Falling Into The Sea – Imaginary Authors (And A Big Ole Giveaway!!!)

Falling Into The Sea starts with a gloriously sweet, (aldehydic?) floral citrus. It’s hard to pin-point the notes in the opening, but I can’t help but note the lemon as a creamy, disinfectant style linalool – thankfully paired with a slightly bitter grapefruit note so that this association isn’t too dominating. The grapefruit/lemon seems paired with a hit of sharp green apple – it’s incredibly juicy but completely translucent, and I hate to use the word synthetic, but it smells like a synthetic overload of citrus’ and juicy fruits – some completely unidentifiable floral notes sit in the background… maybe a hint of tea rose? I love it!

The relatively linear scent revolves around this everlasting citrus accord – at times I find it refreshing, cheerful and mouthwatering, and at others I find it to have the aroma of a good handwash… But, even when I get that, it has the same kind of comforting and charming quality that Antiheros by Etat Libre D’Orange has – sure it just smells like lavender soap but something about it is super comfortable and bound to a put a smile on your face – the same goes here.

White musk seems to pop up in the drydown, and I’m pretty sure I get a bit of that fig leaf, green Stemone in the drydown, and I find Falling Into The Sea to be a brighter, more citrus heavy version of The Soft Lawn by Imaginary Authors. They share their similarities for sure, and I feel like I even detect a bit of the same linden blossom in the heart of this – a slight honeyed floral adding a dash of sweetness and pollen. The floral notes I still can’t pin point, at times I feel them in full, like there’s a 0.1% drop of Manoumalia sitting under the ozonic citrus, and at others, it is solely a musky, mineralic lemon cream (the salted musk from a drop of ambergris?): both ways are good to me.

Falling Into The Sea totally isn’t my sort of fragrance, but I really like it. It’s an almost robotic citrus fragrance, cold, fresh, with little warmth or heart – instead it’s a translucent, multicoloured citrus with many layers that are hard to pin point – it comes across as something extremely simplistic as my mind can’t really place anything in it or put it into any sort of order. Whilst I describe it as linear, something about its development is pretty kaleidoscopic – it’s a little landscape of a surreal summer – an abstract, beachy scent that is completely unfamiliar but thoroughly enjoyable. I’ll definitely be getting a bottle when the summer returns :) One of a kind for sure.

Falling Into The Sea 60ml EDP Imaginary Authors – $85 http://www.imaginaryauthors.com


Ok, so the hugely generous Josh Meyer of Imaginary Authors is offering 2 sample sets of the entire Imaginary Authors line :)
These sample sets are awesome, the presentation is fab with all the carded marketing and presented in spray vials – it’s a great way to give lots of wearings to each of these awesome fragrances.

So there’s of coures going to be 2 winners, all you need to do is drop a comment below saying that you would like to participate – and let me know which fragrance from the Imaginary Authors line you are most looking forward to trying! :D I have written about all but one (which I will post in a few days).

Personally, my favourite is L’Orchidee Terrible – a fun, day-time avant-garde fragrance. An aldehydic overload and abstract orchid/honey combo sitting over a metallic musk, it’s fabulous :P

Anyway, so yes, I look forward to hearing from you below, and I’ll announce the lucky winners next Wednesday (14th November 2012)!!
A huge thank you to Josh, who has been great fun to chat to since discovering this line – a brilliant personality (and growing talent) in the niche fragrance industry!

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54 thoughts on “Falling Into The Sea – Imaginary Authors (And A Big Ole Giveaway!!!)

  1. Rebecca says:

    I’m in! What a fabulous giveaway! I am so curious about the asphalt note in “The Cobra&The Canary” as one of my favorite “real world” smells is summer rain on hot asphalt. I’d like to see if made that same association.

    • Ahhhh the one I have yet to review :P Interesting choice! The outcome is completely smooth – the asphalt being more akin to Tar of Comme Des Garcons than say, Tea. It’s a lovely soft, smooth suede fragrance. But more on that later.
      You’re in Rebecca good luck!

  2. Dionne says:

    I think I’d be most interested in Bull’s Blood, as it sounds just up my alley with the spices and tobacco, plus such a great name. Greens and lighter florals are very hit and miss on my skin, but when they do actually work without going sour, it’s a big deal for me. So I’m always willing to give it whirl. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Bull’s Blood is brilliant! Such a challenge with a barrage of textures and spice, it’s an ingenious and brave combination of notes. I think you’ll love it! Good luck!

  3. poodle says:

    Thanks for the chance to win these! I remembered there was one that I was interested in and I went back and checked. It was The Soft Lawn. They all sounded nice though except for Bull’s Blood. That one didn’t appeal to me from the description but who knows, it might be fabulous.

    • It’s fabulously grotesque :P The Soft Lawn is a close second to me, to be honest, it is the one I would most wear from the line – grapefruit, linden blossom, fig leaf and tennis balls! How great is that! :D Good luck poodle!

  4. Barry (Prince Barry) says:

    Wonderful review.

    I would love to participate in the giveaway please. As for saying which one I would like to sniff, I would love to sniff them all. The more I read about this line, the more intrigued I get.

  5. Anne says:

    I’m curious about them all and can’t wait to get a whiff! Probably most intrigued by Violet Disguise.

    • Hi Anne! Violet Disguise is fascinating – not at all a violet to my nose, a huge black olive/floral thing with a bizarre ambery drydown, I found it the most challenging to write about and all the better for that! Good luck :)

  6. Karli says:

    Can’t pick just one- they all sound amazing!

  7. I’m super excited to try violet disguise….I’m going to b ordering sets for Christmas presents, but would loVe a set to try!

    • Oh what an awesome gift idea! These I think will appeal to people not even in the fragrance community with their modern presentation. Good luck and thanks for participating Kristin :D

  8. lucasai says:

    That’s a lovely and generous draw! And there will be 2 winners.

    They all sound so different from other perfumes in the market we know it’s hard to decide which one sounds the most interesting. Perhaps Memoirs or a Trespasser or The Cobra & The Canary.

    Thanks for holding the draw!

  9. Aubrey says:

    Wow! This is fantastic!

    I love the names. Can you imagine telling someone that you are wearing Memoirs of a Trespasser? That may be my favorite perfume name ever. So I’m hoping that it’s my favorite. :) Please enter me.

    • If your a vanilla fan I’m sure it will be :P
      The names are great – I love The Soft Lawn – just becuase it’s so literal :’) I still think “Fat Electrian” and “Putain Des Palaces” are some of my favourite names!
      You’re in Aubrey, good luck.

  10. WOW!! Great draw. How can you choose from such a line up. I’m thinking Memoirs of a Tresspasser is the one I’d most likely adore but that I will at least like most of them,
    Portia xx

    • Most of them are really easy to enjoy but all so different too – the perfumer’s signature is very apparent and it’s a really unusual accord. I love his mix of not-so-unusual note combinations executed to be completely unique, I don’t mean that in a negative way, but he manages to take a lemon, and turn it into something completely obscure, the same goes for linden blossom, plum, and orchid – fascinating work :D
      Good luck Portia! xx

  11. My dear Freddie – I love your enthusiasm for this line and look forward to sampling. As for intriguing…I am drawn to Bull’s Blood it sounds powerful and a bit dirty! But my softer side is drawn to Memoirs of a Trespasser! Thanks for the draw.

    • I think you’ll like them both too – Bull’s Blood is harrrrrd going, it is not at all the dirty cushion of APLS, but it settles into something surprisingly cosy. Memoirs is without a doubt the easiest to get on with but the one I was least attracted to – however comparing it to other vanilla’s, I found it superior to lots out there and have a whole new apreciation for it :)
      Good luck Houndy!

  12. Irina says:

    I would like very much to try this line, it sounds “strange”- I think I’d love “Memoirs Of A Trespasser” and the weird ” Bull’s Blood”
    thanks for the draw

  13. TaffyJ says:

    What a terrific giveaway! You have made me very curious about this line. I think I would enjoy L’Orchidee Terrible; you had me at “aldehydic overload”.

  14. Mark says:

    Thanks for this opportunity to Josh and yourself.
    I would love to experience The Soft Lawn – the tennis ball note has me intrigued! Memoirs of a Trespasser and L’Orchidee Terrible as well.

  15. Ines says:

    I’d like to enter and so far the one that sounds very much to my liking is the Trespasser one. :)

  16. Hi Freddie,
    enjoyed your article as usual, especially since I hadn’t heard of imaginary authors before. Having read the descriptions, the one I’d really like to try is the canary and the cobra, lemon, tobacco flowers and leather; what could go wrong? They hay fields & asphalt sound interesting too and instantly make me think of the sound of cicadas…
    Sign me up!
    Thanks, Mansur

    • You’re in Mansur – thanks for reading :)
      Cobra & the Canary is a really lovely smooth suede, I’ll be sure to write about it on announcing the winner.
      It’s a great line, I hope it goes far :D
      Good luck!

  17. Christophe says:

    Hi Freddie,
    It’s always a pleasure to read your blog. I read that you we’re about to receive samples from the new house Magnetic Scent. I look forward reading your reviews, especially of Untitled 2, which I find great. To answer your question, the one I really want to try is The Cobra & The Canary, as I usually enjoy leather and tobacco flowers notes. Thanks for the draw!

    • Yes! I can’t wait to recieve them and get sniffin :P
      Lots of people seem keen on this one! :D
      Thanks for reading Christophe I appreciate the support – good luck in the draw!

  18. hajusuuri says:

    I confess I already have the full set but would like to try my luck at getting a second set to swap away :-). I have not tried any as yet but the one I will try first is Bull’s Blood. I am missing 3 of the 7 marketing cards so hopefully, I can round out my collection.

    Thanks for the generous draw!

  19. Darius says:

    Thanks for the awesome reviews and the giveaway. If I were to choose one, I’d go for the Soft Lawn, even if that’s seemingly not the best season to wear it right now. It’s such an intriguing combination of notes. :)

  20. Rob says:

    Hopefully I’m not commenting twice here (I entered the wrong wordpress password the first time. Oops!

    I’m looking forward to trying Memoirs of a Trespasser. Partly because the name is FANTASTIC, and also because I’m a sucker for myrrh. This particular combination sounds especially intriguing.

    That being said… I’m entering this giveaway because I’d love to sample the entire set.

  21. birdboy48 says:

    I’m in too. Bulls Blood : Grotesque ? Sounds right up my alley !

  22. Mumsy says:

    Yes please add me in FF. I fancy trying all of them but The Cobra and Canary has my nose transfixed. The idea and the website are fabulous. Good luck to them.

    • Ahhhh lovely to see you here mumsy! :) Good luck in deed, big things ahead I think, they’re marketing is perfect and the scents have something really interesting about them. Looks like I really have to review Cobra and Canary soon! Good luck :) x

  23. Joaquim says:

    Wow! I’m following your reviews of this line and just NEED to try all of them! I’m in!
    Bull’s blood sounds awesome, I love dirty musks…and that opening that reminds you to O’driù is worth trying.
    Thank you for the draw.

  24. Travis says:

    How exciting! They are all very interesting, but if I had to choose one that I am the most eager to try, I would choose L’Orchidee Terrible. The backstrory is intriguing and incredible!

  25. Julz says:

    I’m quite surprised u liked this one as much as u seem to have. I wouldn’t have guessed it. (I think we tend to be quite similar in the way we ‘read’ frags usually.) But not so with this one it seems. :) – It’s one of my least liked from the line. The grapefruit/litchi combo oddly enough came off rather as a synthetic guava-ish like note, which this nose just couldn’t bear sniffing unfortunately. Just didn’t agree with me at all – & together with L’Orchidée Terrible (which I indeed found regrettably ‘terrible’ !) the clear inferior/weakest 2 in the bunch IMO.
    My order of preference is : A sort of tie between Bull’s Blood / Soft Lawn / Cobra & Canary as my top 3. Followed by Memoirs of a Trespasser & Violet Disguise, which I found easy and pleasant enough. Only then, the last remaining 2 which I didn’t like.
    In fact, I disliked the cheap synthetic ‘L’Orchidée’ so much so, that I think it does the line a bit of a disservice even. IMO it’s just not in the same league as the others, which are all decent, different & interesting – regardless of my personal taste.

    BUT, the one I found most interesting and unusual however, & easily the one I enjoy the most, is one that’s yet to be released. I mean Josh is apparently still tweaking/perfecting it, and it’s already my top fave. … (Perhaps he’s sent u a sample as well, & u kno exactly which one I mean ??) :)

    • Hi Julz, thanks for commenting – I do like Falling into the sea – but I like it BECAUSE it’s a synthetic bomb haha, along with L’Orchidee Terrible which as I said was my favourite – difficult to wear definitely, and a little simplistic it smells, but I like the bluntness of them. My least favourites are Memoirs, Cobra & Canary and Violet Disguise. But yeh, I loved The Soft Lawn (although I have a stemone heavy frag – Un Matin D’Orage – so don’t feel I need another yet), and Bull’s Blood was fun to sniff. I find them all to have a strongly synthetic vibe, I recognize it as a mere signature now and like it’s power in most of the frags :) It’s unusual to say the least.
      Nooo I haven’t tried it yet, I’m normally in regular comms with Josh but we haven’t had a natter for a few days D: I look forward to sniffing it though I think he said he’d send me a little goody of it. Looking forward to it more so now.
      Thanks for your reply!

      • Julz says:

        I’m pretty much in total accord with what u’ve written about these. And agree that Memoirs, C’&C’ and Violet D’ are probably the 3 least adventurous in the line, which is probably why you’re more lukewarm on them. – What I like about C&C in particular is the interesting & different leather note, which I think is nicely done. (It’s also the one I’d probably like best smelling on another man. ;) & Soft Lawn too.) … And I too was most reminded of Secretions Magnifiques when smelling L’Orchidee. Altho’ I wasn’t quite as enamoured with it as u. To me it just smelled like a cheap drugstore hairspray scent and I hated it on first sampling. But now reading & knowing how u feel about it has given me the impetus to reassess it, & u’ve made me see it in a different light. On persevering I’m now hating it a little less – but have also realised why I hated it so much in the first place. Basically I detest LOTV (it’s my worst ‘floral’, & practically spoils everything it touches for me). And secondly, aldehydes are not my friends, and neither are white musks. :) – So this is why I’m having such a difficult time with it in particular – it has an overload of all 3. :) … But at least now, thru ur eyes/nose I’m seeing it as a far more interesting scent, (& it is actually very ELd’O) … Tho’ I’d still never want to smell of it. :)

        I’m also quite surprised that these have such a strong synthetic character, as u mentioned. As I was under the impression that quite a fair amount of ‘naturals’ were used. … Plus, this “in-the-pipe-line” scent I mentioned, I don’t want to give anything away, (tho am bursting to) :) as I’m not sure if Josh would rather it be kept under wraps for now. I’ll just say that it’s built around a very unusual & interesting note very seldom used. It’s easily my fave use of said note so far. It’s never smelled so mouthwateringly delicious to my nose.

        (Oops – & sorry for the essay sized comments. :)

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