1969 Parfum De Revolte – Histoires De Parfums

1969 Parfum De Revolte opens with the best peach note I’ve encountered. It’s soft, furry, and counterbalanced in sweetness by a bitter almost powdery chocolate. A delicate rose comes in pretty quickly and the fragrance instantly brings to mind S-Perfume’s brilliant 100% Love.
Something that would usually spoil this opening but manages to remain tame enough for me to enjoy is a warm clove note. The clove simply spices the chocolate, the peach and rose still dominating. A little dusting of iris underneath gives 1969 a lovely powdery texture.

Within minutes the patchouli from the base comes in, along with a smidge of oakmoss and adds a bitter green edge which makes the chocolate peach a little more savoury – not that it was particularly sweet to begin with anyway. There is also a prominent coffee note, one of the most literal I’ve smelt, blended with the patchouli but almost disguised by the cocoa. Basically the base is dark – patchouli, oakmoss, coffee and cocoa (which drags all the way through the fragrance from the heart). The light-hearted peach up top and light tea-rose manage to hold their ground and stay on the skin for a little longer than expected.

Still, the bright, juiciness of the opening disappears all too soon and it falls a little flat within 10/15 minutes. The fragrance is harmoniously blended, and when I say it falls flat – it still remains interesting, but nowhere near as moorish and exciting. Just as it all settles I notice the musk, which I really like. It’s a touch dirty and yet again, brings to mind that infamous “feet note” in 100% Love. Because of this musk and patchouli, 1969 manages to stay away from gourmand territory. Whilst it is almost mouthwatering at the beginning, the delicate florals, the green bitterness and the dirty musk give it an almost “off” quality that is compelling, but unappetizing. You wouldn’t want to eat this thing!

The clove is gone almost before I notice it, but there is still a delicate spice underneath. It almost smells like cumin, and adds to the musk’s raunchy quality to give it that slightly soiled smell that us perfumistas crave!
I really like 1969, whether I prefer it to 100% Love – well – I haven’t quite decided yet. Much more sampling of these two is needed because I will definitely end up with a bottle of one of them. I think it will be the S-Perfume, and my Histoires De Parfums first buy will be Tubereuse 3 Animale. But still, a lovely, unique perfume that whilst doesn’t keep its complicated personality throughout it’s life – it is still completely recognizable and thoroughly enjoyable. Highly recommended.

Histoires De Parfums 60ml 1969 Parfum De Revolte – 87 Euros – histoiresdeparfums.com

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6 thoughts on “1969 Parfum De Revolte – Histoires De Parfums

  1. I haven’t clicked with any of the perfumes in this line, but your review makes me think I should give it another shot the next time I see it. I like peaches :-)

    • The first time I briefly sniffed this line I didn’t think much of it either – however, this, along with Tubereuse 3 Animale – have really took me by surprise. I am literally desperate to try Petroleum too!

  2. Natalie says:

    I so wanted to like this (I like peach), but on first few tries it didn’t work for me. Maybe eventually something will click and it will. Your description of it makes it sound pretty amazing!

    • I wouldn’t describe it as “amazing” myself even if my write up comes across that way – I do like it, it’s a little soft and almost tooooo finely blended for my taste, I wish it had a bit more a rugged edge, something really medicinal in it or some camphorous patchouli. Still, a lovely fragrance that makes your skin smell reallllyyy good hours later in the drydown. Have you tried 100% Love – it does the same chocolate/rose combo, minus the peach, and instead, a dash of red berries. There’s a really awkward musk underneath though whcih makes it smell really “off” – a great fragrance.

  3. Undina says:

    I tested this perfume only twice (at a store) – once on my skin and one on my vSO – and liked it both times. I need to get a small sample to test it at home but, in general, I think this is one of the perfumes that I’d enjoy wearing from time to time (or smell on somebody else :) ).

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