Update From Freddie :)

Hi guys – adding a bit of personal info here as I don’t want this blog to be too blunt and straightforward – and also my posts have began to a lack a little bit and there’s a few reasons for that (but i’ll be back up and raving soon!).

I had a major loss in my family recently after the death of a very close Auntie – and with the funeral coming up in a couple of days etc, my mind has been pretty elsewhere, I’ll be able to sort my head out properly soon so bear with me.

Also my work is insane – a good insane! Things have been going very well and my tattoo apprenticeship is taking off fantastic. As some of you know, I have been piercing for just over 3 years now, and have in the last few months been given the opportunity to apprentice as a tattooist – tattoos being another major hobby of mine, my own collection is practically matching my fragrance collection! – and it’s similar in style really, as getting a plain tattoo is like buying a designer fragrance, or you can go to a top rated artist and get an absolute collector’s piece of their work on your body – like buying the best niche fragrance you’ve wanted for ages!

So anyway, thought I’d brighten this post up a bit with some of the first tattoos I’ve done on customers :D Gone are the days when my only practice was my legs and brave friends :P I’m getting a lot of interest online and my homework of drawing up artwork has cut into blogging time majorly, but once I get my time management back in control I’ll be sure to be updating regularly here :)
(All artwork is my own – some tattoos still in progress!)

 (Flowerpot lady)

 (Full body peacock – whole outline finished!)

 (Watercolour/smudge style work that I’m playing with – the writing above is not mine)

 (Another watercolour style piece I’m working on – half finished)

 (Futuristic, cartoon city, outline finished)

 (Bows and stocking lines)

And an top of all the tattooing – I’m still piercing full time too – which has become manic recently with a new type of jewellery we’re stocking. Here’s a video of me doing a daith piercing with these heart shaped rings :D I had one done myself the other day – ouch! Haha

Sorry I know this post is very off topic but just letting you regulars know I’m not slacking ;) And justa bit of insight into what I do outside of my baby SMELLYTHOUGHTS. Been sniffing some exciting things recently and have been really enjoying a new sample pack I got from a new brand: Magnetic Scent, their work is very promising :D Writing to come soon!


29 thoughts on “Update From Freddie :)

  1. Melis says:

    Freddie, my sincerest condolences on your aunt’s passing. Your tattoo work is awesome! I’m really digging the watercolours. That peacock is going to be stunning when it’s complete.

    • Thank you Melis, I appreciate that. And thank you! I’m coming on quickly! :P Yes I cannot wait to begin colouring it – hours and hours of work ahead, but it’s going to look amazing, and the girl who I’m doing it on (who’s being VERY brave!) is thrilled with it so it’s so satisfying :D

  2. poodle says:

    Ouch. That’s gotta hurt. I like the peacock too. Please show pictures when it’s done.

  3. laniersmith says:

    My thoughts are with you Freddie and your family.
    Your work in the art of tattoo is truly beautiful.

  4. Wow… incredible my friend!

  5. Victoria says:

    So sorry to hear about your beloved Aunt passing. Aunt’s are truly special and we hope your wonderful memories of her help you during this difficult time.

    Great work with the ink art! One of the pictures was especially fun. :)

    Our best to you and your family Freddie.

    Victoria and Karen
    La Bella Figura

  6. Family death is shite. Sorry buddy.
    Get busy, we’ll wait Life must always come before blogging.
    Portia xx

  7. lucasai says:

    So you’re a body artist too! Those tatoos look lovely and I believe they were painful

  8. Joaquim says:

    Sorry for your Auntie, my thoughts are with you.

    I’m saving money because I want a tattoo from Lux Altera, do you know something about his work? A trully virtuoso, very inspiring. My tattoo collection is going to follow the same direction as yours (I only have one right now, from Hera Krampf, love her unique style), a plain, generic tattoo is boring, If someday I’m in your zone, get one of your works in my skin would be awesome! The Flowerpot Lady is amazing. By the way, the watercolour style looks very promising, do you know Amanda Wachob?.


    • Haha! You must, i’m sure by the time you’re here I’ll be awesome :P
      Thank you – I do know Amanda Wachob’s work and really like it, I experimented with a similar style on my own leg which I really like, I’ll post a picture soon. I don’t want to rip off anyone’s style, but mine is a little more splodgy and multi tonal rather than minimal and bold colour – my style seems to come off as more ink blobby… :)
      Thanks for getting in touch. xx

  9. josh says:

    Freddie! Your work is out of this world! I’m not surprised… I’m certain you’ll be exceptional at anything you put some effort too. Many thanks for sharing.

  10. Christos says:

    I am sorry for your loss….

    Tell the truth, haven’t ever thought of mixing perfume with your ink? LOL

  11. sinnerman01 says:

    Good day mate ! Wow , your work is original and I can see already you will be rocking a truly great style which will bring you clients , fans and a huge loyal following ! I have 6 tattoos from my guy Sam Kane here in Sydney ! I love his work and he is the only one I want drawing on me permanently!
    Thankyou for sharing your personal situation, take all the time you need, man hugs

  12. I’m so sorry to hear of your aunt’s passing. It’s never easy to say good bye, and I am sending you my sincerest condolences.

    Your tattoo work looks amazing. I’m sure she must have been so proud, as are all your readers.

  13. Natalie says:

    I did not want to “like” this, as I wanted to express my condolences on your aunt’s passing. I’m so sorry. I hope you and your family are finding comfort in each other.

    What I *do* like is the tattoo of stocking lines and bows. Very cute!

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