Classic Myrrh – Von Eusersdorff

The lovely people at Von Eusersdorff contacted me about their line, so infront of me now are 10ml bottles of each of the fragrances – beautiful presentation, and some unusual choices for soliflores.
Myrrh and me don’t normally get on (with the exception of La Myrrhe) – so I was eager to try this one…

Classic Myrrh opens with a lovely, rich cedar and incense. A punch of pepper spikes the top notes and the warm, dry, sharp wood hits like an olfactory splinter in the nose. The incense starts similarly sharp, with a slightly bitter citrus edge. The smoke, whilst a little intense and a little metallic at first, mellows out to a point where it hovers above the skin (but still perfectly visible).

The incense isn’t quite churchy, but the assocation is there – what I love though is the addition of a little powdered violet, fizzy like candy, but de-sweetened by the woods and the uprising patchouli underneath. The violet incense is a beautiful, slightly minimalistic combination that comes across as clean, crisp and smart and gives Classic Myrrh its own little personality.

The woody incense is a familiar combination – but thankfully is comforting rather than boring. It’s balance is perfect and it’s execution is lovely – light and diffusive but the intense woods anchor some weight to the skin. It brings to mind a more cedar rich Avignon –  without the awkward sense of space I often struggle with – and without the novelty of a literal church incense.

A damp earthiness underneath of patchouli and a smidge of vetiver secure the base – along with a creamy sandalwood to smooth out the rough edges of the cedar and incense. The texture becomes rich and smooth, radiating a mystery warm spice. The violet disappears and re-appears throughout the fragrance, and at times it feels incense rich, at other times woody, and then I get a beautiful powdery violet that brings to mind Dans Tes Bras, popping up when you least expect it. As a violet fragrance, I love this more than as an incense – the pairing is fantastic and something I’m surprised hasn’t been done (to my knowledge) before, I love this kind of violet – and drying it out with Lutens-esque woods and frankincense is exquisite.

As I said, Classic Myrrh does smell familiar (and I’m quite thankful it’s not a big rubbery, breathy myrrh – although I hoped I’d find one to change my mind on the note!), but it’s an incense I’d highly recommend. Not as cold and straightforward as Avignon – or as warm and clean as Cardinal (although both fantastic fragrances) – but a smooth, dry, classy take on an incense perfume – lovely!

Classic Myrrh 100ml EDP Von Eusersdorff – 115 Euros

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9 thoughts on “Classic Myrrh – Von Eusersdorff

  1. See… they are seeking you out because of your wonderful reviews. I had not heard of this line. Thanks, you make this sound lovely.

    • smellythoughts says:

      I was thrilled with what they sent – 10ml minatures is so generous, but they’re actually really good as well so I was very relieved. The Classic Myrrh I enjoy more and more when I sniff it. The Classic Mimosa is totally my sort of thing so I’m thrilled to have so much of it – there is also a patchouli and a vetiver to write about :D lovely jubbly!
      Thanks Steve!!

  2. poodle says:

    I love myrrh. I love incense. You always seem to review such unique scents.

  3. womo531 says:

    They don’t seem to sell on the website…

    • smellythoughts says:

      I know right it’s a bit strange? Hence why I couldn’t find the price anywhere to put at the bottom of the review. I think it’s only in stores :/ Or contact them directly.


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