Pentachord Verdant – Tauer

Pentachord Verdant opens with a sweet snap of greenery – sweet like caramelized brown sugar that quickly brings forth a bitter, earthy vetiver. Relatively transparent almost instantly, Verdant glistens as though drenched in water – but not at all “thin”.
As the vetiver becomes more prominent and the “brown sugar” retreats, the sweetness is kept in the foreground by a candied mint note that gives the otherwise warm, rooty vetiver a cool feel – although I’d describe it as “refreshing” I don’t want that to be off-putting (as it would to me when I read that), but I can’t help it, it is a fresh, rejuvenating splash of fragrant juice.

A leafiness I guess comes from the listed “tobacco” – although it is unlike any other tobacco scent I have tried. The sweet, slightly smoky aroma that intermingles with the vetiver seems to give it an almost mineralic support – an earthiness that is given lift by its clever lack of weight.
A resinous base provides most of its depth, whether it is a hint of sweet amber (sorry for the overuse of the word sweet) or a hint of cool, smoky incense – it supports the mint, vetiver and crushed leaf notes very delicately, never overwhelming the heart of Verdant.

There is little development in Pentachord Verdant, it’s relatively linear – similarly to Pentachord White, but lasts nicely on the skin whilst remaining quite close. It is a very unusual fresh/green scent, and a great take on a mint/vetiver fragrance in a similar distortion to Dirty by Lush – where Dirty adds a stale/herbal/mineralic accord that’s incredibly potent, Verdant sweetens it with a bundle of earthy notes so that the mint adjusts the temperature rather than being the overriding smell – which often happens with mint.

Eventually when the mint evaporates, the vetiver becomes even more prominent, bringing with it a subtle tomato leaf aroma, much more subdued and easy to wear than say – Memory Of Kindness by CB I Hate Perfume. What remains until the end is this green leaf notes, the beautifully clear vetiver, a sweet resinous, subtely smoky base with a dry hit of cedar wood. Beautiful transparent perfumery – Ellena should learn a lesson from Tauer, this is how it’s done well.

Tauer Pentachord Verdant 50ml – 103.80 Euros

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11 thoughts on “Pentachord Verdant – Tauer

  1. lucasai says:

    Sounds interesting indeed. There’s a chance I will be able to sample it as I got involved in a swap and my swapping partner wrote she’ll add samples of Pentachords as a gift, but didn’t mention which ones.

  2. Undina says:

    Lucas, the last sentence of your review sounds awfully arrogant. Really? You are telling Jean-Claude Ellena to take a lesson in perfumery (it doesn’t even matter from whom). Really?!

    • I’m not Lucas.
      If Tauer can manage to create things this great with just five synthetic ingredients, that’s hugely impressive.
      Ellena’s work is not my style, what can I say, I mean, come on he has his fans, my voice is small. I’d lost any hope for minimalistic transparent perfumery by sniffing endless fragrances by The Different Company and the Hermessence line, finding each duller than dishwater, and then up pops Tauer to save the day :)

      • Undina says:

        Sorry, Freddie: I was reading Lucas’ reply above while composing my comment.

        If you had said you didn’t like Ellena’s take on minimalism and Tauer’s approach worked much better for you, I wouldn’t have reacted at all: people have different tastes, people like different things – and this is good for many reasons. You do not have to have any qualifications to like or dislike anything and voice that in your blog. But a patronizing tone of your remark, in my opinion, sounded just wrong. It implies that it’s not just a case of a personal taste but that you know what you’re talking about and have some type of an expertise on the subject.

        Anyway, I don’t think JCE (or AT for that matter) need my standing up for their good names so I should probably issue a cease-fire.

      • Ah I didn’t mean to come across patronising – I’m far too immature and playful in my approach to come across as though I know more! I think anyone who has a good familiarity with fragrances has an expertise on the subject, there is no qualification after all in judging on whether something smells good. To me, Tauer’s offerings here are sum up what I have been hunting for in Ellena’s work in the same vein, but I’ve smelt them as a poor attempt – maybe that is just my taste.

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