Classic Mimosa – Von Eusersdorff

Classic Mimosa has a rounded, de-sharpened note of leaf alcohol up top – an aromachemical that in concetration smells like a lawnmower (motor oil and cut grass). It’s a chemical I love and rarely smell in a fragrance. The slightly petrol like hit is still there but subtly, the fresh-mown grass accord soft on the skin, fresh and dewy.

The florals come in quickly – a hint of powdery violets and neroli. A slight citrus adds a cologne-like freshness whilst the florals make sure it doesn’t go too masculine. The mimosa comes in shortly after – a little bit of powder and a delicate almond scent similar to heliotrope scatters over the top of Classic Mimosa – it’s not as sweet as I expected, the almond slightly bitter with a papery texture. A subtle, salty marine note adds some clarity, retaining the freshness of the opening – the combination of salt and powdery florals bringing to mind Dans Tes Bras by Frederic Malle, only with more warmth and a greater floral heart.

There’s a subtle rose in the mix, but for once it doesn’t stand out on my skin as the leading note as it so often does in floral arrangements. The rose that is there is tinged with a cool green, turning more into a geranium aroma (a note I’ve really began to love!). The powdery mimosa (which gradually loses it’s almond notes) and the violet infused driftwood lead a light, sweet, powdery but fresh heart and it’s really lovely. Orange blossom underneath acts almost as a resin, providing some depth to the airy florals

The base turns musky but clean, with a smidge of vanilla sweetening the florals and driftwood – making sure it never turns murky or soiled. The fragrance just manages to stay damp and fresh on the skin – the flowers smelling dewy rather than overtly powdery – but the powder does become more prominant later in the development. There seems to be a tiny hint of vetiver in the base that I wish was a little more potent (to continue the salty, earthy feel of the marine notes).
But all in all, Classic Mimosa is a really enjoyable fragrance. It seems to be the wrong season to have my little bottle but I’ll definitely be cracking it out in the spring, and maybe every now and again in the winter to put a smile on my face! A light and beautifully fresh, sea floral without an overload of calone, sparse translucency or dense, synthetic, aquatic disguises. Recommended!

Classic Mimosa 100ml EDP Von Eusersdorff – 115 Euros

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5 thoughts on “Classic Mimosa – Von Eusersdorff

  1. Undina says:

    I’ve never heard of this brand before but since I love mimosa I should check it out.

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