Aqua Allegoria Lys Soleia – Guerlain

I’ve not reviewed this one before as I’ve always felt it didn’t really belong on my blog. But, I really enjoy Lys Soleia, and I wore it a ton over summer – I’d almost consider it my 2012 Summer signature fragrance, as I picked it up regularly when I couldn’t decide what else to wear, or if I just wanted to wear something comfortable, and lovely for the day.
The Aqua Allegoria range has a little bit of a cult following really, well, Pampelune being the most popular of course, closely followed by Herba Fresca. This however, I think is the best of the bunch.

Lys Soleia opens with a syrupy lemon, underlayed by the currently hidden white florals that give it a creamy quality similar to limoncello. Within seconds, the bergamot gives it a sharp, mouth-watering kick before the florals come on in full force.

At first there’s a glorious ylang-ylang, banana-ry and tropical, paired with a subtle tuberose that combined give off a slight “suntan lotion” vibe which I really love. Closely following is the lily which over time becomes the main-player. The spicy lily is thick and creamy, a hint of floral spice that’s extremely soft and comfortable. The tropical bunch of flowers all blend in to one lactonic accord that is heady, pollen rich, but with a rounded texture that sits beautifully on the skin.

The base also shows itself quickly in the heart – a rich vanilla, yet again, harmlessly sweet and creamy – nothing boozy or dry or pungent. There is a tropical fruit accord listed, but they merely provide a honeyed sweetness rather than a distinctively recognizable scent. The fragrance is all about the sun drenched lily’s, the banana cream of ylang-ylang and a creamy vanilla. It’s pure sunshine bottled, and whilst undoubtably feminine, has enough room to breathe between the notes that it doesn’t feel heavy and “perfumey”.

The creamy florals last until the end, with the vanilla settling into a smooth whipped cream, and a little bit of musk to keep it attached to your skin far longer than I initially expected.
This was a “buy on first sniff” for me, I just really enjoyed it as soon as I tried it. A harmless scent that’s so easy to wear, hugely comfortable and an instant spray and smile. I’m sure it sounds extremely boring in comparison to my usual taste, but there we go, sometimes things like this fit perfectly amongst the more statement fragrances in a collection and turn out to be just as necessary.
If it sounds appealing – I highly recommend it, and for the price, it’s a bargain! Despite the ugly bottle.

Guerlain Lys Soleia 75ml EDT – £37

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10 thoughts on “Aqua Allegoria Lys Soleia – Guerlain

  1. It sounds good enough to eat!

  2. This is not a fragrance I would have imagined you wearing but I’m so glad you do wear it because it is rather lovely indeed!

  3. I love Pamplelune, which I just tried for the first time recently. I need to give this a sniff too! Thanks for the review!

  4. laniersmith says:

    You got me at Lemoncello! Sounds like a fast ride in a sleek Alfa Romeo along the Amalfi Coast. Gotta try it…I have Herba Fresca and love that so this has to be added to my collection.

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