Bandit EDP – Robert Piguet


Bandit opens with a quick hit of bergamot and an overload of soapy aldehydes – the aggressive, flourescent kind that feels like someone is brutally forcing a bar of Dove into your nostril. It’s hyper clean at first, the scent of pure sudsy soap, undercut with a bitter greenery of galbanum and a translucent citrus that brings to mind industrial cleaning fluid. It’s grim in a good way.

The great thing about Bandit (already) is the development – it is long, and slow, allowing you to experience each individual stage with complete ease and leisure. What rises under the green aldehyde bomb is leather – isobutyl quinoline I think. It’s a leather formula that smells like a little mix of earthy castoreum and labdanum with a bitter green edge (the word bitter is going to pop up a lot here). The greenery brings to mind crushed leaves and earth – a slightly damp, swampy quality that is semi-dried out by the robust leather.

As it settles further, Bandit goes into its next phase – the green, the flower and the animal. A hint of civet comes forward which seems to awaken some florals – for me, it’s mainly carnation. The carnation is subtle, but warm and spicy with a decent clovey hit that darts in and out of the foreground. Ylang-ylang, devoid of any banana-ry, tropical qualities gives the heart of Bandit a little lift whilst the soapy opening begins to get tamer. The oakmoss that entwines throughout the fragrance gets more and more prominent, it smells pitch black and inky, with a liquid like texture that with the florals and leather, smells a little bit like pot. It has that green but juicy quality with a slight sourness to it that kind of makes your mouth water but it’s not at all edible.

There’s a slight, clean, white floral something going on in the heart that I can’t quite put my finger on. I don’t want to put it across as a bad thing – but it smells like Illuminum’s piss poor attempt at a gardenia (White Gardenia Petals), is hiding in here a little bit. That same, soapy, synthetic gardenia joke – only here it is blended, not isolated, and actually works pretty well! The carnation dies down allowing this cheap white floral to come forward, along with a cleaner tea rose which helps to balance it out.

Underneath, (the tyre leather still going strong) a slightly soiled vetiver that turns a little vegetal, paired with the oakmoss provide an expected bitter green base. There’s a trail of smoke which seems to get a little stronger, and I’m not sure whether it is the labdanum-like leather, or a hint of incense. Mainly though, Bandit is green… GREEEEN. It’s execution comes across as a mix of a classic Chanel, and an 80’s masculine powerhouse like Aramis… yes, completely not style – but Bandit’s vintage aura is undoubtably charming and I feel pretty darn dapper when I wear it, almost certain that people around me assume I’m slathered in some cheap drugstore cologne, but there we go.
Bandit is lovely – a captivating bitter green chypre that smells old, crude, and classy.

Bandit 50ml EDP Robert Piguet – £75

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12 thoughts on “Bandit EDP – Robert Piguet

  1. Sasha says:

    I’ve been meaning to try this one for some time but… aldehydes! Maybe someday we’ll get along. Though I do find Geoffrey Beene’s Grey Flannel refreshing to wear occasionally if I went to smell like clean laundry and oakmoss. So perhaps I won’t mind to soapy as much as I think.

    • I don’t find all aldehydes soapy – but they are here. Try Miriam by Tableau De Parfums for a fantastic aldehyde floral, and Stephen Jones for a more aldehydic/futuristic mineral fuelled floral :) This is a bit hard going if you’re not a fan of the note. Stephen Jones and Comme Des Garcons EDP 2011 changed my mind on aldehydes!

      • Sasha says:

        Yeah it’s not necessary the soapy, but the powdery. I don’t particularly like powdery and either because I don’t like it, it’s more noticeable, or my chemistry seems to turn anything with aldehydes into pure powder. I’m hoping I’ll change my mind; I’ll have to give those a try.

      • If you ever get the opportunity let me know what you think!

  2. laniersmith says:

    Old, crude and classy….who has been talking about me to you behind my back? Really I have heard so much about Bandit and it being a classic. And of course I am anxious to try it. My day will come. In the meantime I loved your review!

    • Haha!! Thanksss. As I said at the start – I hated bandit to begin with. A pungent mix of soap and aramis – it gets better though, as I understood it a little better. I’ve had my bottle for just over a month now and I only just decided I could write about it :’) Look forward to your future review on it!

  3. I have heard many things about Bandit from reading other reviews, but you really pick the scent apart! Unfortunately, soapiness and carnation facets are not going to draw me in. I’m not typically a green sort of guy as well. But you do have me intrigued enough to think…hmmmm, I may have to give this a test!

    • Houndy you know me! Soap, green and clove? A year ago that would have been my worst nightmare :’) The thing is, it’s one of those things which I just wear and have a little laugh at. I do like it, I can enjoy the smell of it, but it is so not my thing – but something about wearing it cheers me up :)
      The carnation is very soft but my nose went straight to it, you might get the white florals or the rose more who knows :) Do try it when you get the chance.
      Yeh I couldn’t help it haha! I tear things to shreds :’)

  4. poodle says:

    I’ve only smelled Bandit once and thought “nope, no way. This can’t be the right scent. The juice must have turned.” I guess I’ll give it another chance next time I see it. It doesn’t sound like my kind of scent but I love to see if I am able to eventually like or appreciate fragrances that I really don’t like at first sniff.

    • Yep that’s what I thought about it. It’s not that I wanted to like Bandit – but I knew I could, and I did in time. I never normally give fragrances I don’t like a second chance – but, I’ve been exploring green fragrances more lately, I’ve always loved leathers (although not so much the isobutyl quinoline note as leather) – and aldehydes. So it felt right to just give it another shot, good job I liked it third time round!

  5. Christos says:

    I love Bandit. The way it manages to bring together so many different elements that seem impossible to coexist. It really works and it almost feels totally masculine today. I haven’t got round to owning a bottle yet.

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