Youtube Video: Favourite Incense Fragrances

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28 thoughts on “Youtube Video: Favourite Incense Fragrances

  1. Melis says:

    Another thoroughly enjoyable video, Freddie. I don’t think I have any incense perfumes in my tiny collection. Your video has provided an excellent starting point. I am really intrigued by Avignon. The comment about the guy on the torture rack visual had me laughing out loud.

    • Avignon is a staple – a must have in a collection. As I said in the vid, don’t be put off by my slight negativity towards it. I basically found something in it which I found uncomfortable and it completely warped my perception of it. I still love Avignon though :) Do try it!
      And yes hahaha, it makes me laugh too :’) God knows why some lavender perfume reminds me medieval torture but there we go. I think about it every time I sniff it.
      Thanks for the kind words Melis, I appreciate your support!

  2. Cymbaline says:

    Hey Freddie!

    Love to see you taking on my favorite category : ) A question for you regarding Oud Luban – whenever I wear my sample of this, I feel like it should be layered with…something. Do you wear it alone or with other perfumes? I was also interested in the Oud Luban/Mecca Balsam connection and will have to do a side-by-side sniff. Mecca Balsam is one of my favorite perfumes!

    • Hi Cymbaline, thanks for getting in touch – it’s great to hear that you’ve tried both of these.
      I completellyyyyy get what you mean about Oud Luban, I used to think this too – and even the perfumer says it is great for layering. The thing is – I don’t like layering, and I think half this thought about it feeling more of a bse comes from the fact it is a solid fragrance. Mandy is said to be releasing this as an EDP soon and I think then it will smell more… full, we’ll say. The thing is, I’ve grown to love it on it’s own, I find it completely meditative and just enjoy it for what it is. It is practically a fragrance solely made of Basenotes, and it is an unusual composition because of that. I do prefer it on it’s own, it completely centres me and alters my mood, I love it – but I do get where you’re coming from.
      And yes! Do compare Mecca Balsam – you have great taste. I will grow to enjoy this one, but I’m still not overly keen on the tobacco note. Still, I’m gonna get a bottle soon becuase I do see a similarity to Oud Luban – even though a commenter on my review of MB said there is no oud in there… it still smells like it to me.
      Thanks again for getting in touch I appreciate it :D

      • Cymbaline says:

        Wow, I knew I’d gone way to far with the testing when I found myself slathering on the Amouage Epic solid! Oud Luban smells great with…everything : )

        Actually, it was really helpful to compare Oud Luban and Mecca Balsam. Of course they aren’t the same, but they smell wonderful together! There were similarities in the first few minutes and then again in the drydown – in between, MB was much sweeter. I found that I really enjoy Oud Luban all on its own, though. You’re right about it being calming and centering. Now I’m totally looking forward to trying the EDP! Bring it on!

      • I’m glad you found the similarities too. My guess is it’s the tobacco and amber that sweeten it and give it the fruity vibe that Oud Luban lacks. I think the EDP will be a holy grail for me haha :)
        Glad to hear your enjoying it! Love hearing other’s thoughts on these scents.

  3. Dionne says:

    I’m a big fan of incense myself, so I enjoyed this video. My faves right now are Incense Rosé and Incense Extreme, Incense Pure by SSS, Wazamba, Avignon, Kyoto, and Nu. Not to mention the incense notes that show up in Black Cashmere, Parfum Sacre, Tibetan Mountain Temple, Ambre Fétiche, and LADDM. I’m planning on doing a major incense sampling this winter, with Mecca Balsam, Passage d’Enfer, Messe de Minuit, Cardinal, Timbuktu, Dzonghka, Shaal Nur and others all jockeying for position to become favorite. I hadn’t heard of the Aftelier yet, so I’ll add that to the list.

    Oh, and Melis doesn’t live too far from me, so I can get her going, incense-wise. ;)

    • Thank you :D
      I’m glad to see another Incense Rose fan – Incense Extreme I do like, but it didn’t capture me quite as much, maybe because it is such a literal interpretation and a direct incense fragrance with little to dress it up. I definitely need to try this Incense Pure now, recommended more than once!
      Wazamba is a fantastic choice! I love that fragrance so much, should get a bottle of that soon.
      You have a great knowledge of incense fragrances which is impressive – I hope you enjoy the Mecca Balsam, I like it more and more each time I try it.
      Pleaseeee try the Aftelier’s, they are amazing. And don’t leave out Sepia if you are a fan of oud – it is the darkest, most obscure, beauty of a perfume.
      Oooh lucky you guys :P Sounds like you have a lot of knowledge to give!
      Thanks for watching Dionne.

  4. val Chapman says:

    Hi Freddie,

    Another interesting video which I thoroughly enjoyed. I haven’t tried any of the perfumes you talked about with the exception of Tauer’s Incense Rose, which was difficult for me as I kept getting a ghost of Lonestar Memories filtering through for some reason. Maybe some similarities in the base that amplified on my skin as I haven’t heard anyone else mention it. I am definitely going to try Avignon in fact it’s been on my wish list for ages so it’s about time I did something about it! You have spurred me on!! Keep the videos coming.


    • Yeh a lot of Tauer’s fragrances have his signature pretty strong in the base. I adore Lonestar Memories though so no complaints from me :P I hope it begins to click with you soon.
      Yep Avignon is a must try – it smells just like you imagine it too and it’s joyous to wear when it works (for me).
      Thanks for watching and commenting Val, it’s hugely appreciated.

  5. bloodyfrida says:

    Hello Freddie! I JUST found you thank to Krista J’s link on Google+. Why am I so late to some parties. Sigh! Okay I now have a LOT of reading and viewing to do. Oh and re: incense, have you tried SSS Incense Pure yet? (I checked your list of reviews and didn’t see it there).

    • Hi there!
      Thanks for all the reading – seems like you’ve had a right hunt through the blog :D I appreciate that thank you.
      I haven’t tried Incense Pure yet – infact I haven’t tried anything from Sonoma D: I must hunt them out.
      Please keep in touch :)

      • bloodyfrida says:

        I love incense perfumes, and Incense Pure is well worth sniffing IMHO. I’ll definitely be in touch!

      • Meg says:

        Chiming “Yes Yes Yes” on the Incense Pure– I’d love to hear what you think about it, Freddie! Also, much agreement RE: that strange sense of emptiness in Avignon– it seems to be a scent made to fill a giant cavernous space, the kind that can make a mortal person feel dwarfed and insignificant. Undoubtedly lovely, but clearly designed to overwhelm.

      • I completely agree and am fascinated that you pick up the same thing! Although the overwhelm is more emotionally uncomfortable rather than literally – the actual fragrance is pretty light and translucent after a short while. An awkward fragrance :’)

  6. I love incense. Oooh, so many that are soo good.

    I think my all-time favorite is Amouage Tribute Attar. I only have a sample too but want a full bottle seriously badly . . . even if a full bottle = 12 ml for $355.

    I love Avignon too, but find Kyoto a little more wearable.

    Lately I have been rocking Seville à l’aube . . . even given the recent revelation about Duchaufour’s business associations, it is still a gorgeous scent and a great vision from Denyse Beaulieu.

    Great video! And thanks for many more incense recommendations!

    • Hi! Thanks for your reply :D There are soooo many aren’t there I really had to restrict myself from going overboard on this vid.
      You’ve mentioned the attars to me before but I just can’t bring myself to try them incase of falling in love haha! The price is insannnnneeeeeee isn’t it.
      I didn’t really click with Kyoto.. at all, but I’ll be sure to give it a proper wearing again soon.
      Seville A L’Aube is an interesting choice – I went to the launch, and it just reallllyyy did not work on my skin. We smelt the raw lavender and orange blossom oils that went into it and I was pure swooning over them, but as soon as it hit my skin, it fell completely flat, and this myrrh-y, breathy incense just stuck to me in a quiet nothingness, Duchaufour told me there was no myrrh in it but I’m not convinced :P
      Thanks for watching!

      • Yes, I am obsessed with the Attar! Like spreading the Gospel or something like that :-)

        You are wise to sidestep them while you can! I actually shelled out for a 1ml decant that I am trying to restrain myself from using every single day. Price is insane!

        Oh! I just remembered that you were at the launch. Sorry to hear that it didn’t click; sometimes that happens. I just get a big hit of honey and orange blossom, followed by beeswax and incense.

      • I think it was the beeswax + incense which gave off a vibe I struggled with. An interesting beeswax scent I tried recently was Hellstone, a new fragrance by Lush – it was very impressive. A spicy start that leads into a vetiver overlaid with beeswax, a really unusual combination. The Bug was also fantastic and I’ll be buying that soon.
        Haha! Well at least you have a little bit. That’s what I’m like with Oud Luban and my other Aftelier samples. Also my samples of Vero Profumo extraits, they are like liquid gold.

      • Vetiver and beeswax? Now that does sound interesting! Will be on the look out for it! Those Lush fragrances are such good value . . .

      • Well they are… but the new ones – oh man the price has gone up! They are stocking 100ml bottles now… and get this, they’re asking up to £100 for them?!?! You’re heading up Mona prices there D:
        10ml is around £20. I don’t like the fact the new bottles are all dab and not spray too. But yes, The Bug I will definitely get, a very bizarre development that I didn’t expect at all – fresh, tart blackcurrant with pepper, to bitter herbal geranium and eucalyptus, ending in a rosy animalic musk… how wierd is that?! But yeh, was impressed with the scents, not the prices.

      • Omg. Almost £100?!?!?

        Wow. Mona is a comparative bargain!

  7. Alexander Gruschka says:

    I just ordered some samples from Aftelier including “Oud Luban”. Strangely I didn’t have anything from this house on my “test-list”, although I am very intersted in (natural) perfumery, but your comparison of “Mecca Balsam” and “Oud Luban” and that they smell similar made me very curious! I am still very sure that “MB” doesn’t contain oud, so it would be intersting to know where the oud-note comes from, maybe some interplay between the labdanum and the tobacco?

    Another incense-fragrance that you should absolutely check is “Incense” by Norma Kamali. How do I describe it best: Well, “Incense” compared to “Avignon” is like comparing all Lord of the Rings-movies to a Spongebob-cartoon! I’m not kidding, it’s that good and so strong!

    Oh, and by the way, I really like what you are doing here on Smellythoughts. Keep up the good work!

    • Fantastic! What samples did your order? Aftelier is my favourite brand without fail – and it’s great your interested in natural perfumery becuase they may “click” with you a lot quicker than they did with me. On first sniff, I found them “very nice” – only until I wrote about them and broke them down did I realise how amazing they were.
      The labdanum tobacco is an interesting idea :)
      I’ll be sure to hunt out for that one, another I haven’t heard of – it sounds fantastic.
      Thanks Alexander I really appreciate that :)

      • Alexander Gruschka says:

        I ordered “Oud Luban” and “Sepia” as EDP and liquid perfume whatever the difference is. I also ordered a sample of frankincense tea, I am curious for that one.
        I thought they have a minimum on ordering samples, but I think that’s not the case anymore.

      • Brilliant, I hope you grow to really love them. Both excellent fragrances that take some time to get into your head properly but beautiful once they click. I’ve been interested in her teas too, and the recent chefs essences. I’ll be sure to pick some up with my next order :)

  8. Oud Luban – love, but so pricey. I work in a library, and haven’t verified this yet – the smell reminds me very much of an worn old leather bound book, maybe a volume from the late 1800s that’s gathered a bit of smoke from sitting over the fireplace mantel.

    • I love it too :) I’m glad you enjoy this one! I completely get that too – it has that old, musty smell, but I find Oud Luban much smoother than the scent you describe, but it certainly brings it to mind. For a fragrance with a similar feel, try Dark Aoud by Montale – it smells just like you’ve walked into an old, abandoned library, one of the few fragrances in the overpopulated house that is worth a sniff (and maybe a bottle in time for me?).

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