1828 – Histoires De Parfums

1828 for me opens like a relatively generic but perfectly nice cologne. A tart bergamot and grapefruit with a hint of nutmeg to add spice. There’s some cool mentholated eucalyptus up top, refreshing and herbal. It is undoubtably blended to perfection though with good quality materials, I hate to throw about the term “generic”, what I mean is it brings nothing new… but it is nicely done. The nutmeg warms the citrus which persists for a little longer than expected – just as the cool effect of the eucalyptus disappears all too soon.

A dry cedar wood comes into the quiet remains of the opening along with a dose of clean pine. A peppery incense adds only a delicate smoke, the dry woods and pine quietening into something smooth, tame and plain.
Any power of the opening, and any juicy fresh quality is lost, and instead of their being something exciting underneath, I quickly realise that’s the best I’m going to get.

The citrus opening is gone entirely within a couple of minutes; the smooth, common, pepper/wood/incense base sits on the skin for a few hours, never cracking a smile or calling you for a sniff. If I breathe deeply on it, a whiff of the good stuff up top manages to claw its way to the surface for a moment or two which smells better the second time around.
A lovely patchouli in the base isn’t loud enough to get noticed unless my nose is squished up to my hand – I wish this part was louder. The incense loses it’s smoke and becomes more resinous, giving the base of 1828 a green, amber-ish feel. It’s easy enough to break down and spread out the contents of this fragrance to try and convince myeslf it’s better than it is, but in its entirity I wouldn’t give it a second thought if I sniffed it out a department store bottle.
Clean, balanced and non-distracting, an ideal work scent for those who desire no motivation from their daily fragrance.

1828 60ml EDP Histoires De Parfums – 87 Euros histoiresdeparfums.com

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18 thoughts on “1828 – Histoires De Parfums

  1. i thought this was rather meh myself.

  2. poodle says:

    This is not tempting in any way. Even sadder is that I can see it being scooped up by all those who like those weak, boring, won’t offend anyone scents.

  3. lucasai says:

    Liked it, but 1725 is my number one.

    • I have only gave 1725 a passing sniff, it was pleasant, not really my kind of fragrance though. I’ll be sure to give it another chance.

      • lucasai says:

        I think 1740 might work for you (heady spicy leather) or Noir Patchouli

      • Noir Patchouli was a little straightforward for me but I’ll need to give it a proper wearing. 1740 is definitely more my sort of thing – have you tried Tubereuse 3 Animale? 1740 is practically in the base, but the sweet tuberose sits over the top of it, it’s fab. The Edition Rare series are even more my sort of thing, need to grab myself some samples of Petroleum and Ambraem, they are great perfumes.

      • lucasai says:

        I see. Noir Patchouli was too harsh for me too and I liked 1740 but would not wear it often if I had it.
        I’ve got a sample of Tubereuse 3 Animale.
        I’m not tempted to try Petroleum at all and not sure about Ambrarem after its review at NST. But I got a sample of Rosam and I love it.

      • Rosam is interesting, but the least of the three. We have different tatse haha, that’s what’s so interesting about fragrance. Do you like Tubereuse 3?

      • lucasai says:

        I noticed we like different things. Yes, Tubereuse 3 was fine

  4. R says:

    I tried this yesterday. I don’t use the word boring yet when it comes to fragrances as I didn’t smell enough, but it was a bit on the common spring-summer [ sport as they say ] kind of scent. Still, it is great at that, I thought. I don’t think it’s for the unambitious, but for someone who doesn’t want to stand out, while still being “himself” if that makes any sense. You smell fresh and fun, but a bit different thanks to the quality and the incredibly balanced composition.
    Today I wear 1740 [ sade ] and as someone on fragrantica said ” It’s a torture to wear it” – totally describes it for me. A little booze at the start to invite you in, and a lot of dry leather to whip you into submission :)
    Still, I love HdP!
    Need to find the Edition Rare series somewhere and give them a try too.

    • 1740 is undoubtably one of the best in the line. I’m surprised you don’t like it yet love Tubereuse 3, I smell a hint of 1740 in the base without a doubt.
      1828 to me was snoozworthy, but that’s my opinion of course. It’s like, niche offerings for people who want niche but really prefer designer cologne.
      Edition Rare are mostly great, although I wasn’t keen on the new ones… I’ll be sure to sniff them out again soon though :)
      Thanks for reading as always R!

      • R says:

        Hello, again!

        It is fun to get back to some old post and see that you’ve commented something about it almost a year ago, something that you don’t remember having done but still recognize yourself in it.

        Back to my reason to check it out…I’ve wore off my sample for 1828 and time and time again I find myself drawn to it. Right now, it might be my favorite thing to wear! And..I kind of hate myself for it, because it might just be a subtle [ and for most people undetectable ] way to admit that I am boring and kind of plain and that this niche thing is just not for me [ or too sophisticated or smth ]. I don’t really know how to negotiate this feeling of ordinarity I have while in the same time loving this perfume. I think I’m gonna buy a 14ml bottle[ they now offer on the main site ] of 1828 and get the tubereuse 3 too just for the heck of it and also disguise reasons – look at me, I can appreciate something more bizarre too!

        Have a nice day, Freddy.

      • I’d totally forgotten about this one – glad to hear you’re enjoying it, and glad this post wasn’t too painful to read again as some of my very old writing is! Back in the day when I was so new to all of this.
        Thanks for taking the time to read and comment! :D Keep smelling good dude

  5. R says:

    I must be blind because I love all your old + new posts. You’re by far my favorite perfume blog not to mention that you are adorable in your videos. Lots of my lady friends that are not even too interested in perfumes stick for a video of yours time to time :)) Thanks will try to stay sharp :)

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