Video: SMELLYTHOUGHTS’ Best Fragrances of 2012

Pretty much the same as my Best of 2012 blog post but thought I’d post it here anyway :)
Oh and I forgot to mention M/Mink in the video :( Silly me!


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13 thoughts on “Video: SMELLYTHOUGHTS’ Best Fragrances of 2012

  1. lucasai says:

    Love your videos and this one is not exception. You’ve got two new piercings as far as I noticed. Nice choices, you know that our tastes are different, but these are YOUR favourite choices anyway :)
    Loved the way you made a hidden smile talking about that O’driu box.

    • Thanks lucas!
      Yeh I’ve had those piercings on my lips lots of times but the scars annoy me so had them put back in a few weeks back :’) I got tattooed today too so I’m a little sore while making this hahaha – that’s the thing with my workplace, you get bored and you do something to your body :’) I hope surgeons don’t do the same.
      Our tastes are very different, but that’s what’s fun isn’t it :)
      Thanks for watching lucas x

  2. Melis says:

    Great video, Freddie. Nice piercings. Lol, yes I hope surgeons don’t do the same when they have time on their hands. Since reading your blog I have noticed some similarities in our tastes. :) It is great fun as you are often introducing things that I have yet to hear or read about.

    • Aw thank you Melis! I love your support and regular contributions to the blog – we do have similar taste, it’s always nice to hear your thoughts on everyone :)
      Thanks for watching.

  3. poodle says:

    Great video Freddie. I’m pretty boring, just have pierced ears. No tattoos.
    You have a very eclectic mix of fragrances and I’m thrilled to be able to sample them. I’ve tried 2 so far and wow, these are not the type of scents you can judge quickly. I’ll be emailing you soon.

    • Aw thanks poodle :D
      Well that’s good haha, you wouldn’t wanna risk looking like me :P Lol! Although, I’m heavily tattooed – but like keeping them covered, think it’s more interesting that way :P
      I do! Although I noticed they’re all floral :’) Apart from Leva. But there we go – I guess my taste currently is very floral-heavy.
      Sample a small selection ;) Haha, but a very good selection. Yep, each fragrance has an intensely different personality, I hope you have fun exploring them even if they are not to your taste, I look forward to hearing your thoughts on them all :D <3

  4. You are so sweet. Your excitement just shines through. Funny, I didn’t realize the Miriam bottle was see through with the silhouette in the back. Very cool. Good job Freddie!

    • Ow thank you Houndy <3
      Yeh the bottle is a weird one, I'm still not convinced I like it – but the juice inside is awesome and that's all that matters this time hahha.
      Thanks for watching Steve :)

  5. Hylda says:

    Great video, as usual. I’ll be in New York on Friday and will be sniffing all day! I’m looking forward to sniffing some of the perfumes that you’ve talked about. Hope 2013 has some great new perfumes to sniff and go broke for:-)

    • Thanks Hylda. Lucky you! What do you plan on sniffing in particular? Anything your planning to get your hands on?
      Definitely, I want all the Magnetic Scents’ but I’d be completely skint :( One by one I suppose…

  6. […] very nice reviews of the perfumes have come to my attention. Indigo even made it into Freddie’s best of 2012 list! If you are interested to find out what other say about the perfumes you can read […]

  7. […] very nice reviews of the perfumes have come to my attention. Indigo even made it into Freddie’s best of 2012 list! If you are interested to find out what other say about the perfumes you can read […]

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