Video: SMELLYTHOUGHTS’ Fragrance Starting Lineup 2013

A new video here!
Please excuse the unflattering stalling towards the end of the video :) x

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11 thoughts on “Video: SMELLYTHOUGHTS’ Fragrance Starting Lineup 2013

  1. Melis says:

    Freddie, your vids are The Best. The description of the rose perfume smelling of feet and allowing you to get to the pub faster as a result had me laughing out loud. I’m still giggling as I write this. Who doesn’t need a fragrance that will clear a path for them?? I can assure you I do. :) Not sure I could handle the feet smell though, I almost gag any time I smell Doritos chips as that is what I smell from them. Cheesy feet, lol! I spent a bit of time this morning reading reviews of Bosque. I’m convinced, need to hunt down a sample. The only other fragrance I have smelled from your choices is Stephen Jones. I must admit the opening is a little difficult for me as it reminds me of a bit of Nizoral shampoo that my uncle used. Once it moves beyond that, I quite enjoy the heart which is slightly soapy carnation and clove contrasted heavily with vetiver. Akin to an inherent darkness certain personalities possess, that one is trying to sanitize for the comfort of others surrounding them. Yet, the darkness permeates and prevails. I am SURE that I am the only person that gets that from this fragrance, lol!

    • Then you will get a sample of Rose Rebelle and Bosque :P If there is ANYTHING else you have seen in my vids that you want to sample just let me know, I’ll be arranging your little package tomorrow.
      With Bosque – I keep saying to people, don’t expect something like, amazing, everyone seems to think it is mediocre at best, just live with it for a while and maybe the greatness will come, maybe not – I think I just read too much into it…
      I love your description of Stephen Jones, it’s one of the few carnation fragrances I really love – a note that I used to hate and now am growing very fond of.
      Thanks for the support Melis x

      • Melis says:

        You are too kind. I would really like to sniff either one. It does take some time to truly appreciate some fragrances. The more time I spent with ISM and Apr├Ęs L’ondee the beauty becam more apparent. Just wasn’t there on first sniff for me. The note I struggle the most with is ozonic.

      • Does ozonic include aldehydic for you?
        I’ll see what I can do to arrange a little, fine selection! :)

      • Melis says:

        No, I am ok with aldehydes. It is the watery/rainy aspects of some perfumes that I have trouble with. Examples are L’eau d’Issey and some green tea named fragrances. I think it is probably the amount of Calone in the formulation. I am positive anything you send to me wil be greatly appreciated. :)

  2. I am soooo glad that you love the Ambra Nera. I hate to see a good perfume go to waste and am thrilled that you find it to be one of your favorite. Me, I just keep turning into an old woman as I was just trying to bid on a bottle of Shalimar Ode a la Vanille on ebay (and didn’t win :() I have to try your M Mink, just so I can be repulsed…and think of your while being repulsed :) Great video my friend!

    • Steve I really do! I find myself reaching for it so much – an ultimate comfort for me and so lovely to wear in the blizzard weather here! So glad you introduced me to that one. I can always send you a smidge if you ever want to revisit it.
      I will be sure to send you a blob of M/Mink with your sample package.
      I have tonssssss of packages to send to people over the next few days so excuse the delay, I’ll be sure you get it soon :P
      Oh honeyyyy Shalimar? Haha. Well, as long as you like it :P I think I gave it a quick sniff in Zurich, I’m not really a Shalimar fan though so can’t comment. You’re not an old lady don’t worry! Your taste often surprises me, that’s why I love your blog.
      Thanks Steve :D x

  3. Natalie says:

    I agree – your videos are great. I just left this playing while I was multitasking, and I kept running back to the screen to look at the bottles as you held them up to the screen. Your description of Bandit has me taking a second look at it!

    • Aw thank you Natalie :D glad you’re enjoying them.
      Oh really? What’s your take on Bandit? For me it feels like an expensive Chanel clashed with a cheap men’s cologne. It’s took ages for me to appreciate it but now I enjoy it’s charm from time to time :P

  4. lucasai says:

    Another lovely videos. I really fancy the way you feel in front of the camera. The camera loves you. And hey, you did something with your hair. I mean, your fringe, you’ve got some highlights, didn’t you?

    You’re starting 2013 with great fragrance lineup. I wonder what new perfume will 2013 bring to our wardrobes.

    • Aww thank you Lucas :D <3
      Yeh haha, I got bored the other night so highlighted my hair :') Get it light in plenty of time for the warm weather.
      Ooh I look forward to seeing what 2013 brings.
      Thanks for watching.

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