Myrrhe Ardente – Annick Goutal

Myrrhe Ardente opens with a sweet vanillic almost root beer like boozy accord – the myrrh’s texture underneath already showing a smooth, rubbery vibe that I’m loving! There’s a strong hint of anise in the top – a candied, syrupy aniseed lacquered over benzoin and a trail of resinous smoke. It starts sweet, the vanillic resins along with a beautiful amber slowly getting drier as time goes on.

The anise begins to quieten, as a the smoke gets a little stronger (from either the myrrh – or listed guaiacwood – which I was recently informed has a “fatty, smoky smell”, and that totally fits here). This change brings with it a lovely, set honey note – smooth, sweet and not at all animalic or “soiled” smelling. I almost expect an almond note to roll up and turn this into a big, bomb of a gourmand, but the resins keep it from being edible.

Myrrhe Ardente’s subtlty becomes apparant pretty quickly into it’s development, settling into a light layer on the skin (still however, with a lovely throw and a long life) – but full of rich ingredients and a dense, rubbery texture. A warm, peppered spice buzzes underneath keeping Myrrhe Ardente from falling too flat and rounded – and I get an almost chocolate/coffee note underneath, slightly lactonic with a bitter/sweet gourmand quality.
A woodiness gets stronger, it smells as smooth as sandalwood but with a dry, smokiness like raw cedar – only quieter and with a more dense texture… maybe the guaiac wood again? The warm amber underneath is beautiful, not at all powdery – and more heavy on the vanilla and benzoin than the resinous labdanum – the resinous quality replaced by the incense.

I keep catching glimpses of the anise remains in the drydown, as the myrrh begins to make itself a little more known – adding a distinct but subtle bitterness. The smooth, rubbery texture is continued by a finale of beeswax – dragging that honey note throughout the fragrance, but the vanilla-heavy amber and sweet, smoky wood dominate Myrrhe Ardente’s drydown until the end. It is such a comfortable fragrance to wear and a new love for me in the Annick Goutal line – I’ll be picking up a bottle of this in time!

Myrrhe Ardente 50ml EDP Annick Goutal – 87 Euros

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11 thoughts on “Myrrhe Ardente – Annick Goutal

  1. lucasai says:

    I once had a sample, swapped it in like two weeks. I seriously didn’t like the scent… Too syrupy, too dense for me

  2. poodle says:

    All the reviews I’m reading today are tugging at my wallet, including this one. Myrrh, anise, spice and woods. A touch of vanilla… Things like that make my heart go pitter- patter. I have yet to find an AG perfume that lasts on me, although Mandragore wasn’t too bad. Quite a few others were gone in an hour. I guess I need to add this one to my list to try.

    • :P What else have you been reading about??
      Yepp, it’s so good – not quite gourmand, but beautifully sweet, resinous, honeyed…mmmmmmm. Yeh it’s a lovely fragrance that I’ll have to buy for the winter! It lasts really well too, you shouldn’t have any problems with this one. Hope you get to sample soon and return to let me know what you think!

      • poodle says:

        The other one was Lanier’s post on Al Oudh. It made me want to just buy a bottle. I won’t until I sample but boy, does it sound good.

      • Oh god yeh Al Oud is wonderful – and lanier described it better than I could! It’s made me crave it even more. Do sample it, it’s a beaut :)

  3. Christos says:

    I love it! It was my sister’s gift for my birthday. I get a slight extinguished match note from this that I love

    • Well, you said that about Boise Vanille :P Haha! No – but, I get what you mean actually! It’s that sharp addictive smoke note. I’m glad you love it! I will grow to love it to I’m sure, I need a bottle for these cold months – beautiful perfume :D Oh and what an awesome present! I’m jealous – your sis has good taste ;)

  4. Undina says:

    This is one of a few Annick Goutal perfumes that I haven’t tried yet but wanted to for a while. I will find it soon and try: I like how it sound. Thank you for the nudge :)

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