Chinatown – Bond No.9

I have never explored the Bond No.9 line – mainly because they are constantly slated. Well, in a recently sample grab bag from a friend, this little thing was included. So heck, why not :)

Chinatown is bright, fruity and girly from the get go. A bright, synthetic peach and a candied cherry smell. It’s a more floral version of cracking open a back of gummy candies. It’s very sweet, a little “plastic-y” but moorish! It borders on a slightly more simplistic, and less glam version of Love by By Kilian which I recently wrote about. It is softer than the Kilian, but similarly, orange blossom dominated.

The orange blossom in the heart of Chinatown is completely light-hearted, delicate and sugar-coated. There’s some nondescript white florals underneath, listed as tuberose and gardenia – they’re non-existent to be honest. It’s all sweet fruits and orange blossom, with that synthetic plastic shine on top. A vanilla underneath joins in turning this from floral fruit, into full on floral fruit gourmand. The vanilla with the faux-white florals gives off a coconut sort of vibe, but still, dominated by the orange blossoms and a hint of jasmine.

The peach burns off quickly, but there is still a fruitiness throughout the heart, more of a rich red fruit, like plum – it just has that slightly dense fruity effect that probably comes from some clever little aromachemical.
The first time I sampled this, I thought it smelt like walking past the Lush bathbombs, and I still kind of agree with that – only it’s much softer.
Thankfully the base holds some bitterness – some oakmoss and sandalwood. The jasmine and orange blossom with that hint of vanilla go on for hours, and the scent just manages to hold a personality of its own.

Personally, I prefer the more over-the-top Love by By Kilian for something in the same genre (minus the faint skeleton of a chypre in here) – loud, sweet, heavy, syrupy gourmand floriental. Chinatown is still a nice enough fragrance – not what I would consider a 5 star masterpiece as it has been called before, but still. I wouldn’t say it’s made me want to try the rest of the Bond line – but if this is apparently the best they’ve got, then I’m satisfied enough to ignore them for a while :)

Bond No.9 Chinatown 100ml EDP – £175 Harrods

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9 thoughts on “Chinatown – Bond No.9

  1. lucasai says:

    I’m same here Freddie, didn’t explore them and really didn’t care for doing so (their prices are horrendous) but I got 3 samples in random swaps.

    • True the prices are bad, but, so are most niche lines nowadays – I have no qualms paying good money for something – as long as it’s worth it. The Aftelier’s are some of the most expensive I’ve come across (and own) but they’re worth every drop of the liquid. I guess in a market flooded with half decent fruit florals – it’s surprising they can charge so much for one.

      • lucasai says:

        For me every euro matters as I’m a student and what I study (chemistry) takes so much time that I’m unable to work, even part-time, but I work hard to get a scholarship. I can’t afford more than one fragrance per 3-4 months and it can’t be extremely expensive.

      • Ow wow! Well, hopefully if you’re one of the very few lucky people who get their degree and end up in a job related to their qualification, then you’ll have tons of money to spend on expensive perfume :P If like me you are on minimum wage, then you’ll just have to do what I do and think “fuck it” and blow it all each month :)

      • lucasai says:

        Let’s hope so it will be true in a few years

  2. laniersmith says:

    The house of Bond No.9 just never seemed to invite me in. I suppose I should try something by them…

  3. Natalie says:

    Ignore away, I say. :)

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