Petroleum (Edition Rare) – Histoires De Parfums

A huge hit of animalic, smoky leather and medicinal oud that brings to mind Oud Cuir D’Arabie – starts Petroleum. Along with a bizarre inclusion of heavy aldehydes that gives it this huge – futuristic light and lift. It makes the weight of the ingredients far lighter than expected but keeping the dense texture. The glue-y oud is lovely! In the same vein as the Montale’s, but slightly lighter and easier to digest.

Whether it’s an inclusion of rose oxide or not, there’s a delicate, but heavily metallic rose note in the heart – which combined with the leathery oud does bring to mind a kind of petrol-like accord, but still given light from the aldehyde remains. An underlying sweetness of amber becomes present quite quickly, but still – the bitterness of the leather keeps Petroleum dark, modern, and slightly morbid. The leather notes introduce an animalic civet which provides this rich depth and a slight sourness throughout Petroleum – and the contrast between sour/metallic/aldehydic and medicinal, is impressively combined into something that smells smooth, rounded, and appealing.

As Petroleum gains more clarity and re-arranges itself a little bit to become calmer on the skin, an unexpected, ozonic, almost marine type note comes in. The soiled sea water almost turns into driftwood – adding a whole new element to the already confusing mix. The marine/oud vibe is what stays throughout the heart of Petroleum, and it sounds like it completely doesn’t work but it’s so so good. The saltiness from the ozonic accord, continues to add some dirtiness rather than freshen up the fragrance, and it’s obvious that Petroleum was definitely not made to be “pretty”. It is however far more than that, it’s a beautiful perfume that is mysterious and unlike anything else I’ve tried.

The fragrance gets lighter and lighter and as the base comes in a little more, the oud becomes light and almost translucent, the leather more of a thin, vinyl-like sheen with the animalic civet lightening slightly into a soiled white musk. The marine notes calm down also, but never fully let-go of the bilgey, iodine-like association. The rose practically vanishes from sight, leaving behind the only remains of anything remotely “perfumey” in here. But as I said earlier, everything is smooth, clear, and surprisingly easy to wear. The wonderful petrol note is just a splattering of oil on the skin now – and whilst the textures aren’t challenging, the unsettling aroma is still hard on the nose (and stomach).

All in all, I love this, and it will definitely go on my “must buy” list (I was close to blind-buying this a few months back and I should’ve gone for it!). Without a doubt, the best in the Histoires De Parfums line. Recommended.

Edition Rare Petroleum 60ml EDP Histoires De Parfums – 125 Euros

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37 thoughts on “Petroleum (Edition Rare) – Histoires De Parfums

  1. Sounds great. Can’t wait to sniff it as soon as life returns to normal in NYC!

    • D: Hope everything is ok over there for you, the reports have been scaryyyy.
      But yes – on a lighter note, be sure to sniff it! :D

      • Slowly, slowly the city is finding its way around the damage. Haven’t been able to go home yet . . . Hope that the power is restored soon. Even then, getting through the traffic will be nightmarish. A friend said she sat on the bus for 40 minutes and moved 2 blocks. If they turn the power back on, I might walk home!

      • Holy crap. Sounds horrific :( Sorry to hear that it’s affected you so badly also. Thanks for the update though, the news is also such a brief roundup you never hear the truth.

      • Not as badly as some. Thankfully, no flooding to deal with, but looks like power will be out for a while. I am a little scared what science experiments await me in my fridge when I get back home . . . but if that is the worst of it, I am very lucky indeed!

  2. lucasai says:

    So you finally got to try this.
    From HdP Edition Rare I really fancy Rosam and would definitely purchase it one day.

    • Rosam was the first one I tried, it was nice, but the safest of the trio. I also have Ambrarem – which is ok, a smoky amber, this is by far my favourite I really like it (but the late drydown gets a bit boring) :(

  3. josh says:

    Wowza! that looks fantastic – Another great write up, Freddie!!

    • Thanks Josh! Yep! It’s fab – as I was saying to Lucas, I found the very late drydown a little boring but I don’t really care, the top and heart are fab! Be sure to hunt it out.

  4. Lovely review, but me thinks it’s not for me. That just means more for you :)

  5. sinnerman01 says:

    I would love a bottle of this as the name alone shouts über cool ! The price is mega so I think at this stage I will only dream ! Every time I go onto lucky scent I fall in love with more and more expensive niche fumes and I think to myself I need another job ! In the end I just have to shut it down and I put on a fab frag I already have and I’m content again ! You describe this frag very well ! I WANT IT

    • :P I know doesn’t it suck wanting so much with such little money – I always marvel at how much some people spend in one go on the forums, blows my mind. Ah well – be envious then move on, I’ve got too much as it is I guess. :) Thanks for reading, hopefully you’ll get to sniff this soon!

  6. Undina says:

    Great review!!! I know this one won’t work for me :)

  7. Jenson says:

    Wow… I can’t help but remark how similar this sounds to SixScents Series Three’s No. 5 N. Hoolywood. The inspiration: “a culmination of memories from his past – a contrasting combination of elements from nature and childhood: the smell of engine oil in his father’s car; getting off at the Kugenuma Beach train station and inhaling the saltiness of the ocean; the mysterious scent of Kurobe dam releasing water on a cloudy, snowy day; and the clean, relaxing feeling of grooming and bathing captured through the scent of the hiba tree, hinoki wood, cypress, nutmeg and rosemary.”

    I was just about to write a review on this! All I can say for now is that petrol/diesel smell along with the smell of the ocean’s definitely in this. I wonder how Petroleum compares to the SixScents one. I definitely need to hunt it down for a sniff comparison.

    • The Six Scents you mentioned sounds interesting – I haven’t tried a single thing from that line! Something about it puts me off :( And the fact no-one ever mentions them is also worrying, I put them in a side category of things like Illuminum and Boadicea The Victorious as brands that are slowly failing. I’ll be sure to hunt it out if you think it’s worthwhile and I look forward to reading your review on it :)

  8. hajusuuri says:

    I’m waiting for my sample of this from my most recent LuckyScents purchase!

  9. lisa says:

    Thanks so much for your description – it sums up what I am smelling beautifully! my bottle arrived in Australia today and petroleum is indeed, magnificent!

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