Classic Patchouli – Von Eusersdorff

Classic Patchouli opens with as expected, a huge blast of warm, earthy patchouli – completely headshop and stuffy (but I love that) – but a beautiful patchouli it is. There’s no sourness, the edges aren’t overly smoothed out so it still has a good rough, dark side, the scent of earth comes only from the complicated note itself instead of any added green notes. It has a bitter, herbal kick to it that reminds me of chinese medicine shops – but yet again, it seems nothing’s added – just a perfect patchouli soliflore opening.

As time goes on, Classic Patchouli gets sweeter, with a vanilla/benzoin combination coming in – now, the vanilla isn’t the kind I like – it starts to turn breathy and a bit clammy on my skin, but for some reason, it never creeps over the edge of being uncomfortable and I kind of perversely like it! I describe it as “eggy” vanilla :’) after sniffing Mona Di Orio’s Vanille which was a train wreck on my skin – but I couldn’t quite call it that here. Instead it gives Classic Patchouli a bizarre lactonic effect as though it has a “warm milk accord” sitting underneath the patchouli – it’s an unusual combination when I really think about it, and it reminds me of the contrast between vanilla and vetiver in Fat Electritian that juts about works… it’s the same kind of thing here.

So, this sweet milky patchouli gets lighter as the drydown begins, reminding me almost of patchouli scented whipped cream if you can picture that – but still with that herbal, earthy edge that just curdles it and makes it a little uncomfortable (totally my thing). A soft sandalwood (maybe some cedar too) sits in the base and I’m guessing a touch of amber (which begins to give Classic Patchouli a hint of powder), but the patchouli is undoubtably the lead.

There’s little more than can be said about such a direct, patchouli fragrance – but this is a really really good one. In the same vein as Borneo 1834 – I find this really comfortable and easy to wear, mainly just because I love patchouli. The execution of Classic Patchouli is beautifully done, the ingredients smell fantastic, and I love the subtle contrast in textures – one of the best patchouli soliflores I’ve smelt :)

Classic Patchouli 100ml EDP Von Eusersdorff – 115 Euros

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10 thoughts on “Classic Patchouli – Von Eusersdorff

  1. Mmmmm, you make this sound lovely – “patchouly scented whipped cream!”. Although I am a bit afraid since you thought I would love Intrgant Patchouli! :)

    • Lol! Intrigant Patchouli is a civet bomb and the patchouli starts sour and herbal – here it is that usual stuffy, headshop quality that if you like it – it’s impossible not to like here. I think you’d really like this Houndy, a great straightforward patchouli that dries down to a really lovely amber interpretation – the vanilla heavy woods is just gravy :)

  2. laniersmith says:

    Back in the early 70’s …the neolithic hippie era before the disco ball from space wiped out the hippies Patchouli oil was THE thing to wear. I hatted it. I was the hippie wearing Frangipani then I found my first bottle of Chanel for Men and it was goodbye hippiedom and hello fashionistaville. Ah youth.
    However I must say like the Scented Hound mentioned ….you made is sound really good.

    • Yup – still love that smell, my mum speaks about when she was a skinhead and everyone wore patchouli oil – and that’s stll true today, rock bars here in birmingham reek of biker dudes wearing patchouli :’) So for me, that’s more my association of it than hippies. It is good! But ONLY if you like that big heavy, stuffy patch :)

  3. Victoria says:

    Same here. I’m a patch-head. I love how easy this one is to wear. Yeah, it’s straight forward but that’s the point. And it smells of quality. I don’t mind wearing a high-quality “simple” fragrance every now and then.

    • Definitely! This is the point i pushed forward in my last April Aromatics review – it’s hard to write about fragrances that are so simplistic but trying to explain why they’re good. This is just a great play on a couple notes and a perfect, creamy patchouli – gorgeous!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Victoria :)

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