

Encens Et Bubblegum

Encens Et Bubblegum starts with an unexpected hit of pink pepper, a heated spice with maybe a touch of ginger and a semi-realistic bubblegum note. It’s not actually as sweet as you’d expect, and the pepper definitely makes it more “perfume-y” rather than gourmand. The bubblegum has a stale, papery texture with a strong waxy, peach note that reminds me strongly of Crayon by Demeter (a fragrance I can’tbelieveI wore a lot when I was 18). The pepper burns off quickly and the wax-crayon vibe just gets stronger as the bubblegum accord disappears.

There is a slightly fruity smell going on in here, the peach I already mentioned along with a cheap strawberry/raspberry smell that again, isn’t sweet or edible. The waxy texture I’m guessing could be lily of the valley after smelling it’s use in DGMWB(IDS). There’s also a touch of jasmine and magnolia I think – something adding a pretty grim floral touch.

What pierces through everything is the metallic note that just about holds an incense accord. It’s definitely not an incense I’m used to in a fragrance, the ELdO signature instead bridges the gap between the “bubblegum” and the “incense”. The fragrance dry down remains pretty linear, the wax crayon accord pairing with the fruity/floral gross-ness, overlaid with a metallic intensity.
Unfortunately, I don’t love it like I wanted to, but still – an interesting fragrance in the Etat Libre D’Orange lineup.

Encens et Bubblegum 50ml & Don’t Get Me Wrong Baby I Don’t Swallow 50ml Etat Libre D’Orange – £52.50

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21 thoughts on “Etat Libre D’Orange – Don’t Get Me Wrong Baby (I Don’t Swallow) & Encens et Bubblegum

  1. Well I, like you, would always prefer something to be interesting — even if I don’t personally want to wear it — than be bored. Neither of these are my favorites in the line. I like Encens and Bubblegum more simply because I admire the effort. Maybe I am too influenced by the title, but Don’t Get Me Wrong Baby (…) is a terrible name for a perfume.

    • I’d have preferred it to be called “I don’t swallow” – that’s much more charming to me :’) hahaha. The first part is boring.
      But yes definitely a perfume needs to be interesting – I find interest in some simplicity, but rarely. An example being Un Matin D’Orage – it’s a simple perfume, with a stemone heavy drydown, but the transition from gardenia/white floral to fig impresses me and for that reason alone I like to wear it.
      Here however, they are the bad kind of synthetic/cheap smelling :( I prefer neither haha, but Encens is definitely the most interesting.

  2. lucasai says:

    Love your reviews. I love ELd’Os names but those fragrances are too much “outgoing” for me. I’m too serious for most of them.
    I like antiheros and need to try bijou romantique.

  3. Kafkaesque says:

    Your description of Don’t Get Me Wrong Baby I Don’t Swallow made me actually wince and grimace. Every part of that first paragraph read like a dictionary definition of a perfume that would kill me in my tracks. I barely survived the pungent hairspray, soap, shampoo notes, musks and screechy synthetics in Illuminum’s Kate Middleton perfume. This one sounds even worse. Much, much worse.

  4. Hylda says:

    I finally got to sniff some of the ELdO line in
    New York at Min New York. I didn’t get to sniff them all, but totally fell for Fils de Dieu. Have you smelled that one? It was one of my favorites on my sniff trip and much less expensive than other brands I expected to love. I briefly sniffed the Encens et Bubblegum, but didn’t have time for anything but the ” Love at first sniff.” perfumes.

    • Yes I’ve written about Fils De Dieu – I liked it, but my mind has changed on it a bit since then. I think it’s ok :) I like the rice note a lot and the whole, savoury gourmand thing – wasn’t keen on the metallic drydown though.
      Would love to hear your other “Love at first sniff”‘s :D

  5. laniersmith says:

    ETAT LIBRE D’ORANGE to me seems like an avant-gard museum of smells. A lot of interesting and intriguing scents but none so far that grab me enough to want to wear. And of course I had to try Secretions Magnifique… My friends and I had a smelling party with it. I didn’t find it offense which surprised me. Great Post Freddy.

    • Thanks dude!
      ELdO do some brilliant scents, I wear and enjoy Rien, and Putain Des Palaces is one of the most used in my collection. I really really want a bottle of both Vierges et Toreros (don’t know why I don’t own this gem yet) and Charogne. Some brilliant perfumes mixed with some mediocre ones, but yes, a great brand :D

  6. I can’t get past the name “DON’T GET ME WRONG BABY (I DON’T SWALLOW)” – it just sounds so horrific and your description doesn’t change that for me.. LOL. Fun write up, but I am putting ELdO on the backburner for now as they are just leaving me a bit cold. I’ll live vicariously through you :)

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