SMELLYTHOUGHTS Back Home… What Did I Get? + A Giveaway!

So after my two-week fragrant tour around Europe (which went swimmingly!) – I managed to pick up some goodies on the way (of course).
Here are my somewhat unusual choices if I do say so myself…

New Bottles

Bosque by Humiecki & Graef

I love Bosque. I always have. I got thinking about how people say it is the easiest to wear and the most “generic” of the H&G line – I completely disagree, but maybe that’s my mindset. I’ve planned this big friggin’ essay on Bosque that I’ve been working on and am looking forward to posting, it might be a bit ridiculous for most people to read but it’ll be there anyway :P
Bosque is a dried grassy/floral with really bizarre floral notes I might add… it dries down to this bizarrely salty/milky/spermy? accord undercut with vetiver, it’s extremely unusual, absolutely beautiful and I’m thrilled to finally have it.

M/Mink by Byredo

I had tried this one before but only on paper. I thought it was absolutely disgusting. However, as soon as it hit my skin in the store in Germany, I got this blast of animalic musk and an intensely synthetic aldehyde combo that still, turned my stomach a bit. But as it dried down and the bitter, set honey, dark incense and unsettling inky notes came in, I found it completely captivating. I’m not sure whether I’ll wear M/Mink much, but I knew it had to be in my collection – it fits an empty spot. It’s both intimate and completely soul-less – brilliant!

Miriam by Tableau de Parfums

Miriam is an incredible fragrance, a modern vintage classic that carries a true Andy Tauer signature. It’s such an emotional fragrance, beautiful, elegant and timeless – full of interesting twists and turns that take it in unexpected directions. It evokes such strong memories and emotions with me and is a real “homely” fragrance – it is pure bliss. I have written my big review on this so I don’t need to write much more, but I feel like I can sigh relief with a smile now I have it.

Iris Silver Mist by Serge Lutens

I knew I was going to get this one – it’s the most perfect iris (soliflore?) fragrance I’ve smelt. Full of carrots, powder, clove, earth and blahhhhhh it’s just great. A cold, calming, haunting perfume that has been on “the list” for far too long now. I needed it!

Rahat Loukhoum by Serge Lutens

Now here’s a weird one ey? Well… after my deep exploration of the exclusives line both outside of the Palais Royal and during my visit, I decided to pick up this one again for a quick sniff – having reviewed it many months ago after I had a slight obsession with it before smelling it. I loved it all over again – cherry, marzipan cakey goodness. But before, I was disappointed with the drydown – it lost the cherries, it lost the sweetness – it became a subtle skin scent that just hovered on my skin in a light, slightly powdered layer of vanilla, rose, musk and almond. The thing is, right now – this part appeals to me just as much. It is the ultimate comfort scent and I’d love to fall asleep to it. But also, It is the perfect fragrance to wear when you don’t know what to wear – something that will just within an hour or two melt into your skin in a delicate sweet layer that smells like a part of you – just a little more yummy. Thoughtless, elegant, edible? but necessary! I had to buy it. It alters my mind completely on first sniff – a complete joy.

Rubj by Vero Profumo

Rubj is one of the greatest florals created… in my opinion of course. As Judas as it is to say, I love the EDP more than the extrait… now, I adore the extrait, it’s beautiful – but the crisp green quality and the tart passionfruit in the EDP just tips the scale for me and could literally make me faint in adoration of this fragrance. An overwhelmingly gorgeous perfume that I almost feel is too good for me to wear, but when I wear it I feel incredible – and that’s what a real perfume should do! A necessity.

Leva by O’Driu

I have always wanted an O’Driu – but thought I didn’t like any of them enough to own – and the price is indeed terrifying. Leva always gets put down a bit in the lineup as being too sweet, too light, and too unlike the other O’Driu’s – I can’t disagree with that enough. Leva is a powerhouse on me, holding a typical O’Driu signature up top with THE MOST intense lemongrass and green olive combo which smells like a dense, pungent almost vinegar-laden oil on the skin. But the thing that captivates me the most is its perfect development (using only naturals I believe). The olives burn off after half an hour or so, the pungent lemongrass undercut by the greatest vanilla I have smelt. I struggle with vanilla so this is a big deal for me. Difficult to wear, but a real piece of art work.

Fracas by Robert Piguet

Ok I’m lying a bit here, this was a gift from the Robert Piguet house, but I came back to it from my holiday so I’m including it :P After all, it is a new bottle. I do love Fracas – a playful ditsy tuberose that I can splash on in abandon and roll around smelling of candies and cream – all buttered up in creamy white florals! Of course, there’s more to it than that, but I’ll be sure to write something a little more mature about it soon :)

So yes! There you have it. What do you guys think? Did I do good? :D

(the real reason you’re reading this)

So one lucky reader can win a 1ml sample of each of my new goodies!
All you have to do is subscribe/follow (if you haven’t already!), let me know which one takes your fancy the most, AND – LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF THEM!!
I love feedback, negative and all, don’t be afraid to tell me you hate something that’s part of the fun :P But it sucks to send people stuff and never hear from them again – just saying ;)
I’ll announce the winner next Sunday: 23/12/2012 so make sure you come back and check because people keep forgetting to collect their goodies :(

Winner announced here!

Thanks for the support everyone

Freddie <3

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51 thoughts on “SMELLYTHOUGHTS Back Home… What Did I Get? + A Giveaway!

  1. Irina says:

    Freddie, I think you did wonderful! a great trip, perfect birthday and getting the weird things you wanted.Who could ask for more ?
    Now take a good rest and enjoy…

    • Thanks Irina :D Yep I’m really happy – a good mixture of safe buys, beauties, classics and avant-garde :D
      I need a rest, I’m exhausted from walking non stop for two weeks.
      Good luck in the draw x

  2. laniersmith says:

    Freddy you did a fabulous job!! Your trip so inspired me, thank you for the posts and all the hard work in bring us news of your trip. Everything looks and sounds wonderful.

  3. Cymbaline says:

    Ooh, I think you came home with a tremendous mix of fragrances! What an adventure (sigh…). Iris Silver Mist is already one of my favorites and you’ve convinced me to drag out my Rubj edp sample today for a second try. So far, Kiki has been the only Vero Kern that whispers sweet nothings in my ear : )

    • Kiki was the last one I fell for – it took me a while to fully appreciate it as the others have such larger than life personalities I felt that Kiki was a little quieter and more shy – I’ve grown to thoroughly enjoy it for what it is now and it gets better and more addictive each time I smell out – a beautiful lavender. But yes, drag out that Rubj EDP – it’s unreal.

  4. Melis says:

    Freddie! Just look at all your goodies. You did more than good, that is a brilliant selection. Just looking at your bottle of Rubj and reading your words about it makes me want to buy it right now!! I have been waiting for it to come back in stock at Luckyscent. Seems like I have been waiting forever. Rubj extrait melds beautifully with my skin. It has a beautiful orange blossom that radiates warmth. It is the only perfume I have sampled hat actually becomes part of me rather than just sitting atop my skin. That is why I want a bottle so badly!!

    • Yay! More love for it :D It was fascinating breaking down the floral accords of Rubj with Vero and understanding all the essences that make it so incredible. Let me know when you get your bottle :D!! Good luck in the draw x

  5. lucasai says:

    Nice haul Freddie! From your newest purchases I think Bosque would be the one I want to try most. But Rahat Loukhoum might be nice as well. I know some of them such as Miriam, Fracas and Rubj. Iris Silver Mist is my least favourite of the bunch. I don’t like carrot iris and this one smells like a damp carrot in a creepy cellar.

    • Ahh damp soily iris is the only type I love! :D
      I think you’d enjoy Bosque too – if you get on with the unusual base, it’s got a hint of the iodine accord of Secretions Magnifique only it’s not at all unpleasant and curdled like SM. It’s a pure joy of a perfume and my essay on it keeps getting longer and longer :(
      Good luck lucas

      • lucasai says:

        I know you like the dirty iris.
        I haven’t tried Secretions Magnifique but I kind of get what you mean. I know from a lab how iodine smells like.
        Looking forward to read your thoughts. I took one hell of a classic for my next post.

  6. Hylda says:

    Sooo jealous! Thanks for sharing your fume head adventures with us. Mission accomplished! I’ve always wanted to try Rahat. If I were to do a blind buy, it would be Rahat. I’ve never heard of O’Driu and wonder if it can be found in the U.S. I’m planning a sniffing trip to N.Y.C this winter. Hope my finds are as great as yours!

    • No I believe O’Driu is only available in Italy – although they’ve now set up an online store and are available online – definitely NOT for blind buys though: No.1 the cost!! No.2 they are extremely challenging fragrances – bitter and herbal, they are more “smells” than perfumes.
      As for Rahat – I think it’s a safe blindbuy :D As long as you’re aware of the subtlety of the drydown where the fragrance loses it’s cherry notes – if you like sweet skin scents then it’s perfect :)
      Good luck in the draw! Let us know how you get on in NYC :D I’d love to hear about it!

      • Hylda says:

        Thanks for the info! I’ll keep you posted. I’ve sniffed the Iris Silver Mist and love it! I think it might be the reason I’m currently smitten with anything iris. I can’t wait to try Impossible Iris and hope to find other great iris scents in New York :)

      • I’ve tried a lot – nothing beauts ISM in my opinion! :P

  7. Welcome back home after your wonderful adventure. It looks like Christmas came early for your this year! Such a treasure trove of goodies. I am still drawn to Miriam (that bottle keeps calling me!) and would love try one of Vero’s perfumes (although I am a bit scared of the tuberose aspect). So how hard is it coming back to reality after your perfumed journey?

    • It’s not hard, I’m relieved to be home and to be able to relax :D
      As for Vero’s, she hasn’t done a tuberose yet – all orange blossom and jasmine in Rubj :D
      Well Steve you only have to ask and you’ll get a sample! ;)
      Yep, got a big ole bag of goodies which I’m thrilled with.
      My collection isn’t much bigger than yours really, I’m extremely picky with my fragrances and as soon as I’m out of love with something it moves on, everything I own now is something special to me :) What’s on your xmas wishlist Houndy?

      • You are a sweetie. My Christmas fragrances will be revealed after Santa comes…I know I’m getting one special fragrance. Of course I want much more, but one can’t be too greedy can they? I thought there was some tuberose in Rubj…if there isn’t, all the better!

      • I don’t think so :( Maybe a touch in the extrait? I can’t remember – nope it’s all orange blossom and a touch of jasmine – tart juicy fruits like passionfruit and I get a mango vibe, a hint of spice and a fresh greenery – I think you’d grow to love it Houndy.
        OooOooooh can’t wait to hear about what you get. Of course you can be greedy! I have been :D
        Oh and I attacked my parents with fragrances today after they asked what I got on holiday, Miriam is the first fragrance my Dad has ever said is “really beautiful” – he never says anything like that! I’m thrilled! Haha.

      • I trust your Dad’s opinion. I can just imagine that you went 90 miles per hour describing what a fantastic time you had, what you learned, what you smelled… LOL.

      • I know :’) I must drive them crazy sometimes – I go to all these countries and all I can talk about is perfume!

  8. Joaquim says:

    Hi Freddie!
    You’re a lucky man, buy a new bottle is something I rarely do, I become interested in the scentworld like one year ago and the idea of spend 120 euros in one scent when I can try tons of new perfumes for less than this is still odd for me (well, I have a bottle of SL’s De Profundis, Mona di Orio’s Cuir and Tauer’s Carillon pour un Ange, but flesh is weak)
    You have an O’driù! Envy envy envy…Leva is awesome, the use of olive in this line is so clever! Iris Silver Mist is not for me, I can see the skill of mr. Roucel and the atmosphere that he created but is too much carrot. I’ve never tried Rahat Loukom, Miriam and Bosque (but Miriam is in my wishlist, obviously). Rubj in extrait is, for me, overwhelming, too much happening at the same time, my skin makes this Vero Kern’s masterpiece a mess but my in mother’s skin is just glorious. As you, I find the EDP more pleasant, better structured than the extrait.
    I want just one day in Rome and spend the whole day at Campomarzio70 and try Bruno Acampora’s perfumes, (I can’t find samples! Always out of stock.), Farmacia SS. Annunziata, Keiko Mecheri, purchase an O’driù…
    I’m glad to see that you enjoyed the European Tour! Well deserved.

    (In other order of things, I won Imaginary Autors draw a month ago and I didn’t said to you my view because they aren’t here yet)

    • Hi Joaquim :D
      Thanks for the awesome reply.
      Well you have some expensive stuff there so it can’t be that odd! :P
      To be honest, I rarely splurge so heavily, I’m normally such a penny pincher but, I’m on a low wage job, and I saved so much for this vacation I just spoilt myself :) Once in a lifetime (at least till the next time) kind of thing.
      You seem to have fantastic taste!
      I’m thrilled you enjoy Leva, so many slate it in the lineup, I think it’s absolutely wonderful. Although – I wore it a bit tonight, and picked up a “salmon…fishy” note, which scares me a bit, but you know I totally love that sort of thing :’)
      Lovely to read also you enjoy the Rubj EDP too – it just works a dream on my skin I can’t get over it each time I sniff it.
      Owww don’t worry I wasn’t aiming, I can’t remember who wins draws more often than not or what I send to people – I just notice all my sample vials are gone some times and am like “Where did they all go?”
      I love hearing other peoples points of view, it’s what makes perfume fascinating and keeps me buzzing about my blog :D
      Good luck in the draw Joaquim! x

      • Joaquim says:

        I wore Leva this two days looking for this salmon-fishy note but I don’t catch it! I don’t know if this is a good or a bad thing! Still a wonderful perfume.
        Did you tried Bruno Acampora’s perfumes at Campomarzio70? This stuff is really expensive and hard to find, I’m thinking to order a sample set from Les Senteurs but 40£ for vials of 0.2 ml…well, I don’t know if worth the penny. Thank you Freddie, you made a huge contribution at the developmen of my taste, the fantastic taste is yours!

      • Ironically I wore Leva today too :) on skin there is no fishy note, try dabbing a bit on paper – the olive lasts a good hour! Where on skin it vanishes withing a few minutes I think. I very very rarely test on paper – never when reviewing, sometimes just becuase the breakdown of the notes is slower and easier to understand first time round.
        I didn’t try them but I have picked them up and lid-sniffed in Les Senteurs. In honesty – the price puts me off instantly… no perfume is that expensive – not at all (particularly considering the packaging). So I won’t try them for that reason as pathetic as that sounds. And I’m not into the whole “small amount of perfume in a dab bottle” thing – and I hate the presentation :( I sound liek I have it in for this brand, i don’t at all it just doesn’t appeal to me unfortunately. But I’m sure they’re lovely fragrances, I just don’t feel the need to test them at the minute – i’m sure I will at some point, be sure to let me know what you think of them when you get round to sniffing them!
        Ahh that’s awesome Joaquim made me smile! Haha. Well, you seem very clued up so I hope I did a good job! haha.

  9. Alityke says:

    Hi Freddie
    The Grand Tour for Perfumistas should have a book written about it and you do write beautifully. You can have that idea to plug to the agents and publisher.

    As per my other comment You with M/Mink didn’t even raise an eyebrow but the Fracas? My jaw hit the floor! So your comment re the bottle being sent restored my sense of equilibrium :)

    Unsurprising as it will seem to you it’s the bell jars I’m envying. Especially ISM and Rahat due to my twin fetishes, iris and almond. Though after the Jeux de Peau sample incident maybe Uncle Serge is human after all.

    Glad you’ve had a great trip

    • Aww thanks Ali. That means a lot :D
      I don’t think I took down enough notes (and my memory is absolutely appalling) to be able to fill out my notes much more than they are already, that’s why I HAD to write as I went along – I can hardly remember what I got up to in Berlin :’) Too much partying in college I think hahah.
      Lol! Well, the M/Mink still grosses me out, but it’s incredible as it dries down – one confusing fragrance.
      But yes the Fracas was a freebie, but I do enjoy it! A lot actually, it’s just fun and playful – I need things like that. Same goes for the Rahat. I was really surprised at that one myself – I loved Mandarine-Mandarin, I tried all the unusual fragrances, the complicated bell jars that are difficult to wear – and all the glowing colours of juices, and I pick Rahat? No regrets. I have it on now and it just sends me to one hell of a happy place. And yes, Iris Silver Mist has been a love for too long now – I am thrilled to have it in my little collection (which I’ll post on here soon as I’ve chosen everything very carefully).
      Thanks Ali! Hope to keep in touch with you this side of the web more often :D
      I read about your decant purchases too – kudos on them, I thought Boxeuses was a beauty of a suede, and I’ve also had a thing for Louve’s marzipan galore opening

  10. poodle says:

    Welcome home! That’s one very impressive haul of fragrances you have there. I’ve always wanted to try any of the Vero Profumo scents especially Rubj. Honestly though you make most of these sound pretty interesting. The only one I have sniffed and actually have a small bottle of is Fracas. It’s not my usual type of scent but sometimes you just crave those big creamy white florals.

    • They’re all awesome :D Chuffed with the haul – and all so different.
      Yeh Fracas I didn’t think was my type of scent, but I’ve doused myself in it today – it’s perfectly thoughtless and fun and I love the literal butter smell in it – like a white floral version of Jeux De Peau :D

  11. Miss Woolf says:

    Hello Freddie, I’m quite new on the scene but I’ve been enjoying your blog secretly for a while now. I love your writing style, and have particularly enjoyed accompanying you on this amazing trip you’ve just been on. It all sounds like such a wonderful dream, all your encounters and invitations… wow.
    I would quite love to try the damp and creepy cellar carrot of Iris Silver Mist, I have read so much about it but so far never tried it. I do love Rubj (the ravished ballerina…) although not quite as much as Kiki and Mito, which are my favourites from Vero’s line.

    • Hi Miss Woolf – secrets are no fun! You sound like you’re entering the fragrant scene with great knowledge and passion be sure to stay in touch :D
      Interesting that Kiki and Mito are your favourites, they were the two that I had to “grow to love” just a little bit :P I guess because they personalities are so refined – until I understood them a little more that is :)
      Thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying it as much as I am, good luck in the draw!

  12. What a fantastic haul! So many good bottles, so many memories!

    On a practical note, did you swaddle everything in miles of bubble wrap? I am always paranoid something is going to explode in transit, or some careless TSA agent will rummage through my bag and break something (actually happened once: the searched my luggage, uncrewed all my creams and lotions, and threw them back in my bag without the caps).

    And M/Mink? You are a brave, brave man ;-)

    • Thanks bacon! :D
      I wrapped everything in clothing and towels and made sure they were in the centre of my bag and not touching any sides (kept in boxes too of course) – they all got home safely!
      I never mentioned on here but I also bought 100ml Dans Tes Bras for mum and Aomassai for dad – so my luggage was overflowering by the end of it I’m amazed it fitted. Especially considering the insane pacakging for O’Driu! I’ll have to post a picture of it.
      And yep – M/Mink ;) Haha
      Shit that sucks! I’m sure the luggage people do treat bags like shit – I was going to put *FRAGILE* on my bag, but I can just imagine them kicking it around a little more for that :’)

      • I do strongly believe that if you label anything fragile, mail carriers and luggage handlers deliberately drop kick, hurl, or play hacky sack with you belongings!

        Yes, it was terrible. As you can imagine, I travel with a nice kit. I think I cried :-(

        Dans tes bras is lovely. It has amazing projection too given how subtle it is. And good for you for gifting Aomassai! You are going to sneak spritzes of both, of course :-)

      • Definitely!
        I love Dans Tes Bras too, but it suits my Mum perfectly so I’m sure she’ll be thrilled with it :D
        And I hope the Pa likes Aomassai – he doesn’t like things too sweet which worries me, but then again his signature has been Black Orchid for years!
        Of course! Although I dunno if I’ll need to, my small collection has expanding so much these last couple months D: I’ve still got to explore my own more!
        Are you treating yourself this Christmas bacon? :)

      • It sounds like your family has very good taste. Now I see where you get it from :-)

        I actually am holding off on myself until after the holidays to see what the post-Christmas sales are like. Although I did succumb to the one of the new Atelier Colognes: Sous le toit de Paris. Never thought I would go for a violet perfume. But never say never, right? :-)

      • Oooh I love violets so I’ll have to try it!
        They get it from me more like ;) Haha!!
        Sounds wise, hopefully they’ll be half decent – not that I need any more now though :(

      • Sous le toit de Paris is lovely. Do let me know what you think when yon try it!

        I have my eye on a new handbag :-) Fingers crossed!

      • :D EEE love the holidays haha – goodies galore.
        I’ll be sure to hunt it out, maybe it’ll be the fragrance to change my mind on the brand!

  13. Undina says:

    Very impressive! Congratulation, Freddie, on your new bottles. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.

    My absolute favorite is Iris Silver Mist (most likely, it’ll be my next SL bottle).

    No need entering me into the draw (I’ve tried most of your new beauties). But I’ll spread the word: it’s a nice giveaway.

    • Thanks Undina :)
      ISM is a beauty ey. What else have you enjoyed/hated from the little lineup?
      Well, I have so much perfume now it’s unreal so playing sharsies won’t hurt :P

      • Undina says:

        Fracas, as all other tuberoses, doesn’t work for me at all.
        Rubj in EdP was really-really unpleasant on my skin (extrait is beautiful on me).

        Miriam I’m still undecided (but I have about 4 ml left in my decant to decide).

      • Ahhh – does it not work or do you not like the smell of it?
        Unpleasant really?! Oh mannnn, I love it so so so much.
        As for Miriam – what’re you questioning about.
        I obtained a sample of Rose Vermeille after you praised it, I really love that one too will have to write about it soon – gorgeous!

      • Undina says:

        I passionately hate tuberose, including a real flower, so I don’t envision ever changing my mind on that note (it’s OK in small dosage though).

        Rubj EdP smells on my skin as an unwashed body covered with some perfume. I think this is how cumin works on my skin/for my nose. I have similar reaction to some MFK’s perfumes.

        As to Miriam… Every time I try it I think of how beautifully it’s done. But I don’t feel that it’s “my” perfume: I like smelling it but I do not feel compelled to wear it. But we’ll see: I have enough of it to grow on me:)

      • I felt like that at one point with Miriam – I almost felt it too perfect and pristine for me to wear but now I don’t care – it’s stunning.
        Ahh see I don’t get that association with cumin at all – I happily used to splash on Kingdom by McQueen when I was younger in abandom.
        As for tuberose – I guess we all have those notes :) Mine used to be clove, not any more, I’m not sure what it is now.

  14. anatu13 says:

    Yay–someone else who loves Rubj edp and even more than the extrait! This one is my favorite–sooo hoping for that gorgeous bottle for Xmas :)

    • anatu13 says:

      Also, I followed via wordpress, but I am wondering if there is a way to follow you via email (where I get an email when you post something?) A few of the other perfume blogs do that and it is very helpful! If not, no problem–I have bookmarked your site :)

      • Ooooooh I have no idea :( I’ll look into that, would hate to think I’m cloggin up people’s emails though. Still, tahnks for reading anatu hope you’re enjoying :D

    • Fab! :D You must get it! It’s sensationalllllllll. Keep in touch you have great taste :P

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