The Soft Lawn – Imaginary Authors

After discovering the launch of a new line – Imaginary Authors, I contacted the perfumer Josh Meyer saying how eager I was to sample this line. The packaging is beautifully modern, the sample presentation is fab (the sample cards to spray on are full of imagination and list a little about the fragrance), and the line generally looked lovely. So I was very keen for these to arrive. After exchanging many fascinating emails with Imaginary Authors – I couldn’t wait to get my nose on these. So, I’m taking my time with them and have been impressed with everything I’ve tried (all of which I’ll write about!), one of the first to capture me though was this…

The Soft Lawn opens with the scent of fresh-cut grass and honeyed linden blossom. I hadn’t smelt linden blossom until I tried Tauer’s Zeta (yet to review) but really love the note. It’s sweet but green, fresh but dense. More bitter greenery sits underneath but it’s not at all herbal – listed is laurel and ivy, neither of which I have much familiarity with other than Comme Des Garcons’ Laurel and Amazingreen – but this is better than both.

I think I get a little bit of bergamot/grapefruit up top, which is bizarre because the citrus doesn’t seem to come in for a couple of minutes. The juiciness of the linden and citrus cut by the bitter green leaves make up a green fragrance that is perfectly soft (hence the name) but with a gorgeous sweetness that seems rare in such a fragrance.

Whether it is the marketing swaying me or whether it’s the clever hand of the perfumer, a note listed is “Fresh Tennis Balls” – and whilst it’s not 100% accurate in the style of Christopher Brosius’ literal representations (thankfully), it’s definitely reminiscent, and I can’t help but smile and agree when I sniff The Soft Lawn. It’s a stale, rubbery note that sits in the middle, smelling like a very subtle, synthetic leather, paired with everything else giving off this impression. I love it! The bitterness underneath continues but never becomes overwhelming as a little smidge of oakmoss and a scrubbed up, clean vetiver joins in. The linden lasts longer than expected (and I think I get a little lily of the valley?).

The drydown does have quite a sharp edge though, an almost plastic-y vinyl note that covers the greenery in a bright synthetic shine. It’s not at all unpleasant though – just my type of thing! The oakmoss and vetiver is given a little light by an aquatic/calone style note that sits above it with a pretty hefty fig leaf which I guess is Stemone? – that brings to mind the drydown of Un Matin D’Orage. The fig scent is what finishes The Soft Lawn, sticking through as the dominant note until the end.
I really enjoy this, and whilst it’s clean, clear and relatively simplistic, it is wonderfully balanced and makes me smile – sometimes I need nothing more! :)
I’ll be sure to write about the rest of this new line in time, so keep your eyes out, this house is FRESH!

The Soft Lawn 50ml EDP Imaginary Authors – $89

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18 thoughts on “The Soft Lawn – Imaginary Authors

  1. poodle says:

    I love the smell of fresh cut grass. That tennis ball note would definitely be appreciated by Stanley the poodle. He LOVES tennis balls and can sniff out a new package in the house no matter where I try to hide it. Anyway, this sounds like a great spring scent or a scent to perk you up mid-winter. I’m making a note to check it out.

    • smellythoughts says:

      Please do! There are other BRILLIANT summer scents in the lineup so hold on before grabbing a sample :P
      But yes I’ll be getting a bottle of this for summer most likely, it’s a smile in a bottle, and an easy wear.

  2. You are always on the cutting edge! Thanks for the discovery!

    • smellythoughts says:

      Haha! I always feel completely out of date. But yes I guess I got in there early with these – they are such a querky brand though I couldn’t resist! The same went for the BEX line but, that was a failure :’) Houndy there are great frags in this house so keep your eye out on this space! :P

  3. hajusuuri says:

    Sounds interesting! I may have to hunt down a sample. I like the quirky packaging.

    • smellythoughts says:

      On paper, each fragrance in the house is interesting – this is actually one of the safer, smoother, easier to wear ones – I’ll be sure to write about the rest of the line over the next couple weeks. But yes the packaging is lovely :D

      • hajusuuri says:

        Oh boy, I just lemminged the full set of 7 2mL samples for US$35 + 2 and change S&H. You made it too easy with the direct link to the site!

      • smellythoughts says:

        Fab! Please report back with your thoughts :D Each fragrance is completely different so there’s bound to be at least one you’ll love!

  4. lucasai says:

    The packaging looks lovely and the perfume does sound lovely too. Not sure if I’d like the smell of fresh cut grass.

    • smellythoughts says:

      The cut grass impression is only for a split second in the opening – the rest is a golden green linden blossom to aquatic fig fragrance. Lovely.

      • lucasai says:

        now it sounds nicer. is fig strong (I don’t like fig like philosykos)

      • smellythoughts says:

        The fig is more like an aquatic fig leaf – I think it’s the aromachemical Stemone, very reminicent of Un Matin D’Orage’s drydown if you’re familiar with it. The Soft Lawn is like the linden blossom version of that fragrance :) But, I love UMdO so I’d be biased! So the fig isn’t strong, it’s a subtle, soft creamy green smell.

      • lucasai says:

        I’m not familiar with Un Matin… from Annick Goutal but if it’s not more offensive than in Ninfeo Mio then I might like it.

      • That’s the note! Although it’s more potent in Ninfeo Mio – and NM is harsher due to the uptight citrus up top, if you get along with that then you should really enjoy this one :)

      • lucasai says:

        Thanks for clearing it up for me. I enjoy NM and shall enjoy this one too.

  5. Undina says:

    I like your review and I wouldn’t mind trying this line. But I do not like their samples pricing. I look at it this way: this is one of dozens brands nobody knows. If I (as a customer, not as a perfume blogger) decide to pay for sampling their perfumes I’m already doing them a favor: there are actually thousands of perfumes available for free testing. So I do not expect to be paying that much per ml. I expect a brand to do it at least at cost (if not below).
    Rant over :)

    • smellythoughts says:

      Nahh I agree with you Undina it does suck paying for sample packs. But on the other hand, a start-up line that has probably spent a small fortunate out of their own pocket on creating the fragrances and making the lovely packaging and trying to market them and what-not, it makes sense that they can’t give them away for free – at least just yet. I remember Tauer saying once that he gets sooooo many emails every day just from people asking for free samples – he can only say yes to so many. Start as you mean to go on :)
      At the end of the day, most of us end up getting our samples for free some way or another, whether it’s in a swap or just someone being generous. At least these are 2ml sprays and you get all the nice marketing info with them :) the only one downside I’ll say not related to your comment, is the cards these come with the spray on, seem to affect the smell – they’re not like, normal parchment but shiny card and some of them smell entirely different on them!
      But yes, if you like Un Matin D’Orage – and you like linden blossom, then you can’t go wrong with this, and it’s far stronger and longer lasting than the Goutal :)

      • Undina says:

        Don’t get me wrong: I do not think that samples from small brands should be free. But if $6 is an actual cost of 2 ml of the perfume + an automizer (shipping is an additional amount – which I also don’t mind) – then a perfumer should think really hard on how they are going to promote that perfume. Because no matter how much money they’ve already invested it will be hard to persuade potential customers to pay for an unknown perfume without testing first or pay for sampling of an unknown brand.
        I wish them all the success though.

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